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    ariniegold posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 11 months ago

    I should write something productive. Probably just a one shot or sommet, using existing character I have. Yes. Yes. I should write something so I can disappear for another four months. Blerh.
    ~Le Random potential one shot- A.K.A- A side story scene for Roselyn’s story refer to one of the spirits. 😛 ~
    ((Author’s perspective-The Pond of ****))
    The whining whimpers echoed along the bank. The moon high in the sky as it glittered silver over the trees, the small ditch now sparkling with thin layers of water, gathered shimmering crystal like tears had fallen into the ditch over and over. The span of many years. The woman shifted wiping her face as her pastel hair fell over her pale shoulders, her finger tips had light rosy blushes to them and her cheeks were flushed from crying and her eyes puffy. She moved her hands from her face to grip her pearl shimmering dress, and let her gaze shift over to the pond to stare at herself. Letting the droplets splash into it. she could only stare for so long, before her gaze flicked up to the moon. “Why did you do this?!! WHY?!!!!”
    Her voice was a choked sob before she broke down to crying again, her tears hitting the pond surface. She hardly noticed as the moon began to lower into the sky, and streaks of purple, pink and orange that tore along the navy setting. it was until the golden sparks of sunlight came and her body ached with tingles running along her body, she dropped her hands as her fingers fell numb, it could only take a moment of whimpering as she scrunched her eyes shut. and when she opened them her eyes skimmed along the lake of tears, though her face didn’t look back instead the tan fur of a delicate doe stared at her. She hung her head and the doe mimicked her. Branches twitched as the sunlight filled the sky, she looked around. Skittish before darting away from the lake as the footsteps approached. She hide behind the overgrowth peaking out as an older woman dressed in a blue cloak and tattered white gown her dark wavy hair covered in twigs and leaves, as she ran over, stumbling and falling as she let out a cry and gripped her stomach. Was she injured? the doe….couldn’t tell tilting her head. The woman leaned against the rock panting heavily and holding her stomach- round….it was. oh. The soft mewls and cries that came made sense. They flowed across the air and the doe shifted back ears folding down before a second howl of crying came this one higher in pitch. much higher. A tiny baby’s cries and the relieved gasp and coos from the woman. Hugging and cradling the baby in her arms though her face turned sour in a near instant. she rubbed her fingers along the tiny baby’s face still messy and sticky with mulch.
    “It’s a girl. No. No. She….can’t be a girl. He….he doesn’t want a girl… she can’t be, no, no, no!” Her mutters and curses came out as she looked over the baby. “I-if he finds her….I…..i’ll say it was a stillborn…….he won’t…..oh…..Why did you have to be a girl!? why, oh why?! why did you give me so much hurt?!” she whined at the baby who could only gurgle and waves it’s hands in response. She shook her head.
    “No. No…”
    She looked around in frustration as her eyes fell on the sparkling lake she held the baby over and let go. Quick as a bullet she was up stumbling to her feet and wincing slightly before running away. The lake bubbled as the baby gurgle and splashed in surprise, unknowing of what it’s fate was. The doe dart out, staring in the direction of the woman before back at the baby. Who would deny a child of love? What reason…. The doe tilted its head down trying to nip a hold fo the submerged baby with little avail, trying to pull it out with her hooves proved futile. The bubbles on the surface….soon vanished. The baby never came out to gurgle happily.
    But something did emerge, seven years of the doe visiting and crying to the lake. Until the day of which she would die. The waters stirred on full moon, after the doe had departed the world. The water twinkled from the powers, the entities that reigned above. Life……
    and death.
    A pale hand reached out of the lake, small and fragile as it tugged out the rest of it’s body sparkling in the silver moonlight. A child of seven years pulled from a lake of tears. Not for no reason, as the moon hung low in the sky small cyan orbs surrounded the child whispering. Whispers of people that had passed, she caressed them, poking them and hugging them when they cried. They hugged back and dressed her form in laces and frills of violet and navy. She followed them down the forest trail. There to the black raven, large and proud. The angel of death, came to welcome her to the team.
    Narcissa Mourir.
    The soul collected.
    I’m done. XD

        cbr10 replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        * shiver shiver* So Erie !

        crowwolfmoon replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Where did you get the idea for this, great job

        ariniegold replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Thank you,
        @Crowwolfmoon it’s an idea I’ve had due for a while based on the idea of “life and death” spirits and their helpers. :3 it’s kinda an elaborate dimention above the schools.

          crowwolfmoon replied 2 years, 11 months ago

          Have you thought of writing a story explaining it, it sounds really interesting and cool

        ariniegold replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        The ironic part of that is the theme is a continuous storyline through all my stories. And this was a spin off of one of them to broaden the logic behind it. But maybe. Maybe I’ll make it an official story.

          crowwolfmoon replied 2 years, 11 months ago

          Hey, I would really love to read your storys could you tag me

        ariniegold replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Yeah sure. I’m not super active on here recently and most of the stories are an impossible treck down my activity so I might post some summary magical things first before if I decide to continue them. 🙂

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