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    anadilforever7 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 1 month, 1 week ago

    This one is actually edited and Heathers themed so anyway yea hereeeee
    P.s these are child proof so duh expect some edits
    No one:
    Katniss: CoRn NuTsSsSsSs
    Piper: *blinks*
    Piper: Plain or BQ?
    Katniss: BQQQQQQQ
    Piper: *scared*

    Tash: *walks around*
    Andric: Greetings and salutations… you want a slurpee with that?
    Tash: *punches him in the face*

    Vanya: And I think “Jeez. I’m on the fricking bus again cause all my rides to school are dead”

    Connor: *trying to cheer Amber up*
    Wanda: *not even the slightest bit sad*
    Connor: If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn’t be a human being.
    Piper: *nods*
    Connor: You would be a game show host

    Axel: Dear Diary: My teen angst butterflies now has a body count
    Connor: *from afar* WAT
    *dead shadows on the deck*

    Wanda: Wanna go out tonight? Catch a movie? Miniature golf?
    Tash: I was thinking more along the lines of *slurping down Connor’s milkshake, making it look like he stole it*
    Wanda: Ah now you’re talking

    Kitty (remember her?): God, Vanya. My afterlife is so boring. If I have to sing Kimbaya one more time…..
    Vanya: *shrugs and ditches her*

    Lauren: You look like the devil from *oreo*
    Connor: 🤭😧
    Andric: Yeah? I just got back

    Tash: If everyone jumped off this boat (for some reason or another) would you?
    Amber: 😬🙄 Probably

    All of them: I say we grow up, become adults and die


        goodrocksforever replied 1 month, 1 week ago

        **** great!
        sophie: you look like h_ll
        agatha *completely unamused*: I just got back
        tedros: ….

          anadilforever7 replied 1 month, 1 week ago

          Lol I had to edit that so yea its more awkward but the true quote makes more sense

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