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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 1 month ago

    Well, Time for a new start. Ah, odd I think. Though here we go, a new title. A new start.
    ~The Provinces of a Tale. ~
    Chapter one: Under.
    (Author’s perspective)
    Green eyes flickered over the surface of their reflection, a daring gaze inside it. Did you know; You cannot lick any part of your reflection besides your tongue? His fingertips traced the silver faucet and turned it on before he leaned down and splashed the water into his face. He relished in the cold, bubbly splashes of the water. The moment of running water and blissful silence removed him from the rest of the world for a brief moment, then came the rumble and thunderous roar of knocking, pounding and hammering against the door as bustling squeals and wittering filled his ears from the corridor and room. He narrowed his eyes for a moment and dried his face and hands on a towel, “Give me a minute!”
    He knew he was hogging the bathroom but it was really the only peace he got, as he adjusted his tie and pulled on his stoat fur trimmed jacket, picking up his hat he placed it upon his head and unlocked the door. The face of his roommate crashed in, looking worried and sweat as the man was likely bursting for the toilet. He walked past him to let the male slam the door shut and ***. He huffed, listening to the barks of his other two roommates, as they gambled over some sweets. What a ‘good’ room. He slipped out of the door into the bustling crowds of students, he might’ve drawn a few looks for the fact he was not dressed in the uniform like everyone else. Printed, carbon copies in a multitude of colours. Doe-eyed princesses in flowing pink dresses hemmed with lace and covered in a wispy array floral patterning. Sculpted princes in formfitting blue attire. Yet, it would be foolish to say they had been walked through a copy machine. Each was an individual, some too scared to dress out of the attire, others too proud. Their hair spoke the most, girls wore it in expressive ways some in tight buns, loose half buns, tight curls, baby doll ringlets. A glossy gallery of different hair. Some girls had taken to wear stockings or tights of their own occurred, skin tone, purple, pink some even in a sheer black. Daring were some who accessorised. He saw the odd one, sporting a different item. One ever girls dressed in a red and white lace nightgown as she finished braiding her hair, humming to herself. Another was dressed in shorts and a crop top of white, she wore a hat and bunny slippers as she held up her ever dress tutting a little at it. One boy had taken to wearing a purple shirt below his waistcoat. It was an amusing sight indeed to see the revelations of their fashion, some daring more than others to wear what they wishes after hours of lesson. He trundled down past the bustling groups. He glanced at golden clock suspended in the sky like a illustrious illusion. Crumbs, he was gonna be late. He huffed and quickened his pace to push by his classmates as he scrambled along to the library. He ducked in as he left some girls confused as to his rush through their cliché. He darted down the second aisle of books and looped round it’s corner as it seemed to maze around, a small table and chairs for reading were around surrounded by books. At the table, holding out a small silver pocket watch, was the snow haired male, his apple red eyes flicked up and he clicked the pocket watch, pursing his lips which caused his round puffed up cheeks to momentarily dip into his face as if he ****** on a lemon, “You’re 32 seconds late.”
    “Tough crowd, don’t get your nickers in a twist Robert.”
    “Tardiness is a bad thing. ” pouted his companion, shifting his red bowtie, The bunny ears upon his head flapping as if to nod at the other before perking up as he raised his head and pulled his feet off the table. “But it’s very good to see you, sane~”
    The other let out a soft groan and sat down, “Don’t.”
    The other laughed softly as he rested his arms onto the table, “Alright, Maddox. I won’t. We’ll keep with formalities?”
    “You can use my middle name.” Mumbled the redhaired boy, his green eyes flicking across his partners from as the smile tugged at the others lips causing his cheeks to dimple. His small heart shaped slightly upturned nose twitched.
    “Okay, Thane..” He smiled and looked behind the male as if to ensure someone is coming. “What did you want me to come for, it was….difficult getting in here unnoticed.”
    “I wanted to see your pretty little face.” Maddox hummed, making the other man scoff and his cheeks redden.
    “It’s good to see it, but for real. There was something I needed to discuss. The Cat is here, for one but…that doesn’t bother me as much as this.”
    “There’s this evergirl, and she appears to be complete bad luck. It all started at one of the surviving fairytales events….a little game of hide and seek.”
    “You love hide and seek don’t you, best in wonderland besides the cat…”
    The redhead shot him a glare which caused Robert to go quiet.
    “A fire started, the boy she was with, who she caught the rose of at the first event. A lovely guy I have to say, named Aron; nice a– ahem. Well, he saved her and ended up getting trapped in the fire. No one knows how it star-”
    “Probably a never prank.”
    “But it only affect her and him, no one else got even touched. Nevers want to cause mass panic not scorch a single soul to death!”
    “He died?!” Robert, exclaimed his ears suddenly sparking up in alarm, his eyes widening.
    The other nodded, “She was most upset. Didn’t talk to anyone until…one of the boys- we all call him Marche because his name is so long- I room with, and his friend next door met her out by the lake one lunch.”
    “I overheard him mention she was avoiding a never…then, someone broke in…”
    “I thought so too, they left…one of the neighbouring roommates severely injured before the other’s fended them out. They must’ve have been looking for Marche’s friend.”
    “But they picked wrong. You think there’s something wrong with this evergirl?”
    “I think that never she’s avoiding cursed her and that’s bad news for everyone.”
    “So we should find out how to remove it.”
    “What it is and why they placed it.” Maddox responded.
    Robert nodded, completely silent.
    The noise of his watch echoed before ringing as a signal it was time for him to leave. Footsteps Robert stood up.
    “I will help you solve this the best I can.”
    Maddox nodded, standing up he watch the other pass him and graced him with a soft peck to the cheek before he was gone.

        elsadog1234 replied 2 years, 1 month ago

        I love this story, and the slight wonderland theme! So fun! Could you tag me?

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