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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years ago

    So, yeah I got these two bio’s to repost now with their little editing, these are the main characters and I shall be writing for them quite a bit, the two wonderland boys are still gonna be relevant too though. I’ll have an update either later today or tomorrow.
    NAME: Roselyn Errolicie (Pronounced Errol-leece) Shetlander.
    ALIAS: Roselyn, Rose (Roze)
    GENDER: Female.
    EVER/NEVER/NUTRAL: Ever, 55%
    FAIRY-TALE PARENTS: The girl from “The red shoes”
    PERSONALITY: Stubborn, clumsy, down to earth, Honest, loyal.
    APPEARANCE: Roselyn’s hair it lightly wavy, coloured like gingerbread that is just below her *******, with bangs that only reach her shoulders. She has Violet eyes- well blue but she doesn’t like them so she wears pink contacts to make them Violet. She is an ‘English rose’ with a hint of warm ivory skinned. She has slightly chubby rosy like that of a young child which results in having dimples. she has a line of four freckles on the left side of her face, from the bridge of her nose to the beside the tip. She has delicate rosy lips. She is slightly flat-chested but has a nice small waist and wider hips to make up for it. She tends to wear form fitting clothes, a black jacket, pink/cream/mint/pale cyan turtle neck shirt/jumper and a shade darker skirt, with knee high stockings and black high heels. Or while wearing the uniform she wears a light pink petticoat and white tights.
    FINGERGLOW: rose red
    TALENT: She is unable to age passed 35 in looks. (So whatever she looks like at 35 she’ll look like until she dies) Basically looking forever young. She is also excellent at piano.
    OTHER: She likes ‘rule benders’, Her favourite style of dance is the Argentine Tango.
    CRUSH: Various~
    COMPANION: A firiingbird (crossbreed between phoenix and humming birds, tends to sneeze fire when ill) named flare.
    NAME: Edwick Allison Nile
    ALIAS: Edwick, Allie (Call him Allie or Allison at your own risk/unless you’re suicidal don’t.)
    GENDER: Male
    FAIRY-TALE PARENTS: The moon. (From fairy-tale I can’t remember)
    PERSONALITY: Snide, rude, possessive, obsessive.
    APPEARANCE: skin paler then porcelain almost albino. He has sharp narrow eagle gold eyes, a sick smirk that plays at his youthful looking face, Messy dark brown hair – or what people call faded black, (so dark brown it looks black.) He usually wears dark jeans (black) and a black T-shirt, short-sleeved, carrying a leather jacket/his coat over one shoulder.
    FINGERGLOW: Dark silver- kinda grey.
    TALENT: Manipulation. Hex-maker, he is skilled with a wide memories of hexes and likes to use them and his manipulative nature to vex people.
    OTHER: He owns a cat. His favourite Dance is the pasodoble. He has a crush on Roselyn, so he place a hex on her that causes anyone else who falls for her to become victim to a terrible gory death that is often caused by Roselyn herself. -_-

        shadesofevil replied 2 years ago

        AWESOME I like it

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