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    arian2 posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 2 months ago

    Okay, this is really rushed, but I just want to POV.
    Name: Cadence Tyne
    Aliases/Nicknames: Tyne Junior, Calloway
    Location and Time Period: Europe/USA, 1920s
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Romantic Orientation: Never had the opportunity to find out
    Ever/Never: Ever
    Power: Various small sparks of Delirium. His shadow sometimes becomes tangible, velvety like his grandmother’s. Sometimes, he is able to see emotions as paints that swirl within peoples’ heads, inducing mild states of chaos or calm by splashing these paints around. In extreme cases, the emotions somehow spill out of the head, pouring into the world as what appear to be actual colours. Cadence sometimes does this to himself by accident, and those “brain paints” have been used in what he considers his best pieces.
    Colour of Magic: Various
    Fictional Relative: Delirium of the Endless (grandmother)
    Appearance: His hair is quite a sight: a tangled shoulder length mane of crimson, shot through with various shades of blue, green, and purple that jut out in tangled clumps like the wings of some exotic bird, strung together with assorted beads and ribbons. His eyes are two different colours, though exactly which ones depend largely on his mood. He is short, thin, and pale. He’s said to smell inexplicably of sweat, late nights, sour wine, and old leather.
    Clothes: Cadence changes clothes almost as often as his hairstyle, although the way he dresses is considerably more normal. He generally favours something resembling the typical 1920s formalwear, curling up inside his long duffel coat with several oddly shaped buttons he had stitched into oddly impractical places. His trousers and sleeves are sometimes adorned with patchwork designs and usually splattered in paint. His collection of strangely patterned waistcoats is fairly vast and he is rarely seen without a ragged handkerchief around his neck.
    Personality: Cadence’s mind is undeniably brilliant. It is brilliant, however, in the way that a cracked mirror is, or the way that the traditional critics would describe his work in the papers: all rainbows and sparkles and marvellous abstract spirals but also, fundamentally, broken. Not nearly as extreme as his grandmother, Cadence’s hallucinations, delusions, muddled thoughts, and rapid behavioural changes do manifest, sure, but they are not constant. Cadence did inherit a somewhat playful attitude. He also displays anger when faced with what he views as rudeness, though he’s considerably more shy than his grandmother and not unstable to the point of insanity. Though he is well spoken when he needs to be, he lacks a solid grasp of other people and spends most of his time alone, drumming until his fingers burst or painting until he passes out. He developed a whole host of odd mannerisms, like walking barefoot, sitting hunched over, or slurping loudly. His father was the only solid figure in his life, and even then he existed only in their chaotic, European whirlwind of constant travel. Cadence’s ineptitude when it came to social connections with others meant that his only friends were the materials in his room and the mad artists and journalists and satirists and musicians he’d know for one night before they were swallowed by the whirlwind. In spite of all of this, Delirium, rumoured to actually be the wisest of the Endless (even more so than Destiny), was capable of astounding wisdom during her sane moments. It’s a gift passed down to her grandson, though, as with all her other traits, diluted, humanised, and not as extreme.
    Backstory: From a young age, Cadence could have been considered a prodigy. By age eight, he was producing incredible paintings and sculptures. By age twelve, he could play the piano, double bass, and drums as well as many professional musicians of the time. His father was an Irish artist working in Paris as a Dadaist, but remained on the brink of poverty and largely unrecognised for his work. When his upper-class mother was lost on a luxury ship at sea, Cadence’s father gathered all her money and spent it solely on traveling around Europe, encouraging Cadence to publish his work under the alias “Calloway”, even taking his son to the United States for several months and wrangling him the opportunity to work in several obscure jazz bars in New York and Chicago. Cadence did manage to visit his grandmother’s realm on occasion (an odd experience, as Delirium nearly always appears as a girl even younger than her grandson), and these often prompted jarring spikes in his inspiration. As with his father, this inspiration still went largely unnoticed. The few businessmen that would become interested were often turned away by the two’s eccentric mannerisms. Cadence never received a formal education. Nor did he think it was appropriate to seek one. The same applies, mostly, to having friends his own age. It’s never been something he’s had the time to consider.

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