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    anniej posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 3 months ago

    I am SO sorry I didn’t do more of this sooner! I’m getting lazier by the minute. Without further ado, here is Chapter eleven of The Unity of Four! Plaaeesseee enjoy!
    @lilystarling @goodandevil5050 @lunalyra22 @clarad575, @huffleclaw4life @aquagirl @sophiesway @u-s-a @ever2007
    CHAPTER 11
    Elsa’s POV
    About two days passed? Elsa didn’t really know. She was going to die here anyways. There was no hope. She wasn’t even ******* to her chair anymore. The door was locked and her cell was tiny, but she was able to move around, not that she wanted to. Why waste her energy? She had already tried all that she could.
    Elsa hung her head as a guard dropped a plate of stale bread and water in front of her. She didn’t even bother looking up, but when a clatter came from the door, she slowly raised her head. The guard had spilled whatever was in his pockets and was desperately gathering them up. Why did he even have so many things in his pocket in the first place? Elsa’s mouth curved upward for the first time in a long while as she watched the frantic man all dressed up in metal armor scramble around on the floor.
    She wasn’t going to guard hastily gathered up what he could find and closed the door with a bang. ‘Well that was the most eventful thing that’s happened in a while.’ Elsa thought. She looked around her cell for a moment, stretching her neck from an uncomfortable position. Her drifting eyes caught sight of a dull gleam at the for corner of her cell furthest away from the door. She narrowed her eyes.
    Elsa left her chair, her bones cracking form the lack of exercise. She crept towards the corner and picked up the gleaming object. As she turned it around in her hand, she gasped. It was a Window gadget! Whoever gave the name was fairly un-creative
    but the object enabled the user to see other beings and places by uttering the name. You couldn’t contact the person, but you could see them. Fingers trembling, Elsa whispered in a cracked and hoarse voice.
    “Show me Annabeth Arrows.”
    The little gadget, a screen set into a metal cube flickered, than cleared. Elsa saw her sister; a little paler and more serious than ever before standing in some woods along with Maggy and Kali and another girl Elsa didn’t recognize. What was she doing? Elsa could see the determined glare on her sister’s face, and wondered if she was making a hard decision. At least she was alive and well, the others too. Elsa gazed longingly at the group before murmuring “Leonard Estrange” into the device. Elsa’s face furrowed in sympathy as the screen showed her an image of a dejected Leo crouched down on a bed. The bed was big and fancy and the room Leo was in was quite nice, but the look on Leo’s face showed just how hopeless and lost he felt. Elsa clutched the device so hard her knuckles turned white. The only thing stopping her from crushing the little metal cube was that it was the only source of connection she had to the others. Elsa hoped that if her sister and friends were trying to reach her, they would succeed. And succeed quickly.
    Maggy’s POV
    Maggy tilted her head a little as she listened to the breeze blowing through the trees. It would guide her to her house where her family would be able to get the first ingredient for the Teleporter. It was strange, Maggy mused. Just a few weeks ago Maggy had still thought her many family members were more of a burden then a gift. But now she was grateful that all her brothers and sisters trained to do many different air magics. Maggy hummed happily when she caught the welcoming song of her home-wind drifting among the many other currents. Wind tracking was the first thing Maggy had learned when her ability appeared. Everyone in her family had to have a way to come back home if they were lost.
    “This way guys! Be careful of the thorns!” Maggy called as she ducked under a spiky bush filled with poisonous bristles.
    “I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in that direction.” Luna said as she and her brother Kali followed Maggy. “I think I’ve been here, and there wasn’t any civilization in these woods.” Maggy grinned. Her house always perplexed her family’s visitors and provoked many grumbles. “You have to follow the wind, or else you’ll never find Willowbask!” Maggy sang as she went deeper into the thorns. Luna grumbled but said nothing else.
    After about twenty minutes of shoving through the brambles and dense trees, Anne hesitantly said to Maggy; “Um, I’m getting the ‘we’re lost’ kind of vibe, so, are we there yet?” She had been lagging in the back for a while. “Oh, just hang on for a few more minutes. The path must have gotten longer and trickier for extra security.” Maggy replied. The wind was faint and there was only the slightest hint of a breeze in the woods. When Maggy was about to consider what to do if the they were lost, the trees parted to allow space for the enormous treehouse that stood in the middle of a clearing.
    “Whoa, is this where you live? It’s cool!” Kali said, gazing in awe at the jungle-jim slash massive tree fort where Maggy had grown up. It was a little cool, she supposed. Branches interwoven through the ropes and pulleys, round glass windows that were perfect for diving out of. The proud sycamore that housed the whole building. She had lived here for her entire life and had grown used to it. Maggy squinted as she saw three small figures racing across the clearing to them. “”Uh-oh. Prepare yourselves. It’s the triplets!”
    Before anyone could ask what was going on, the triplets, Dan, Jan, and Lan reached Maggy and attacked her with questions and hugs.
    “Maggy! MaggyMaggyMaggyMaggy! You’re back! Let’s play!” Lan cried, pulling at Maggy’s clothes. The other two weren’t better. “Maggy! Who are those strangers? Are they EVIL?” Jan huffed, still out of breath. “My turn! Guess whats? I cans FLY now. See?” Dan jumped in, leaping into the air and hovering eye level to Maggy. He floated over to Kali. “Is that yours BOYFRIEND?”
    “SHUT UP!” Maggy yelled as Kali face-palmed and Luna smiled, amused. Anne giggled, which was the first real laugh in a long time. “Guys, these are my friends, okay? Not evil, not strangers, and DEFINITELY not boyfriends.” Maggy gave her best big-sister glare. “Dan, why don’t you be a good boy and float over to Momma? Tell her that I’m here.” Maggy commanded. “Okays.” Dan said and drifted off. “I wanna be a good boy too!” Lan cried and raced off. “So do I!” Jan was quick to follow. Maggy sighed. Everything was the same since she had been gone. “Haha! How old are they? They’re funny.” Anne said, still smiling. Kali frowned at Anne, still miffed about the boyfriend joke. “They were so NOT funny.”
    “They’re seven and a half, I think.” Maggy said. “Don’t let your guard down, there’ll be more.” She grinned when all three of her friends groaned. “Welcome to Willowbask, my home”
    Sincerely hoping that you liked it! 😘

        anniej replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        ******* is t i e d u p. Dunno why THAT would be censored.

          everafter2007 replied 1 year, 3 months ago

          That was amazing! Side note: I think you have a typo for my username in the tags? It’s actually @/everafter2007. Great chapter!!

          anniej replied 1 year, 3 months ago

          Sorry @everafter2007! I posted this right before I went to sleep so I was really tired. I hope you don’t mind!

        goodandevil5050 replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        That was awesome! I like it!

        lilystarling replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        Wow…wonder who that guard was?

        anniej replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        I’m glad you liked this! The guard may or may not come out. You shall see… *floats away on a cotton candy cloud*

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