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    anniej posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 2 months ago

    Okay. I know I’ve been dead for forever. I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING AND FOR NOT BEING ON SITE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!!!!!!!!! I caught a dreadful cold, and have been lazy for two weeks. I APOLOGIZE!!!!! I will update sooner, and if I don’t post anything three days later from now, then feel free to curse me. Although you can curse me right now too. Please enjoy this chapter!

    The harsh mountain wind cut through Anne’s thin cloak, making her shiver and wrap the fabric around her tighter. Luna had been right. It was WAY colder in the mountains then what she had originally thought.
    The group of rescuers had traveled through Questioners Island in the last two days. It had been sooo long for Anne, and she knew it was the same for the rest, but they had to be careful. At last, at the crack of dawn on the third day, Anne, Kali, Maggy, and Luna had made it to the tallest mountain where apparently Elsa and Leo were trapped.
    They only had to find an extremely rare light-crystal, get into the formidable and dangerously guarded fortress, find where in the couple thousands of rooms Elsa and Leo were in, get them together, make Leo put together the Transporter and zap everyone out. Also, they couldn’t be caught. Otherwise, they would be dead.
    Yep, everything was going to be swell.
    “Luna? Do you have a-any idea where we can find a l-light crystal?” Maggy asked through chattering teeth. Kali nodded in agreement, which was hard to see through the snow swirling around. “Pretty s-sure you can find them in c-caves,” Luna hollered back. “Pretty sure!”
    Great. Their guide was “pretty sure” about their fate.
    “I think there might be a cave over there? It seems darker then usual….” Kali peered into the gloom cautiously. For some reason, Kali wasn’t freezing to death, unlike the rest of the team. He had earned some fierce glares when he explained about it. Apparently, he had gotten that power from being a sea dragon.
    Anne trudged over to Kali wearily. Yes, she could also see a dark splotch in the middle of the mountainside. Too cold to talk, Anne gestured to the others to follow her and dug her way through the piles of snow to the supposed cave.
    Fortunately, it was a cave.
    Unfortunately, it was as empty as Anne’s growling stomach.
    “Aww come on!” Anne whined, kicking at the clumps of snow on the stone floor.
    “At least it’s warmer here,” said Maggy, looking around. The captured wind was held tightly in her hands with a sling to secure the jar to her back as well. At least THAT was safe.
    “There might be something in the back……” Kali said thoughtfully, running to the back of the cave. Luna followed him, and so did Anne. Maggy stood staring at a certain piece of wall with a weird expression on her face.
    “Nothing.” Luna said with a grimace when Anne reached the back of the six feet long cave. “I guess we’ll have to keep looking.”
    Anne turned back to Maggy who was still looking at the same spot on the gray stone. ‘What is she doing?’ thought Anne.
    “Look! There’s like a maze on the wall. See? There’s the start, and then you wind in over there, and………” Maggy continued her way through the entire “maze” covering the wall. “What is that?” Luna asked curiously.
    “It’s like the wall was cracked! What do you think?” That was Kali.
    “Ooh, what if it leads to a secret chamber?”
    “Maybe. I could knock a hole through the wall and see.”
    “Okay, if you think that’s safe for us.”
    “Just get out for a second and I’l break it through.”
    Maggy and Kali herded Anne out of the shallow cave as Luna raised her hands and a column of snow from outside rose to her command. Anne shielded her face as the cave behind her went “BOOM!”
    “Right. Come and see, guys!”
    Anne poked Kali in the ribs in her haste to get inside first. Dust swirled around and made her choke, but the result of Luna’s efforts was quite satisfactory. “Ha! I said it would be a secret chamber!” Maggy said triumphantly.
    It was indeed a secret chamber, or a secret tunnel to be exact. Kali pointed this out to Maggy but the comment was ignored. Anne agreed with Kali, but didn’t say anything about it. Instead, she joined Luna in making her way through the low tunnel.
    Anne calculated an hour and a half since they had started. She wasn’t exact, but Luna said it was, and she was pretty close. Her neck and back hurt from bending over, and despite the freezing temperatures, Anne’s back was soaked in sweat. Her mood wasn’t any better then her situation. The four teens had spent their time snapping at each other in turn. Now, they had subsided in an angry silence only because they were so breathless.
    One more minute and Anne would have snapped, but thankfully, the tunnel gradually opened up and lead to a large cavern somewhere in the depths of the mountain. Dust-caked and exhausted, the team stumbled out to have their breaths taken away once more.
    There was a clear turquoise lake stretched out through the cavern that mirrored the bright sheen of a polished gem, while stalagmites and stalactites reached towards each other like desperate fingers. The stone, which had been a plain boring gray before, was now a mix of red, brown, yellow, and black, all layered out. Dips and ridges stood out with a wide flat plateau in the otherwise round cave and made the place similar to an otherworldly palace. Everything was cast in a warm golden glow, and the source was the crystals. Clusters of the spiky glittering stones clung to the ceiling and hid away in crevices all around the cavern. The colors ranged from bright white to deep golden while the size varied from that of a pea to the size of a smallish desk chair.
    Anne was overwhelmed with all the beauty. Never had she thought that she would see such a scene of perfectness. Anne wanted to get all her possessions and build a house right in the cavern and never go out. Well, her sister and friends would have to be there too.
    “Oh my gosh!! Look at all these crystals! And the lake! It’s like blue glass! Everything is PERFECT!” Maggy squealed enthusiastically, jumping around the place. Anne grinned and joined her on the plateau and started dancing. Behind them, Kali and Luna followed, equally awed but more dignified. “I guess we found those crystals.” Kali said laughing.
    “Well, yes. Obviously these aren’t random quartz crystals that are for some reason glowing.” Luna said, smirking.
    Anne flew over to a large cluster of the light-crystals. They were so close now! They only had to reach the fortress and get Elsa and Leo! She purposefully shoved the less fantasy-like thoughts out of her head and called out to Luna instead. “Which one should we get? Does the size or color matter?”
    “I think purer the color, stronger the power is,” Luna said, tapping one of the many crystals around. “I don’t think size matters, but we can’t get a gigantic one, or a ridiculously small one.”
    “How about the size of my fist? Or we could get a lot of smaller ones so even if we loose one, we can just use another?”
    “First option. If we get caught, then we would be questioned where we got all the crystals. Like I said, light-crystals are really rare. It’s lucky to find even a pebble of one. If others find out that this cavern is here, well, there are much more ways to use a light-crystal and not all of them are good.” Luna said warningly. Anne shivered from her cold tone and turned to hammer at one of the brighter crystals embedded in stone. “Anyone got a hammer?”
    “Here.” Kali turned into a dragon for a quick moment and slammed his tail into the wall, dislodging a handful of crystals that included a good white one. Then he turned back into a boy. Anne couldn’t help but notice the similarity between Kali and Elsa’s powers. ‘I wonder what that could mean? Maybe it’s just coincidence?’ Probably.
    “Right. We’ve got it! Time to leave! We should also block the entrance to the tunnel so no one can find it again.” Luna said cheerfully, grabbing the crystal and walking back to the tunnel. Maggy grinned happily at Anne and followed, Kali and Anne bringing up the rear.
    “Do you think we’ll do it? What if we fail?” Anne couldn’t help but stare her worries to Kali. “I’m sure we’ll make it. And if we don’t, at least we tried. Elsa would appreciate that.” Kali returned Anne’s look with a halfhearted smile.
    When they were back at the cave where they had started, Anne glanced back. Luna had made her point about the safety and caution thing, but the mountain cavern gave Anne a strange affect. She didn’t want to leave it. Quickly checking that no one was looking, Anne spoke a small spell to the air between her forefinger and thumb. Then she blew the spell away. It would hover in the entrance of the cave where Anne would be able to find it any time. A useful tracking spell she had found in the library had become even more useful. Too bad it hadn’t worked on Elsa’s location.
    Smiling secretly, Anne chased after her friends on their way to the fortress.
    (I’m sorry, this is so long.)
    Two more days had passed since Elsa had gotten hold of the Window. She had kept a close eye on her friends’ moves and was beyond frustrated that she couldn’t do anything to help. All she could do was remain as helpless as before, which was getting harder and harder. Now that Elsa had a hidden hope, she was unable to restrain the strangling feeling of anger as it pulsed deep inside of her body. It was sooo hard to stop herself from attacking when Dr. Estrange came in to taunt her. Sure, she was weak, useless, and unable to act, but hey, she could hope, right? Elsa just wished that Leo could know what was happening. The poor boy was probably so confused.
    Elsa’s lunch guard came and went, meaning that she was able to check on Anne’s progress. Taking out the silver cube from her hidden pocket, Elsa whispered Anne’s name. As she waited for the gadget to finish searching, her mind wandered vaguely to the guard that had dropped the gadget. What if he had been purposefully helping her? Hadn’t it been that same guard that had just left with her meal? She would ponder on that later.
    Annoyed at the slowness of the Window, Elsa looked back at the cube and was thoroughly shocked and dismayed. Nothing but a white screen covered the camera, and red letters flashed on the center.
    “Target un-detectable. Cannot be seen.”
    Elsa bit her lip, trying not to scream. What was happening? She had finally gotten a way to see her sister, and then it was taken away from her! She wanted to stomp on the offending broken thing.
    “Or maybe it’s not broken……”
    Elsa could faintly remember Dr. Estrange lecturing about high security that prevented anyone spying on wherever Elsa was locked up. The speech had gone on for so long, Elsa had tuned out and had been counting the little white hairs on Estrange’s upper lip. It was much more entertaining then listening to the rant.
    So Anne and the rest were in a high security place. Elsa had seen them travel all over what Elsa could tell to be Questioners Island. They had steadily gone north until they had went up a mountain and was hidden by the constant snowstorm. Elsa had mildly wondered what they had all been doing there. Where could they possibly be?
    Well, the answer was so obvious that Elsa had ignored it.
    They were coming for Elsa! They were so close! Maybe all the weird things Anne and her friends had done was meant to help Elsa escape? And Elsa couldn’t see them because they were so close to the prison? Elsa did a happy jig on the floor, ecstatic about the changing in the situations. All Elsa had to do was wait and be as discreet as possible.
    ‘I’m almost free!’
    Again, I am immensely sorry for not updating! I hope you all understand.

        lilystarling replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        That was amazing!!
        Don’t feel pressurized to write every three days, after all you have a life too.

        clarad575 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        This was amazing!
        Don’t think you have to post every three days! Just post when you have time! No pressure!

          queenagatha108 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          That was great! Can you tag me?

          anniej replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          Of course I’ll tag you!

        anniej replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        Thanks for liking this and for understanding. But I will write around every three or four days so I don’t get overly lazy again. 😀

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