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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 1 month ago

    So, it appears I don’t have all their bio’s saved. Oof. I’ll have to trundle up a few from my feed, and remake some. However I have a few. The wonderlandians. A remake of ‘ Rosalyn’s story, without Rosalyn to open? Much yes, for it never really became her story but so much more. So I shall open this with these two, my lovely gay characters. So here are their bio’s before I write up the first part. @Arian2 of course, using Cheshire~
    Character name: Robert Blanc
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Ever/never/Neutral: Neutral but was originally placed in the school for good before he ran away.
    fairy-tale parents: The white rabbit.
    Personality: A little OCD about being on time, friendly, owns a high sense of humor, deceitful in moment to get what he wants. And he always gets what he wants.
    Appearance: White hair with a tinge of extremely light pink, it’s tangled and it’s length isn’t too easy to decide some said medium others say it’s only short, rosy cheeks and an even creamy skin tone with red eyes. Tends to wears a white button up shirt with a red waist coat and black trousers in most situations for an easy go and relaxed style, though also wears an elaborate Victorian style white button up top with a black waist coat and a navy or red blazer and black bowtie with his Victorian style black trousers. He sometimes carries a cane around and always had a pocket watch on a gold or silver chain in his left pocket. He also has BUNNY RABBIT EARS and wears a navy top hat.
    Talent: words, he is very persuasive and his words can sometimes make one lose all their sense of the surrounding world, briefly… if they listened for too long they would allow him to manipulate them.
    Finger glow: bright apple red in the middle fading through pink to white.
    Crush/lover: Maddox Thane Hatter.
    Pet/companion: A small baby cherry tree, which he has in-depth conversations with.
    Background info: Robert was an only child to his father with an unknown mother. He remained curious at first about who she was but soon came to a realization not everything had to be known. He takes after his father with a bumbling need for good timing; he is very clean and organized however unlike his father’s fluxing air-headedness that could cause him to be messy before going on a cleaning frenzy. Robert very rarely allows things to ever become unclean. He grew up in a near proximity to the other wonderlanians, though mostly with Maddox as both valued an education. Robert would occasionally join his classes or endure some lesson with his father over making tea. He became very good at democracy, he is incredibly tactful and as learning from being around his father not to act so brash. He although, also came to envy the Cheshire cat’s son as he was somewhat idolized and humoured by most of the parents. He could see Maddox’s father, the Mad hatter took a strong liking to him which definitely upset the boy. Robert felt sorry for him. He was not expecting to be taken to the schools and due to his neutral nature ran away. However he had such pity and took a liking to Maddox that he likes to accompany him- as best he can in whatever he wish to do. Whatever task he wishes to achieve. Whatever the consequences.
    Other: He likes shiny things.

    Name: Maddox Thane Hatter.
    Nicknames/Alias: Most people know him as Maddox as he only let’s friends call him Thane. No one can make a ‘sane’ pun out of his name (except for Robert but he can get away with almost anything…)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male.
    Ever/never/neutral: Ever but owns an occasionally dark disposition.
    Fairy-tale parents: The mad Hatter & Kroriala Onaza Sierra (A traveller from the surface)
    Appearance: Scruffy burgundy red hair that is somewhat flattened by his dark green top hat with a light lime green strip of fabric around it. He has fair skin with rosy pink undertones, and freckles in a light line just below his eyes. His eyes are naturally Malachite green, however his eyes took the form of a shade of red at 12, this is where they either remain red or differentiate to a vibrant colour or back to a bright version of their old colour. His eyes returned to green but in times of anger, surprise or sometimes confusion, they turn red. When his is anxious or very angry they can seem to glint and grow brighter in a unnerving way. He wears a relaxed grin on his face most of the time but sometimes has an unnerving smirk playing on his face. Commonly wears either a green suit, or a crimson, stout fur trimmed jacket over a black waistcoats and red tie that almost always half undone and black trousers. Occasionally changes to a different outfit that either red or green, he has sharper canines that faintly resemble fangs.
    Personality: Sly, quirky, intense, humorous, mysterious, thoughtful, deceiving, mischievous, generous, trusting.
    Finger-glow: Green.
    Talent: Is quite a bit faster than a normal person, has a better vison, sense of smell and hearing, along slightly more strength and owns impeccable balance and agility. He ages normally until 16 where he will much slower than a human (about half the rate)
    Pet/companion: Non
    Crush/lover: Robert Blanc.
    Background info: Kroriala Onaza Sierra was a traveler to wonderland from the surface, like Alice but she was not from the same place or world. She also didn’t fall down a rabbit hole. No, she came through a mirror. A giant grand mirror in a great castle in a remote town. (Part of Transylvania.) She came through the mirror to the world searching for protection when human’s invaded her town and began murdering the population, she was trapped in the castle separated from any living members of her family they were coming to get her, her only escape was through the mirror. That’s right people Kroriala is a vampire (and if you were to count Vampire genes are probably more dominant than human genes so you’re probably correct in guessing Maddox is also a vampire) During Maddox’s early years he was schooled by his mother and to him his father was this free idle to him. He aimed to be quite like his dad and enjoyed spending time with him, he desired the affection of his father and used it to do many things, he was very good at sharing as a child, he wasn’t greedy maybe just protective. He loved his parents and liked spending time with them but of course that was taken when Cheshire came to spend tea parties with the Mad hatter. Thane didn’t get as much attention from his father as he used to, he began to feel rather bitter to Cheshire and often during his classes would stare out of the window scowling at the tea parties in the garden. He took his education very seriously. It was a trait he had from his mother. He out of all the wonderlandians probably hates Chess with most reason after all how would you feel if you were being neglected and feeling replaced by someone who seemed no better than you?
    Other: Has a slightly mental state not just from his father but occasionally becomes extremely sadistic, clingy and paranoid, he gained this disposition during his mother’s death, this guided his slow descend into madness beyond his father playful insanity. However he remains good at heart and has an impending belief that his mother is always with him watching him and will come back one day, when he is ready.

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