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    annmellie posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 6 months ago

    Hello hello, my fellow RP-ers!
    Today, we are going to have a closer look at Ellie from my story about Paloma. Before we start, I have a really important question: DO YOU THINK THERE SHOULD BE A FANTASY TWIST? I am not sure, please tell me your opinion. Well, let’s head to Ellie!!!
    Name: Ellie Primrose
    Nicknames: Sweetie, Primrose, Rose, Princess
    Gender: F
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 7th of July
    School: Ranmille high school
    Family: Her mother, Sheila. On the outside, she is rather bossy but, actually, inside she is really warm and nice. Ellie looks really similar to her. Her dad, Kurt. He is really rich and buys Ellie anything. He is also very clever.
    Lives in: Redbartall. It is very important to say she lives in a huge house that is really palace-like.
    Pets: A dalmation (girl) called Coco. She’s very jolly.
    Appearance: Ellie has long golden locks with some streams dyed pastel pink. She has a diamond shaped face with big green-blue eyes and decorated with long eyelashes. She has full lips, with a dark red lipstick. Her body is slim, but healthfully – she does sport a lot.
    Clothing: Ellie wears skirts, dresses and sport clothing (when, then usually crop tops and leggings). Clothes colour is often red, light blue and pink.
    Personality: She is kind, but is fussy too and gets angry quite easily. She is a bit flirty, so even though she likes Jason, she flirts with other boys too. She wants too have a beautiful life full of good things – she wishes good for herself.
    Flaws: She has a hot temper, persuades people into things and, as I said, she’s really fussy.
    Hobbies: Dancing, jogging and browsing in clothes and make-up shops. She enjoys to put make-up on herself and she likes to brush her’s and other people’s hair.
    Backstory: There’s nothing much to say. You could describe it with a few words:
    Richness, satisfaction and GET WHAT YOU WANT.
    Yup. That’s it!

        spaghetti replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        She sounds like a sohpie, nice but actully pure evil!

          annmellie replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          🙂 She isn’t really evil – she’s just bossy. Though I agree she’s kind of like Sophie.

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