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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 6 months ago

    **quietly debating what to do**
    Hmmmm. Well It’s been ages since I’ve RP in this forum, and even I can hardly remember the plot for Rejects, or forbidden. I do still have the character’s bio’s and may or may not recycle them. However, I have a mass of Exams (English literature & langue, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths paper 3, History, French speaking & reading, Art.) Over the next week, after that things settle down again (Until my Geography GCSE exam comes up because history too hard they make us do the year 11’s geography GCSE in 5 months to sit it with them. logic school!) So I think i’ll have some existing free time. I won’t ever be back to my daily update schedule but maybe a weekly thing, since I’ll probably still continue to update my Level 0 RP as well. So…. I guess I’m going to start afresh. I have some time to create Bio’s and maybe a prologue. XD I don’t know where this is going to end up and I won’t say it’ll be short cos if you look at my Level 0 rp it went from Love her =death. to
    Yeah, aha but I will try and keep this to a story line… And whether or not you know me you know I love to waffle, and I love dark thinks. So I would like to introduce y’all to the Main minor characters.. XD, for our devious enjoyment.
    NAME: Crimson Heart
    ALIAS: Cri (By his sister) Crimson.
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 16
    FAIRY-TALE PARENTS: The queen of hearts.
    EVER/NEVER/NUETRAL: Was neutral until…..a little accident, took a turn down the dark side.
    APPEARANCE: Short dark red hair that is fairly well looked after and often neatly brushed, the fringe falling slightly to the side. He has light pinkish skin, and a longish face with a narrow nose and thin lips, His eyes are like red orbs though he often has them in a narrow glare.
    PERSONALITY: distraught, Very sexist. (patriarchal views) a good actor, sarcastic and ‘silver tongued’.
    STRENGTHS: Has an extremely good knowledge of the human body. Is light-footed and sneaky, with some decent long range fighting skills.
    WEAKENESSES: judgemental- never trusts, fidgets when nervous, isn’t very good in hand to hand combat.
    FINGER GLOW: Crimson.
    OTHER: He has PTSD and a addiction to ‘preserving the beauty and silence’ of girls. He wasn’t always a Sexist pr*ck. It was a little incident that caused him to become this way, as the prologue will show.
    NAME: Ruby Heart
    ALIAS: Ruby, Little-Rue (by the serving ladies and her mother)
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 9
    FAIRY-TALE PARENTS: queen of Hearts (Younger sister of Crimson)
    APPEARANCE: Maroon hair in a side pony-tail tied with a flowered ribbon, often wearing a burgundy Victorian style dress, stockings and flat black shoes.
    PERSONALITY: Childish, playful, cunning, deceitful.
    STRENGTHS: Her femininity and childishness makes her appear innocent so she can get away with taking cookies from the cookie jar.
    WEAKENESSES: believes ‘I WANT MEANS I SHOULD GET IT’ throws tantrums
    FINGER GLOW: A shiny ruby like fresh blood.
    OTHER: Really, Really likes hands and gardening.
    NAME: Rouge Heart
    ALIAS: Rouge (pronounced Roo-Je. As in the French word for Red.)
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 9
    FAIRY-TALE PARENTS: The queen of hearts.
    Ever/Never/Neutral: Ever
    APPEARANCE: short maroon hair, freckles on the left side of his face, and a gap between his top two teeth. Often wearing Victorian style clothes in burgundy.
    PERSONALITY: Generous, gregarious, Childish, trusting.
    STRENGTHS: Is favourited by many people and can easily make friends.
    WEAKENESSES: Is extremely trusting and lets his guard down easily.
    FINGER GLOW: Apple red.
    OTHER: Is mildly disliked by his mother for his good nature but she hides it by knowing it will grant her more allies.
    Ahaha I do want to see people’s opinions on them especially Crimson. As I said these are the main minor characters. They aren’t the main characters but their history is important so they will be the main characters of the prologue.
    I’m planning to properly organise this RP with a document of catch up. XD So wish me look there, I also plan to shortly provide picture references to these characters because sometimes words can’t explain everything XD
    Now I bid you farewell until tomorrow!
    Au revoir Mes amis!

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 6 months ago


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