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    anniy27 posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 7 months ago

    so about the theory of Vanessa and Evelyn being the same person: Evelyn is Rhian and Japeth’s mother, and she’s also Venessa, who is Sophie’s mother. Tedros is the brother of Rhian and Japeth, and Sophie and Agatha are sisters. The Vanessa/Evelyn theory makes Sophie the sister of Rhian and Japeth which makes all five of them- Tedros, Agatha, Sophie, Rhian, and Japeth siblings. Tedros and Agatha are getting married.

        sgelover18 replied 7 months ago

        So Sophie is marrying her brother?!? This is too much. I just need to read the book!!!!😫

        grannylou replied 7 months ago

        GAH but the thing is, Agatha and Tedros are fighting and I am not so sure about the whole “Vanessa is also Evelyn.” Then again, Soman literally made Sophie and Agatha sisters (which I am not sure anyone saw coming) So he might just make a complicated but sensical story that explains all that.

        princessgirl2911 replied 7 months ago

        I don’t think Evelyn and Vanessa are the same person, but they’re definitely related somehow.

          simpforsophies replied 7 months ago

          yeah they’re probably not the same person bc i dont think soman would put i.n.c.e.s.t in a childrens book

        jo18 replied 7 months ago

        It doesn’t make Tedros siblings with Agatha and Sophie. Tedros’ parents are Arthur and Guinevere, and Agatha and Sophie’s parents are Evelyn/Vanessa and Stefan (if this theory is true). It would make them step-siblings, kind of? It does make Sophie siblings with Rhian and Japeth though, though Evelyn/Vanessa.

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