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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 6 months ago

    Woohoo, Well It’s prologue time, The Main minor characters are the most vital for this. As it’s quite long it’ll do it in two parts. ((though it’s still long XD)) I’ll probably reveal the actual main characters afterwards. A/N ‘~~~~’ is my change of perspective and ‘~O~O~O~’ is a time skip. ^_^
    Prologue – Part 1
    (Author’s Perspective-Wonderland)
    “Come here.” Instructed the red-hair woman, her eyes narrowed into slits.
    An 11-year old boy with matching red hair looked up, “Yes mother.”
    He stood up leaving the twin six year olds to scamper off into the maze of red roses. He stood next to his mother, who wore a snide frown on her face. She extended her hand to him with a golden letter, holding it as though it was a ***** sock. He took it from her nervously reading the golden seal, ‘School for good’
    “What is this meaning to this?” She said, pausing for a split second. “Is it so hard for an undecided created like you, to smack a baby and steal a few apples? Is it that difficult to claw you way into the right school?! “
    He flinched at the raising pitch of her shrill voice. “m-mother… I-“
    His sentence was cut off by her hand harshly connecting with the soft skin of his cheek. He lowered his head and bit his lip as tears stung his eyes.
    “I don’t require your excuses!” She shrieked. “Get it right, Crimson. I will not be made a fool of by you.”
    She took the letter back and tore it in half as she stalked away. Quickly, Crimson scampered away to the fountain-entrance of the maze. He curled into a ball and cried into his knees.
    “Hey, Big brother?” Squeaked a small voice.
    “Go away!!” Crimson sobbed, waving his hand dismissingly at the younger boy.
    The 14 year old sighed, brushing his red hair from his crimson eyes as he stared out the window to the maze, the fountain had red petals in it from the nearby bush. He steeled his expression, as he nodded at the tutor’s words, a pile of half burnt, torn up letters sat in the far corner. In the winter they would be used as kindling but the summer left them to pile up. He hadn’t been outside much in the past few years and his mother had begun to act like he didn’t exist, all because of the letters;
    ‘As a purely neutral being we have enrolled you in the empty space of good.’
    Neutral being would often be enrolled in free spaces, they seemed to have had many Ever places free. Though he didn’t think much about it, labels didn’t mean anything to him. The tutor continued their rambling on about the ability to write letters. Outside did the pair of nine year olds play. He watched them, as the tutor finished their lecture and grabbed their stuff to leave, he didn’t bid them good bye but simply watched as his sister decided to drag her brother away from the maze. They wandered to the overgrowth of their mother’s garden. A second maze which would hold stone prizes of heads. He furrowed his brows, what would they need from in there. He stood up and left his room, running outside to the garden wandering into the high hedged walls and stands of heads. Ahead of him he could hear tiny feet and laughing.
    “Ruby slow down, you hurting my arm!”
    “C’mon Rouge! I wanna show you my garden.” Tittered the voice of the sister.
    He quickened his pace to keep up with them, then stopped as he turned as he reached an opening, his eyes widening. It was a garden, red trimmed with many other colours. Though there weren’t flowers.
    In the ploughed land were planted rows of hands, some clenched in fists some open in shock, some missing fingers and other had fingers desperately holding on to their rotting stumps. Some had painted nails, or visible blue veins. It was unsettlingly beautiful, paralysing him to the spot.
    Ruby was Beaming, as she spun centre-face in her garden before gripping her brother’s hands in her own tightly. “Isn’t it beautiful!?”
    “Ruby….Wh-where did you get all these fr-om….”Stammered rouge, as he looked around.
    Ruby’s gripped tightened on him, she giggled. “From the staff of course, silly.”
    Rouge flinched as she pulled him towards a plot with a gap.
    “but I’m missing some very special ones…Very….Very special…” Ruby purred, her gripped tightening on him as she traced circles with her thumb.
    He tensed and tried to tug his arms from her grasp. “L-let go! I’ll tell mother!”
    Ruby narrowed her eyes and frowned, “NO! no you won’t!”
    She moved one hand to reach to the bow of her dress, digging her nails into the hand she still held, as rouge tried to tug it from her grip, She pulled the knife from her dress and threw herself onto to him knocking him over onto the ground, she dug the knife into his shoulder.
    “I. Just. Need. To. Borrow. Them.” She giggled, cutting the knife through, until she could tear him arm from its socket.
    Whimpering, crying screaming, yelling did him no good, vison cloudy. Too much blood loss as the second arm was torn from its place, he could only whimper quietly. She lifted the arms to the fresh holes, that had been specially dug the trowel still by them as she carefully buried up to the elbows and allowed them to face each other, running her fingers across the crevasses of him arm and hand. “So soft…Don’t they look pretty.”
    She looked at him with a grin, but there was no reply. No more whimpers from his lips or tears from his eyes, just red stains from where his arms once were.
    “Rouge? C’mon brother! We can play again now!” Ruby said, her brows furrowed in confusion. “get up! Come on, mommy made pie!”
    Crimson stepped back from the opening as Ruby kicked her brother’s shoe as though that would cause his corpse to move. He covered his mouth in shock before running off back to the castle. Slamming his chamber doors shut, but the spots of red stained his eyes. The image stained his brain.

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