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    aspen posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 8 months ago

    name: Jace Herring
    age: sixteen, almost seventeen
    appearance: Jace is tall, (standing at 6’2″) lanky and quite lean from spending his days working on the family farm. He has curly brown-black hair swept over his forehead, round, deep green eyes, and a light stubble across his face. His skin is rather tan from spending so much time outside, and is sprinkled with freckles. As a child, Jace was frequently teased for his prominent Roman nose, but as he got older, he grew in to it more.
    clothing: Jace dresses for productivity and comfort, while aiming for a stylish ensemble. On most days, he wears a maroon button-up shirt with cuffed sleeves, tan cargo pants, and black boots. Also, he typically wears a thin golden chain around his neck–a gift from his father.
    personality: Jace is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, and relies primarily on his heart rather than his head. He is eager to please and will go to the grave for any aquaintance in whom he trusts, which can sometimes get him into sticky situations. Jace is also a great teller of jokes and tends to always look on the bright side of things. He is very courageous and will do anything to protect his loved ones.
    literature relation: son of Venters from Riders of the Purple Sage
    sexuality: closeted bisexual
    time period: early 1900s
    power: ability to talk to plants and animals
    occupation: student
    school: good
    weapon: thin black rope (for wranglin’!)
    background: Jace was born in southern California in 1906 to his father, Venters (a cowboy from Utah) and his mother, Celine, a woman he had met by the seaside and had a brief relationship with. During her pregnancy, the two started a family farm, and when Jace was born, Celine fled to start a new life elsewhere, never to be seen again. Jace and his father were very dedicated to the farm, and they frequently discussed and abided by the values of the cowboy life. When Jace turned sixteen, he was transported from the farm to the School for Good.

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