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    annabell104 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    Guys this is my story capter 1-3
    Also i am rewriting my character bios

    Hi I’m new to this so please don’t judge.

    Chapter One: Me, Myself and I
    “I often wonder who am I. Who am I to other people. My life is weird, but it just got weirder. As I got accepted to the school for good and evil. I’ve often wonder am I pure evil or am Good. who knows. boy do I wonder why I am here.” I wrote in my journal.

    Bell rings.
    “Willow are you coming. There’s Pepperoni Pizza for lunch,” yelled Ada. “Coming,” I bellowed back
    “O. M. G look there’s Adrian,” fainted Ada.
    I have often wondered what the big fuss over the ever boy Adrian. He just a human bean.
    “Look Adrian’s coming this way. Act cool,” whispered Ada.
    “Hey, what up?” asked Adrian.
    “The sky,” I replied as Brittany gave me an evil eye.
    “Lol, I never knew you were funny…,” questioned Adrian
    “My name is Willow from Wonderland,” I answered.
    “Well Miss Willow of Wonderland. It been a pleasure meeting you and your friend,” complimented Adrian. He leaves the table, waving over his shoulder.
    “O.M. G why did Adrian come over here? Also Back off Adrian is mine, got it Willow?” demanded Brittany. “I don’t know and I don’t even like him so he’s all yours Brittany,” I clarified. “Worried that Adrian will fall for someone other than you,” chirped Ada.
    Bell Rings again.

    “Why do we have to learn about a faraway lands,” grumbled Brigitte.
    “Because I’m teaching this lesson unless you want to teach the lesson Brigitte,” snapped Professor Merrick.
    “Okay partner up,” ordered the professor.
    “Willow, would you like to be my partner,” asked Adrian.
    “Sorry I’m partnered with Ada,” I replied.
    “Hey Adrian, I don’t have a partner,” sighed Brittany.
    “Okay listen up I’m changing the partners. Adrian with Willow and Ada with Brittany,” commanded Professor Mermick.
    “Yes sir,” replied Ada, Adrian and I. “Fine if I must sir,” groaned Brittany.
    Bells Rings.

    Chapter two: Lunch is served
    “Hey Willow, wait up,” panted Adrian. I turned around to see Adrian bent over having a breath. “Yes?” I answered. “do you want to go to the library to study on our report,” asked Adrian. “Sure,” I replied. I felt someone’s beady eyes watching me walk down to the library with Adrian. After 30minutes Adrian and I left the library only to bump into Brittany. “Adrian, where have you been,” ranted Brittany. “I was in the library with Willow,” replied Adrian motioning me. “I needed to ask you something,” Brittany asked lovely. And then Brittany whispered “Alone.” In his ear. “Willow is it okay it I talk with Brittany,” questioned Adrian. “Yeah that’s fine,” I started to say but they had already left.

    So I went to find Ada. “where were you,” barked Ada. “Excuse me,” I answered. “Sorry I’m a little annoy at being partner with Brittany, “ apologized Ada. “It’s alright, shall we go to our dorm and talk?” I asked. “Sure,” replied Ada. When we got to the dorm, I said, “I was in Library.” “Why,” asked Ada.
    “Hold up you didn’t let me finish,” I said. “Proceed,” replied Ada. “Well I was in the library with Adrian,” I whispered. “Wait what!” screamed Ada. “I know,” I said stunned. “Brittany won’t like it,” warned Ada.

    Chapter three: Classroom Chaos

    Bell rings

    I head back towards the classroom, I bump into Adrian. “Sorry,” we both say.
    “Are you okay,” Adrian asks. “I think I’m okay,” I reply. We enter the classroom, “You’re five minutes late,” growls Professor Mermick. “Sorry Sir, I made willow and I late. I bump into her and we had to pick up our books. Sorry,” Adrian apologizes. I am standing there stunned. “You okay?” Adrian asks. “Yeah I’m fine thanks,” I reply. “You two take your seats,” ordered Professor Mermick. I notice the only seats are two desks next to each other at the back of the room. As I am about to take my seat Adrian is behind me pulling out my chair for me. I sit down. Adrian takes this seat too. “Now Where were we?” questioned Professor Mermick. “We were making potions sir,” answered Crystal. “K then pair up with the person sitting next to you,” ordered Professor Mermick. “So what potion should we make,” Adrian asks. “Why don’t we make a good luck potion,” I say. “Sure,” Adrian replies. I look forward and notice Brittany giving me a death stare. Brittany suddenly changes her death stare to loving and smiling. I notice Adrian is looking at Brittany.

        lolapops replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        the only word for that is

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        annabell104 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        thanks i posted it before a long long time ago

        galadrielofaltazarra replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        This is GREAT!

          annabell104 replied 4 years, 3 months ago


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