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    annabelofwoodsbeyond posted an update 1 year ago

    hiiiii @wenteo ! I’m so sorry for the reallllyyy late reply!! I’ve just been so busy with school and only just come onto this website again! So Paris was so good! We went up the Eiffel tower and the view was amazing!!! You asked me to tell about school so here’s a few things:
    Classes begin at 9am and finish at 4pm
    Each class is 50 minutes long and there are 6 in a day
    It’s a private school so the class sizes are quite small
    I always complain about the homework but I tend to leave it until the night before then it seems more than it is! I haven’t read the Throne of Glass series but I got the first one for Christmas! Are they good? I loveeee the crystal of time trailer so much! What do you think of it? Do you have instagram? I’m just wondering as I don’t come onto this website often and it’s easier for me to text on there! I hope you are having a good year, bye!!!

        wenteo replied 1 year ago

        Hey @annabelofwoodsbeyond !!!!!!!!!! No worries bout the late reply, it’s ok!! Wow, your school starts late, mine starts at 7.30. Yours end late too 😮 I could almost feel what you’re feeling about Eiffel tower! Private school? Woow! My class’s tables are full of graffiti, you’re so lucky! I bet your school’s facilities are AMAZING! The TOG series is incredible, the author spent years writing it. You should definitely try it out, I am halfway through Kingdom of Ash. You could discuss the series or book with me after you finish reading! 😉
        No, I don’t have Instagram 🙁 The trailer’s awesome! I have email though, do you want to email?
        So basically my quick update,
        I have. A volleyball competition next week!! 🙂 Wish me luck 😛 Bye!

        Regards WenTeo 🙂

          annabelofwoodsbeyond replied 1 year ago

          @wenteo do you want to email // sure! I have quite a few email addresses but [email protected] is probably the one I use most! Good luck in your volleyball competition I hope you have fun! So yea just email me on the one I sent and we can chat more on there! Bye!!

          wenteo replied 1 year ago

          I had sent an email to you a few days ago, tell me when you received it!!! 🙂

        wenteo replied 1 year ago

        Okay , sounds great! 😀 And thanks!

          annabelofwoodsbeyond replied 4 months, 2 weeks ago

          IM SO SORRY!! Ahhh so I never received your email so I’m not really sure what happened there but I feel really bad that I haven’t kept contact with you. I kept meaning to talk to you but then I would get distracted and then forget again! I truly am sorry and I’ve missed talking to you, I had no idea it had been so long since we last talked! Do you want to try and email me again? I hope you’ve been well and that you enjoying school and everything! I apologise again and I feel awful for not replying until this late.

        wenteo replied 4 months, 2 weeks ago

        Hey @annabelofwoodsbeyond !!! It’s okay, I am so glad to see your name on my notifications!! 🙂 🙂 I think I had been inactive for too long and I can’t send an email to you at this moment. 🙁 But, I WILL when I figured this problem out. I’m in the middle of my exam week so I am quite busy. (Actually my exam will last for almost a month so it will take a little long). That’s ok, in the meantime we could just chat here. 😉
        Well, you really don’t need to apologise, I TOTALLY understand. 😀 😀 I missed you too! I thought you had officially left this site 🙂
        I am really stressed out after my exam today!!!!!!! I had to write essays while incoporating facts in them at the same time. It’s really difficult especially when the topics tested are at random and varied. I had to really wrestle with my mind literally all year and remember all kinds of facts and numbers. I felt like I hadn’t done well enough today and some paragraphs of my essay were like hollow, point-less. Only sentences. (if you get what I meant). Is this how it works at your school too?
        Ps. So sorry. First time seeing you after so long and I am already rambling on about school 😀

          annabelofwoodsbeyond replied 4 months, 2 weeks ago

          No worries about the email problem, I hope that it gets sorted for you soon! Wow the exam sounds really difficult, having to remember all those numbers and facts, good luck in your other exams! 🙂 Our school year only just started last Thursday and we’re all kind of settling back in, so no exams at the moment for me! It sounds quite similar to my exams with the essay writing with the facts and everything like that! I have an important maths exam at the end of this year so the teacher is making us work very hard so that we have everything learnt by January when we have the mock exam for it. I’m really enjoying my music classes as there are only 5 people in it and we are studying musicals at the moment! 🙂 🙂 Do you have a favourite class? Ahh here’s me going on about my school as well! I suppose that it is a big thing on our mind so it’s hard to think of other things to share! 🙂

        wenteo replied 4 months, 2 weeks ago

        Haha 🙂 I guess so. Oh wow, you start school at the end of the year, mine ends at around November. Good luck on your maths test! You can do it!! I love maths and additional mathematics (though it’s a bit hard). Do you have add maths at your school? We don’t have music classes here, but those we are interested in it can learn it themselves at music centres, outside of the school’s curriculum. I used to have music classes at my old school, but that was when I was younger. Now it’s all focused on the important subjects- chemistry, physics and stuff… but I had learned piano before and it was great! Whoa, musicals??!! Sounds awesome! And you said they’re only 5 people in the class!! Your school is sounds really nice! So you mean that you are learning how to perform musicals? Because musicals is related to music, right? Sorry, we don’t have these kind of classes here so I don’t really know much about it 😀 😀 Can you explain to me about it? (Briefly if you don’t mind) My favourite class, let me think…………… English lesson, I think. It’s not really my favorite, but I guess i like it.
        *Huff* You will think it’s strange, huh? That that’s my favorite class 🙂 I don’t have much of a choice here. I don’t know what the education system is like in the UK.

          annabelofwoodsbeyond replied 4 months, 2 weeks ago

          I think that maybe additional maths is similar to further maths which we do here. In further maths we go beyond the maths curriculum and it’s a lot harder… Is add maths different to that or similar?So in my music class over the next two years, we do work on 8 pieces and one of them is Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. The teacher is just giving us some background about musicals and then we were listening to some songs from musicals which was fun! It isn’t really about performing in musicals, it’s just about the music from the musicals if that makes sense! I also really like the subject English!! 🙂 What sort of things do you do in it? How many subjects do you take? I have 8: English, maths, chemistry, physics, biology, Spanish, music, geography! Do you learn a different language? I learn Spanish and I really love it! I want to be fluent in a language so I will probably continue with Spanish for the rest of school! What’s the education system like for you? I don’t really know how to explain how it is in the UK but basically when we turn 16, we take GCSE exams which are in maths, further maths, English, all sciences and then 3 or 4 other subjects of our choice. Then we have ALevels when you are 18 which are 3/4 subjects of our choice but you have to have got a good grade in your GCSE exams to choose those subjects! I’m not great at explaining but I hope it makes sense! 🙂 🙂

        wenteo replied 4 months, 2 weeks ago

        Oh yeah, add maths is further maths. It sounds the same. And yup, it makes sense. I understand what you meant, you are learning the musics from musicals. Cool!!!! I have heard of Wicked before, but sadly I never watched it before. It does really sound fun! You must be a music lover. In English lesson, sometimes my teacher teaches us about grammar and stuff (and that’s the most boring part for me as I felt like I had went through that topic when I was in a lower level, if you get what I mean) But, my favorite part is literature. The exam here only incorporated a small part of it. Still, I love to deciphering the sentences in a story. By literature here, it means studying a short story or novel. But I don’t know if yours is like studying the original text of, eg. William Shakespeare? I had read Romoe and Juliet by it’s original text before, but it’s pretty hard to translate it. I was grateful that english had ‘evolved’, because I enjoyed reading the mordern text than its original 😛 😀 And oh, the WRITING PART, I loved it. I used to learn to write better by studying the structures and sentences used by writers in storybooks and novels. I think I had developed a passion for writing. I admired how writers could seeming effortlessly conjure words to describe things and how they ‘twist’ sentences to make it interesting. I hope you are getting what I meant. Harry Potter, sge, divergent etc, they had all been a source of inspiration for me to write better. When we were writing essays about a topic that involves stories, I would try to make it interesting by adding.. I don’t know how to describe… I just put myself in the reader’s shoes when I am writing sometimes, to make sure that it isn’t boring and all. I am taking 10 subjects. And you are taking Bio, Physics and Chemistry? Me too!!! High five! I am also learning accounting as an additional subject, the core subjects and also further maths. I didn’t know Music could be an official subject in school? Cool! So you are planning on being a music teacher or something, or are you learning for fun? I learn 2 different languages here- Chinese and the local language here. I really want to learn French!! And Italian! Wow, good luck in learning Spanish. To me, I think it’s difficult to learn a language if you don’t start young. 🙂 Understood (the part on the educational system) It’s basically the same here, just that when we are 16, we had another name for our exam (I really want to tell you which country I am living in but for safety reasons my parents doesn’t want me to say it here. 🙁 I will tell you with email later on but you could probably have guessed 😉 ) When we 17, we take another test and then we could choose if we want to go to college, A-Level..what else.. I have forgotten, but there are a lot of choices here. 🙂 Thanks for the explanation, it’s clear and straightforward!! 😉

          wenteo replied 4 months, 1 week ago

          I have sent you an email, have you received it?

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