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    anniej posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Hi! Long time no see! I am here to present you a short story that isn’t THAT good, but still hopefully enjoyable.
    Suddenly tags random people out of nowhere
    Well, it’s my birthday too. Happy 13th

    Yuka loved her friends. They were her life and blood; what made her want to live, what made her feel happy again after a scorching firestorm. She would always be with them, no matter what happened.
    That was what Yuka told herself again for the tenth time that afternoon.
    This was the situation: a few weeks back, news of missing dragons reached the public. First, no one was particularly worried, but as the number of missing dragons increased day by day, everyone panicked. Search parties went up in all nine kingdoms and even the usually distant royals made an appearance. Everyone from street thief to High King was cowering in fear.
    Yet Yuka and her friends still fought on. They had tried their best to search to the ends of the earth, the pits of the sea, and the lofty atmosphere up above. No cave or underground tunnel went unnoticed by the friends. Neither did the highest of mountains and the largest of forests. Tourmaline, one of Yuka’s friends, had even stuck her head into a volcano to check if anyone was in there.
    No one had been found.
    At least, not so far.
    “Yuka, you still working?” A green and gold dragon with elegant features stuck her head through the cave entrance.
    “Sure, of course I am Cypress. We still have a few hours before sundown. Better get things done before tomorrow,” Yuka replied in a measured tone. She went on searching through the dark cave in hopes of finding a hint of something irregular. She could hear Cypress sighing behind her.
    “Honestly, I love the determination, and I would love to join in, but it’s so late! We should take a break for once, don’t you think? We were at it since dawn and it’s already near midnight.” Cypress had a strange persuasion ability that made everyone listen to her. Perhaps it was her way of talking, or the glint in her eyes that managed to convince even the fiercest dragons to give in.
    It defeated Yuka within seconds.
    “Fine, fine. But we’re coming back here in the morning.” Yuka finally set down her torch and magnifier glass. Her whole spine ached from crouching in a squashed position for hours on end. Stepping out of the cave, Yuka stretched her entire body, relishing the freedom of the open cliff top.
    “Where are the others?”
    “Silver and Tourmaline went hunting, and Levina and Iris are still in the rainforest. I was going to go get them, but they’re probably sleeping anyway. I knew it would be only you who was still awake and working.”
    Yuka ignored the chiding tone in which Cypress was addressing her. Sure, she was tired and sore, and very disappointed, but this was not just about herself and her goals. It was possibly about the lives of many, many dragons who were abducted, and of the many, many, scared and grief stricken hearts of the dragons around her. She couldn’t stop just for a few hours of sleep.
    After all, she would still be tired in the morning, whether she slept or not.
    Buutttt Cypress was giving her the “eyes” that were feared by everyone who knew Cypress.
    Oh well.
    “Okay, let’s go find the others before going to the fort for the night. Where exactly did Silver and Tourmaline go?” Yuka asked.
    “Somewhere near the Opal Reefs. They’re off fishing for today. I think they were both bored of sheep,” Cypress answered with a snort, and Yuka rolled her eyes.
    Silver and tourmaline were the naivest, most active and energetic, and most talkative pair in the group. They were also the most dramatic, and agreeably ignorant of many things. Their conversations often made the others burst into hysterics, whether they were conversing about trees or arguing about the use of flamethread. (“Honestly, who would wear a scarf made out of fire? You’d just burn up….” “Yeah, but there are fireproof scales too. It might be a really dark night out…..”). It brought a smile to Yuka’s face whenever they were mentioned. Well, if any one of her friends were mentioned, she would of course be smiling.
    This caring and protective feeling made Yuka positively petrified at the prospect of loosing her companions to the mysterious abductor.
    “Stop thinking and come on.”
    Cypress leaped off the cliff and soared in a loop in the night sky, looking majestic and serene with the moonlight glinting on her scales. Yuka grinned and followed her, leaving behind her worries and fears, pushed away to be dealt with on another time.
    Soon, the two young dragons reached the line of towering trees that marked the border of the rainforest. Landing on a flat bit of ground, Yuka stared into the ominous gloom. The quiet rustlings and occasional cries of the wild beasts inside the forest made everything ten times scarier. But Yuka wasn’t afraid of the dark.
    Gathering the light from inside her, Yuka expelled energy from within her being, sending warm golden light arcing out into the dark. The light bounced of the trees and bushes, reflecting off a creature’s eyes once in a while. Soon, a circle of light spread out around Yuka and Cypress.
    “Amazing. You bring light out into the world,” Cypress said with a warm smile, looking awed as always. Yuka grinned and led her into the rainforest with her spotlight always following her trail.
    Lavina and Iris were indeed sleeping, slumped against each other on the forest floor with their wings tangled in a knot. Yuka watched them slumber peacefully for a minute before shaking them both awake.
    “Hey, wake up! Before the spiders get to you!” Yuka yelled when her shaking went unnoticed.
    Iris woke with a start and shot to her feet, sending Lavina tumbling into a tree. This made the amber and black dragon wake up as well, although in a much grumpier way.
    “Hey! Why did you do that?” Lavina hissed in dismay, rubbing her eyes with her talons. Iris grunted and answered, “it was Yuka and her light that woke us up. Why couldn’t you have let us sleep?” She whined.
    Iris was the youngest of the group and acted like it as well. Iris’s whining sometimes made Yuka roll her eyes and want to shove Iris off a cliff. Iris was an excellent flyer though, and shoving her off anything would just make her even more annoyed.
    But Lavina was equally irritable and she occupied Iris with annoying remarks most of the time. This way, no one else was much affected by childish behavior, and Iris was always so creative. And Lavina was always so dedicated.
    “Well, if you want to stay here, go ahead. Pretty sure you’ll have spiderwebs in your mouth by morning though. And aren’t you hungry? Silver and tourmaline went for fish….” Cypress was using her charm again.
    “Fish is so disgustingggg,” moaned Iris, but Lavina now looked slightly more excited. Yuka, Cypress, and Lavina managed to drag Iris through the trees and reach their temporary home on top of a tall tree at the heart of the rainforest.
    Surprisingly, Silver and Tourmaline were already there, talking over the shimmering pile of fish and occasionally nibbling on a tail. They looked up in surprise when the Yuka and the others arrived.
    “Huh. I thought it’d take more than an hour to get Iris in here,” Silver commented blithely. Tourmaline snorted at that, and Yuka hid her smile. Silver was always one to make a joke, however cruel it might be.
    “Haha. Very funny,” Iris said without emotion. She grabbed a salmon and retreated to the corner to eat alone. Cypress immediately took her meal and followed Iris, no doubt trying to get her to be happy again. Lavina gave Yuka a semi-amused wrinkled snout and followed Cypress.
    Yuka joined Silver and Tourmaline in a ring around the fish, chatting about anything that came to mind. It was often that Silver was inclined to throw a piece of mackerel at Tourmaline, who in turn slapped Silver with a fish spine. Yuka would smack both of them with her wings and burst into laughter.
    “So, how was today? You worked in that cave, right?” Silver asked eventually.
    Yuka nodded. “I didn’t find anything, but I haven’t explored the deeper part yet. Maybe something will turn up!” She sounded ridiculously hopeful. Clearly Silver thought the same thing, for she shared a look with Tourmaline and addressed Yuka again. “What if we don’t find anything? All we’ve been doing is camping out in the wild and not getting enough sleep. Your parents will worry, won’t they?”
    “They think I”m on an educational trip to the rainforests. They trust the government can keep me safe. Same with you guys,” Yuka said, only a tiny bit uncertain. Silver gave her a dubious look.
    “I think this is fine, but I suppose it’s just a little frustrating,” Tourmaline added in, studying the fish hooked on her claw. “All this work and we haven’t got anywhere. Worst of all, no one knows that we’re trying hard. They all think we’re as ignorant as everyone else.”
    This was true. With all their efforts, Yuka wanted to be noticed. Someone should recognize the hard work she and her friends did every day, hoping to save the missing dragons and ensure peace in the world. Someone should smile at them, encourage them, and say how proud they were for them.
    “I wish our parents could come see us,” Tourmaline mumbled. Yuka nodded, but Silver lowered her head. Silver didn’t have a family, not for a long time. She received sympathy from everyone on a daily basis because of this. She hated it though, and preferred to mourn on her own. She still disliked it when someone mentioned their family. Yuka could guess how hard it would be to listen as others talked about their families while she herself didn’t have anyone.
    ‘But I have my friends,’ Yuka told herself. ‘So does Silver. She’ll be fine.’
    Golden green wings swished past, and Yuka looked up. Cypress had somehow detected the dark mood of the fort and came to be the comforting influence for the occupants. Iris trailed behind, looking in a better mood than before, and Lavina followed behind with a frown creasing her forehead.
    Without a word, Cypress spread her wings around Tourmaline and Silver, draping her tail on top of Yuka’s. Iris jumped in to hug Yuka and Silver who were closest to her. Lavina leaned in to be a part of everything. Yuka, now on the outermost dragon of the pile, enveloped her friends in a warm embrace, wrapping her black wings around the others and sweeping the remains of their meal away with her long black tail.
    Six dragons, red, gold, silver, purple, amber, and black, curled around each other in search for warmth in the cold world. They found each other and stayed together, reaching for the only light currently visible in the inky night. Their friendship remained strong, whether they were hiding, misunderstood, broken, ignored, or pained.
    ‘My friends are my life, the reason I still see the light. They help me overcome the impossible, make even the worst things right. They are the sun that come up around the horizon even after the harshest of storms. They are the stars in the night, the foundations of a tower, the color on a black and white page. Without them, I would be nothing.’
    So these dragons are based off my friends, and no, I don’t know anyone who lost their family. I know a few people who are adopted, but that’s it. You can guess which dragon is me though:).
    This is close to my actual life right now, even as I practically don’t socialize. All those friends are on the other side of the world.
    I hope you enjoyed! I got stuck in some places, dunno if you noticed.
    See ya in another half millennia.

        anniej replied 1 year ago
        grannylou replied 1 year ago

        Happy birthday!!!! 🤓🙃 You should really make a book series, your ideas are so unique and your characters are so relatable! 😁 I love Yuka… And Cypress. I hope you do more. 😆 Happy birthday again!

          anniej replied 1 year ago

          Thanks! Ehehe maybe I’ll make a big series with all my ocs in it….

        dragonhealer replied 1 year ago

        U randomly tagged me 😜
        I loved the short story!

          anniej replied 1 year ago

          Thanks! Haha random tags are fun

        sandol replied 1 year ago

        *rainbow confetti rains down, songbirds singing the happy birthday tune appear in the glitter* Happy Birthday to you! *jazz hands*

          anniej replied 1 year ago

          Thank you! Ugh I forgot to tag thee. Sorryyyyy

        clarad575 replied 1 year ago

        Happy Birthday!!!!
        I loved this!

        everbound replied 1 year ago

        Omg, happy birthday! I haven’t been on the site, so I couldn’t see it. *gives imaginary present*

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