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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years, 1 month ago

    (Jenicide’s POV)
    Something wasn’t right. I knew because…well I’m me and I know these things! Or was it the casual meowing at the fire, or hustling footsteps through the forest that lead me to believe this. Whether it was my sheer awesomeness or those things that any creature with a brain could detect, is not important, the cause of this un-rightly feeling was, that and lunch. Lunch was very important.
    I treaded across the forest floor something was definitely here. Very close. “I demand you show yourself, Meowing creature!”
    The wind whistled through the trees. Okay maybe I should use force instead. I step closer slowly. The forest was a dim mesh with a variety of hiding places that could be hard to spot, having tripped over a few of them- on purpose of course! –So I treaded slowly, listening for any sounds of the Meowing creature.
    “Come out, come out!” I hissed.
    I drew out an arrow, then an obscure tree root knocked my shoes and I did – a rather stunning- forward rolling landing on my back.
    “Ow! I mean… I meant to do that! Obviously!” I groaned rubbing my head.
    Then I saw it, curled smaller than normally possible with large brownish green eyes glowing in the darkness at me from a ditch.
    I cleared my throat, flicking my fringe away from my face. “I planned this, honestly.”

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