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    Name: Lyra Sorengaard
    Location and Time Period: Copenhagen, 2020s
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Romantic Orientation: Bisexual
    Ever/Never: Never
    Fictional Relative: Sherlock Holmes (great-great-grandfather)
    Appearance: Pale, with grey eyes and a tousled crown of blonde, waist length hair. She is willowy, standing at around 170cm tall.
    Clothes: Lyra generally dresses in jeans, jumpers, and wide-brimmed hats of either black or russet shades, as well as a ruby ankh necklace gifted to her by her mother. Her battered pair of brown leather boots and tartan scarf and coat are also safe choices when going out, especially during the Danish Winters. She often adorns the topknot of her half-up, half-down hairstyle with a bow and wears silver-rimmed round glasses.
    Personality: Lyra is phenomenally intelligent, albeit in the specific and eccentric ways typical of her family. Her logical reasoning and analytical abilities, though not yet fully developed, are remarkable. She is able to deduce occupations, situations, and other qualities from minute details (though not always accurately) and, perhaps more unusually, pen articles of such powerful eloquence that her mother already consults her when dealing with government affairs. Though Lyra’s demeanour can be somewhat cold, with little tolerance for irrationality and ruthless tendencies, she does have a compassionate nature; she has friends, generally treats those around her well, and cares for those that she feels deserve it (more than can be said for most of her relatives). Often described as “bohemian” in her habits and lifestyle, Lyra often favours the company of a tangled mass of files and socks and has been known to spend up to two days meditating without food or drink. She often disregards authority or social conventions, sometimes even pushing moral boundaries if she believes it to be justified (e.g. manipulating innocent people). As such, her knowledge is largely practical, severely lacking in any areas she finds unnecessary. Unlike her great-grandfather, Lyra is fairly self-conscious of her age. Though she warms up when talking about her interests (mainly law, literature, and Danish pastry), she constantly doubts her abilities and whether she is worthy of the family name. The Holmes flair for showmanship has not yet appealed to her. She tends to be more reserved in her approach and so becomes excited when she does manage to impress others.
    Backstory: The Holmes family story, much like its members, is strange and complex. Essentially, Sherlock’s son (August) eclipsed his father totally in terms of intellect, though his approach more resembled that of his uncle Mycroft. He was not interested in the bare-knuckle, grime-choked street adventures of a consulting detective, and instead married a Danish woman and moved to Copenhagen, taking his wife’s name: Sorengaard. Since then, the Sorengaards have specialised in secret service operations across Europe and have become absolutely essential within the Danish government. Rumours of corruption were never far behind. They were brilliant masterminds, and being brilliant sometimes meant that you had to bend the law a little. Mycroft’s descendants mostly remained in England (though there were also a few members that settled in Germany and France in the mid 1900s), ironically producing more radical detectives, journalists, and politicians that still often cooperated with the Sorengaards. There were even a few Holmes criminals that moved to the USA and became involved with Italian-American Mafia. Lyra’s mother is a classic Sorengaard: hugely influential in European politics, not always moral, and nearly always dangerous. Her father is, much to the dismay of many Sorengaards, a poet. Lyra is not sure exactly what she wants to be or what she thinks of her family’s approach. Though she studies insanely many of the things the Sorengaard and Holmes members specialise in and assists her mother in some of her work, she feels significant anxiety about having to choose a path in the midst of so many geniuses and is, for the first time, actually beginning to try in school in order to take her mind off her growing responsibilities.

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