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    anniej posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hello! Lol I know it’s been a week and I promised this would be up in three days, but I went to my grandmother’s house and I was too busy. Sorry! Anyway, please enjoy!

    It was Maggy who first spotted the beginnings of the fortress. It surprised Kali that it had been her and not Luna or Kali himself who saw the walls; they both had night vision and could have seen the fortress through the dark.
    Kali peered up at the straight smooth wall that didn’t look dangerous in the least. Kali was sure that there would be many traps and sentries somewhere in or behind the wall however, and they would have to be extremely careful.
    “So now that we’re here, what are we gonna do?” Anne asked, clearly suppressing her excitement. Kali could relate to that; finally he was close to his friend!
    “We have to get over that wall without being detected. The wall sends out waves that detect any magic, so we can’t use our powers. I can see panels on the wall that are probably hiding weapons that shoot out and stab intruders. We might be able to get through if we could get over the wall, but that would be impossible without powers,” Luna said thoughtfully.
    “What if we dig under the earth? Does the waves go as far as underground?” Kali asked to no one in particular. Luna answered him. “Pretty sure there’s a solid wall that extends under the surface as well. We won’t be able to dig too far anyway.”
    The group lapsed into a thoughtful silence that was only broken occasionally when someone had the beginnings of an idea. But no one’s ideas seemed to be able to actually work, and the silence lasted for quite a long time.
    “This is hopeless,” Luna said exasperatedly. “We’re not even behind the first barrier, and we’re already stuck?!”
    Kali had to admit, he agreed with his sister.
    Maggy sighed dejectedly and Anne kicked at a clump of ice on the ground.
    Then! Magically! An image glittered in front of Anne, making her yelp and leap back right into Kali. Kali had not been expecting to be bumped into and promptly sat down with Anne falling on top of him. Luna had also leaped back, but in a different direction and had avoided a collision. Maggy simply stood there, blinking and asking questions. Kali was quite embarrassed and uncomfortable and yelled at Anne to get up, while the girl in question snapped back saying that Kali’s elbow was in her face. They froze when a different, new voice laughed from up above them.
    “Ahahahaha! You should have seen your faces!”
    It was fortunate that the friends were far away enough that no one from the barriers could hear their screams.
    When the screaming subsided and Anne and Kali had untangled themselves, Kali got a good look at the floating image in front of him. Surprisingly, it was Leo’s amused and tired looking face that grinned from the image. Their alchemist friend looked a lot more serious then before, and exhausted as well, but the old twinkle of mischief was still visable.
    “LEO!! How are you doing that? Where are you? How are you doing?!” Maggy squealed, eyes shining and clearly happy about their friend’s appearance. “It wasn’t THAT hard, because I made all the security systems in the first place,” Leo said, wrinkling his nose slightly. “I made it so I can bend the light where you guys are so I can out the image of my screen in front of you. And I’m in my room.” Kali noticed that he left out the part about himself. Kali guessed that Leo didn’t approve of his own feelings.
    “Well, I can’t do this for a long time, so we have to work quickly. You came here to get us out, yes?” Leo said briskly. Anne, Maggy, and Kali nodded and Luna just gave him a weird look. “Thank you! It means so much that you still care about us! Anyway, I can lift the systems for one minute for you to slip inside. Only one minute, so you better slip in before the time runs out. Get over the wall, and come down on the other side. I can’t do anything about the sentries, so be careful and don’t be seen.” The image flickered for a moment, and then came back, showing Leo’s frantic face. “There’s not much time! When you get over, there should be three more sets of walls. Someone has to keep counting the seconds, because I’m going to lift the first wall, then wait for a minute, then lift the next wall, then wait a minute. I’ll keep going. Don’t get the time wrong! I’ll hopefully appear like this again once you get to the actual fortress, but if I don’t, then go around to the back side of the fortress and wait for a team of guards to come out of the back door. That’s your chance to get in. Hopefully, I’ll see you again soon! Count for a minute, and THEN use magic to get in, okay? Good luck!” Leo’s face disappeared with a click.
    The four looked at each other with white faces, confuzzled at what had just occurred. Kali could see Luna’s foot tapping on the floor as she counted the seconds that had already passed. For some reason, she didn’t look too pleased. “Let’s not distract her,” Anne suggested. Kali nodded.
    They huddled together as they waited for Luna to give them their signal. When she finally said “sixty!” Kali changed into a dragon and Anne and Luna leaped onto his back. Maggy followed next to him as Kali shot up the smooth surface of the wall and prayed to all the gods that Leo had succeeded in lifting the security.
    Kali paused at the top of the all, peering down and searching for any danger. He could feel Luna tapping his scales and he counted the seconds that went by. Fifteen. Twenty.
    No sentries were in the proximity of Kali, and he went ahead and plummeted down, down, down and landed on the ground below.
    Anne and Luna didn’t bother getting down from Kali’s back, and everyone went back to waiting tensely for Luna to give them another signal. Kali crouched in the shadows, holding his breath whenever someone drew near. Once he was in a form,the magic stopped until Kali shifted again. Luckily, it was night and the shaft didn’t have that many guards in it.
    Once again, Luna signaled everyone, and watching out for the sentries that could be on both sides of them, Kali and Maggy flew up and over the second wall without much trouble. They only met a patrol on the third wall and had held their breaths and prayed to the gods that the big-nosed ogre wouldn’t sniff out their cold sweat. The ogre HAD come closer to investigate, but his partner called him on and he left. Kali payed extra attention and was more cautious on the fourth and last wall. When he got down, he turned back into a human and gaped at the building before him.
    At last, the sheer black walls of the fortress loomed above the four as they stared in awe and fear at the ominous jagged metal and stone fortress where Elsa and Leo were waiting. The building seemed to suck out all the light and happiness out of the air, not that there was much of it in the first place. It made Kali shiver and feel a trickle of cold run down his spine.
    “Come on,” Luna said quietly, pulling on Kali’s sleeve and tugging Maggy away. Seeing that Anne looked quite angry and about to erupt, Kali dragged her along to the back where Leo had said to wait. Once everyone had settled, Luna turned to them, the suspicious bemused look on her face. Kali frowned at her behavior.
    “What is it?” Anne asked.
    “This place is VERY dangerous. The man in charge will kill without mercy and torment you without emotion. The other men who run this place aren’t any better. Secrets and deceit wait in every corner, and you cannot trust anyone,” Luna said sternly. A steely glint was in her eyes.
    “What are you saying?” Kali asked, a little confused. Everyone already knew the stakes and the dangers that awaited them in the fortress.
    “I’m saying, how do I trust this alchemist “friend” of yours, especially if HE’S the one who set all the security in the first place? And how can someone in a trapped place possibly manage to lift all the defenses at once without raising the alarm? How do I trust someone who is the son of Dr. Estrange?”
    I tried to make this better then the one before. Did you like it?

        lilystarling replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        Thats so cool!!
        To bad Luna doesn’t trust Leo, he’s good.
        Hope Luna won’t make it hard for the plan to work!!

        clarad575 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        This is AMAZING!!!
        I can’t understand why Luna would not trust Leo!!! He helped them get in, and has helped everyone else before!!!

        anniej replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        Thank you so much! We shall see if Luna will eventually trust Leo….

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