beab posted an update in the group SGE MOVIE FANTASY CASTING 7 months ago

    Ok so I’ve done this ‘who am I’ thing with personality and I realized that it’s so hard to describe yourself honestly and throughly. So i asked my friend to describe me and I picked out some things that were incorrect to give a honest view of me. (Btw I’m gong to kill my friend cause she had quite a lot of bad things about me lol) So supposedl…[Read more]

        teamhester123 replied 7 months ago

        I think maybe Agatha or Beatrix

        bellarontiris replied 7 months ago

        hester or Agatha

          animal-love replied 7 months ago

          Oh I think ur quite a lot like Sophie tho more to the ending of the series, you sound like a fun person. I also see you as Agatha and Hester.

        rainbowlion replied 7 months ago

        Hester. MAYBE Agatha, but more Hester.