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    anniej posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 2 months ago

    Hi!! I FINALLY did the next chapter! Yay! I really hope you like it, and if there were some unsatisfactory parts, just let me know and I’ll try to make the next chapter better. Please enjoy!!!


    CHAPTER 12
    Luna’s POV
    It was really, really, nice to see Kali again. Sure, he hadn’t been too pleased with the hiding thing and all, but he still loved Luna, she knew. All of Kali’s friends were really nice as well. Luna was curious to meet the missing friends; Elsa and Leo.
    “That was really chaotic.”
    “Haha, yeah, sorry about that. My house is always kinda whirlwind-y.”
    Luna stayed quiet as Maggy chattered about the wind catching sequence they had gone through just half an hour ago. Just like Maggy had said, three volunteers had come up, each one Maggy’s older sibling or parent that had more then enough air abilities. Luna hadn’t liked it; too much wind and dry air and not enough water. At least they HAD the wind, trapped in a wind-proof jar clasped in Maggy’s hand. They only needed the light-crystal and they could get Anne’s sister and her friend out of Dr. Estrange’s fortress.
    “Okay, I think we can leave now. We can head over to the mountains right away!” Anne said enthusiastically. Kali shook her head. “Isn’t it too dark now? We’ll get lost or something.” Maggy nodded along with Kali.
    “Good point. We also need to rest for tomorrow. We never know what the next rise of the sun will bring.” Seeing Anne’s frown, Luna added; “we’ll leave at sunrise.”
    “Cool! That means you guys are sleeping in the attic!” Maggy dashed off to find her mother. “Be careful with the wind Maggy! Don’t drop it!” Anne yelled after her.

    Mrs. Windsnare was a kind woman, although a bit strict. She said the group could stay for the night as long as they cleaned up any messes or problems they caused. “I’ve got my eyes on all of you, so be careful,” Mrs. Windsnare wagged her finger at them. Luna assured that she would make sure there was no trouble.
    After the younger kids fallen asleep, Luna stayed up, organizing her thoughts for the day. One particular thought popped up; the words of a lone traveler who had dealt with many things, Dr. Estrange’s fortress being one of them. The traveler had frantically told Luna the horrors in the fortress and the cruel actions of the Doctor himself. Luna had also been told of a secret organization that countered the deeds of Dr. Estrange. The traveler didn’t know much about it, not even the name, but he knew that it existed and he was trying to find it to join. Luna had asked the traveler to contact her if he found what he was looking for, but there had been no word.
    “I wonder what happened to him.” Luna murmured softly. The moonlight coming from a ceiling window lit a blue light in Luna’s eyes and soothed her of her worries.
    Luna knew that it was practically impossible for someone to escape from Dr. Estrange’s grasp. He was infamous for his despicable actions and was feared by even the fiercest pirates and warriors. Yet Luna held on to a slim hope that she could help Kali’s friends as a way to win back Kali’s full trust.

    Kali’s POV
    The day after Kali, his sister, and the two other girls caught the wild wind, they headed for the mountain which Elsa and Leo were captured on. The exact moment the sun started to peek out of the horizon, Anne had leaped up, dragged everyone outside, and demanded Luna to lead them to her sister right away. Three hours had passed and everyone except Anne was yawning every five seconds.
    “Oookay we can’t WALK all the way up the tallest mountain of Questioner which is another island, so we’re going to have to speed things up.” Luna said after a particularly big yawn. “Kali? You said your dragon powers were getting better. Would you mind giving me and Anne a ride? Maggy, I trust that you can follow us on your own.” Kali nodded, having no other choice.
    Kali shifted into his dark green sea dragon form and yawned, showing his sharp fangs. Anne whistled appreciatively and Luna smiled. Kali dropped into a crouch, flicking his tail to tell Luna and Anne to get on. They obliged, clamoring in up his scaly back and sitting between his back fins. Kali shook out his wings and leaped into the sky and hovered. Maggy had flown up after him and was floating next to Anne.
    “Alright! To the north!” Luna ordered and Kali swooped away, enjoying the cool air as it whipped around him.
    There was a variety of flying creatures on Questioners, but not so many on Elements. Kali DID come across a flying man with a purple cloak that gaped at him as the group passed. Kali grinned at him and Maggy shouted a greeting, causing the man to whisk away in double speed. Everyone laughed at the reaction.
    They paused a few times here and there but had to keep flying nonstop when they reached the edge of the island and had to cross the short stretch of sea. Kali had never flown so far for such a long time, his body built for swimming and not long-distance flying. Maggy also looked weary and rested on Kali’s back when she grew too tired. Kali didn’t think this was fair, for it just made flying harder for Kali and HE had no one to rest on. He grumbled this complaint at Maggy but it was ignored.

    It took two more hours to cross the water and Kali was ready to drop. When the shore was beneath him and not churning waves, Kali dived downward with no caring for the screaming persons on his back, and deposited them on the sand. He panted, totally worn out, transforming back into a thirteen year old boy. Actually, quite a few months had gone by and Kali hadn’t kept track of his exact birthday. He probably was about fourteen now.
    “We’ll rest and then go on with the journey. You did well, little brother.” Luna said, brushing off the sand from her braid. “Except for maybe the landing.”
    Kali rolled his eyes, but in his mind, he was starting to get excited. They were all one step closer at rescuing Elsa and Leo, and they would secceed. He was sure of it.

    Leo’s POV
    I am useless, stupid and extremely foolish.
    These words resounded through Leo’s head over and over again. They were his own thoughts and not his father’s, thank heavens, but his good for nothing evil father had certainly helped with the self-loathing department.
    Leo wasn’t exactly sure how long ago he had found the restrained silver haired girl in the dungeons below his room. He knew for sure that at least a month had passed, and Leo had done absolutely NOTHING to help Elsa. It wasn’t like he was chained up or barricaded in his room. He was free to move about, although he was kept to his floor in the “fortress” his father put him in. But Leo had the power of alchemy and mechanical knowledge on his side, and he could have at least checked on the prisoners. But noooo, he hadn’t done that either. It made Leo hang his head in shame.
    There was a reason for the lack of action, however. Leo had used a window gadget that had been improved by him to see AND hear what Elsa’s friends were doing. As far as Leo could tell, they were planning a prison breakout and was on their way. There was an unfamiliar older girl as well, but Leo was sure that she was just helping. She also resembled the boy with black hair and green eyes in a way, and Leo wondered if she was The boy’s sister. Leo had listened to their plans, and they would be fairly effective, according to Leo’s studies. If he acted now, the security would rise to twice as severe and the group’s attempts at invading would have reduced. This didn’t make Leo feel any better; Elsa was probably despairing and dying inside.
    Leo shook his head, pacing around his lavish room that was too fancy for him. Everything was just too overwhelming, and although the dizziness of the situation had lessened, it still felt suffocating.
    There had to be a way to help.
    Leo could make alchemical weapons to help the others when they came, but that would make his father suspicious. Any means of contact would be picked up and tracked by the complex systems that, again, Leo had been responsible for. But as the maker of the systems, Leo could surely hack them as well…..
    Leo was struck with a lightning bolt of an idea. He hurried to the device that connected to his father’s secret files which he had hacked into a while ago. Leo knew it would come in handy eventually, and this seemed just like the occasion. Leo tapped in a signal and was presented with pages and pages of files regarding his father’s information. Leo scooted behind the ginormous bed and cracked his knuckles. It was going to be a hard and tiresome job, but he would do it.
    For Elsa, he HAD to succeed
    What do you think? I would appreciate feedback, and I dearly hope you enjoyed this! I promise to make the next chapter better and also sooner. 😘

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          anniej replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          Wow, all twelve chapters? Did you like it? I could tag you for future chapters if you want

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        Cool, loved it!!

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        OH MY GODS!!!
        (Sorry I’m such a nerd.)

        I LOVE IT!!!

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          Good to know that everyone liked this. 🙂

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