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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 6 months ago

    mon ètudes est tres nul. Je veux être laissé seul. Macbeth est dégoûtant! Je veux Pleurer!
    if you haven’t acknowledge I have a French speaking exam coming up. Ugh. Math’s and English this week along with history, then French and science, it’s just a wreck. The GCSE spec is a nightmare. Lleh is an understatement! ooh. I swear some days the white bridge and it’s cars looks like a lovely place to fall. -__-
    Anyway enough ranting, I should do something productive before the forum police scold me again XD (please put the cake gun down! I swear I’m updating!) ALSO DEAR GRAMMAR POLICE PLEASE PUT YOUR TASERS DOWN, I’M NOT EDITING THIS AND I ACKOWLEGDE IT’S GOING TO HAVE SOOOOOOOO MANY MISTAKES. But I don’t care. ;_;
    @Arian2 & @Peppy & @Soulreaper – I’m loosing it! (P.S kas can you resend Lucas’ bio)
    @polabear11 – I didn’t forget about your characters, in fact…it’s thyme for their first act.
    Roselyn’s Story: Letter’s Letter’s everywhere.
    (Life’s garden-author perspective)
    “Dear Brother,
    it’s my not so delightful task to write you a letter and inform you that Thyme Has abandoned us. Since I have Narcissa out on a mortal mission, and neither Tod or Mr Mabuz can assist in this situation with her absence, I request you assistance. You understand the dire need of the situation and I am certain you will solve it quickly.
    Regards, your sister.”
    read the letter, his eyes narrowed and he griped it harshly. “No….”
    he folded the letter over, this would call for a large meeting. He sighed in frustration, walking to a groove of mushrooms, he pulled up five. rolling each individually in his hands, the mushrooms began sprouting short sturdy legs and arms faces peaking from their trunks. as they lifted their heads to look at him.
    “Call The spirits to life. there is an important matter than must be discussed immediately. Thyme has abandoned us.”
    The murshrooms shuddered at the last line before trotting away. He sighed and sat on a rock. “Why now.”
    (Authors perspective- ???)
    A delicate hand reach into the glistening pool, the shiny object had drawn her attention, lifting it out she realised what it was, a pristine silver glass eye, that sparkled with beauty. Cradling it in her hands, as it seemed to stare into her as though it had once been real. she stood up, her blonde braid falling over her shoulder, and her bangs hitting her fair-skin face as she scampered away from the pool back to the schools castle, she would ask a friend.
    Meanwhile in the distance a narrow faced light haired teen lingered in the high branches of a tree. Across from a ravenette who was preoccupied with a book”
    “do you think they’re watching?” Said the light-haired boy.
    the ravenette pushed his glasses up placing the unopened envelope between the pages of his book, he looked up. “Not them, but someone is.”
    “not them? but then who else coul-”
    The ravenette silenced him with a glare. “We’re not alone. You should know that.”
    “Chess hasn’t realised yet?”
    The ravenette didn’t answer he simply reopened his book, fiddling with the letter.
    The lighter haired boy scoffed and crossed his arms,
    “Which one?”

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