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    annmellie posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 6 months ago

    Hi!!! I’m a bit slow with my story… I’m used to write in notebooks, not in computers and I find it harder here because you can’t save a post as a draft and then continue. But here I am, with Paloma’s story! (still no idea with the name)
    Paloma’s story
    Chapter 2
    I was really happy about Jason’s sleepover. I never thought I could be invited by him somewhere. Especially not his house.
    The whole day, I couldn’t think about anything else. When a teacher asked me a question, I just stared blankly at them. It really was a mad day. After school, I went with my best friend, Elise, to the local ice cream shop. I really like Elise, we are together a lot. There’s only one problem – Elise likes Jason too. But I kind of live with it. We don’t fight – it’s just a strange feeling when your best friend likes the same guy. It’s hard. I don’t want to win Jake for that reason. I would be scared about mine and Ellie’s friendship. It may not end good.
    “Were you invited to Jake’s sleepover?” she asked while we were eating our ice cream. I nodded.
    “Me too. Oh my god, this is so cool!” she shrieked.
    “I know… Jake never invited us somewhere!” I replied.
    It was ok when we talked about him like this. But we never talked about if he liked someone or if he might like one of us.
    “Are you going? I am,” she asked.
    “For sure, girl!” I laughed.
    Then we were quiet. Both of us were thinking about the other one, surely, and about Jason. And the birthday party, actually SLEEPOVER. I really am scared we’ll stop to be friends. Because of the one we love.

    It was the day of the sleepover. I invited 20 people, and we were going to sleep in a huge room my Dad helped me to clear out. It was full of fairy light, lampions and other lights. In the corner, there was a looooong table with food – sour and sweet food. The first person that came was my best friend Billie. He was really happy, because he has a huge crush on Ellie, a girl from our class, and she was coming. She’s ok, but I like someone else. I’m mad into a girl called Paloma. Oh, she so…. so… wonderful! She has such a beautiful face… freckles, smile… I started thinking of her so deeply and when Billie spoken it really freaked me out.
    “Hey lad? Alright?” he asked. Then he realized. “Are you thinking of your dear…”
    “PSHHHHH!” I said and blushed.
    In a while, the rest of the people came. First we played games – dare, hide and seek and some board games, then they gave me presents (Paloma gave a beautfiul card made by her, a notebook also made by her and really good chocolate!) and we had cake, after that we played more games and we had a disco party and at the end… we went to sleep. Somehow, I ended next to Paloma!!!
    I couldn’t fall asleep. The sight of Paloma calmly breathing next to me, eyes closed, made me nervous. But, finally, my eyes started closing and I fell asleep. I had dreams – about Paloma, Billie and Ellie. Billie was sad and Ellie was angry… Paloma was really disappointed with something… I don’t remember much, but it was really strange. Then, suddenly, I woke up. I turned to look at Paloma… but she wasn’t there! I raised up from my bed and went to find her. I went around the bathroom and the door was open – Paloma was drinking water there from a glass. She heard my footsteps, she turned.
    “Oh, hi,” I smiled, trying to stay calm. She replied.
    “Um, do you need to go in the bathroom?” she asked.
    “Oh, no, it’s alright,” I shook my head. She sat down on a chair in the bathroom and I went it. I wanted to start a conversation, but I couldn’t think of anything. Then it happened. It was really quick – she lifted out of the chair and we headed to each other. I stroked her cheek. And suddenly, her lips were against mine, and we were standing there in great view. I wouldn’t think someone would see us though, no. But I was wrong. When we stopped kissing and I turned to the door, someone was standing there. Ellie. She looked really angry and tears were streaming down her face. She was staring at Paloma, who looked scared.
    “You… you betrayer!” she hissed.
    “No Ellie, please, I can explain!” Paloma said, tears in her eyes. What was happening here?
    “Oh no you can’t explain! There’s is no explanation for this! Oh, actually there is – that your not loyal! Your a liar! Do you hear me? LIAR!” Ellie then turned around and ran away. I looked at Paloma. She was sitting on the floor, sobbing. I bent down and hugged her. I wanted to know what this all was, but not now. It wasn’t the right time. Later.

        bunnygirl54327 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        WOAH. GREAT chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it! Can you please tag me?

          annmellie replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          Thanks! Sure, I will 🙂

        liapaws replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Hmm, I didn’t asked to be tagged, but great story! 🙂

          annmellie replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          I think you did in my poem (you can look in activity)
          I can untag you though… Anyways, thanks! 🙂

        fudgepop9 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Sosososo greatly amazing!

          annmellie replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          Thanks fudge! 🙂
          (can I call you fudge???)

        fudgepop9 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Yes, you can.

          annmellie replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          Ok 🙂

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