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    aspen posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 7 months ago

    So, as I realized today, I have not written a POV in almost 3 years. (or done any creative general writing, for that matter!) I’m terrified to do this, as I’m nearly illiterate, but here goes!
    Streams of pale sunlight filtered in through the tall glass windows lining the wall and poured across the wooden floor planks, illuminating the dust that had yet to be swept. Jace stared noiselessly down at his half-packed suitcase, wishing he could be anywhere but at school. Not that he wasn’t excited, of course, but he was feeling quite flustered to have been so far away from his father and the farm. Jace had never left home for more than a week before, and he didn’t know how to handle the teeming range of emotions–excited, nervous, scared, sad…it was more than he could process. Leaving his dear father was something he never thought he would have to do. All his life, Jase had been right alongside him, attending to every duty at the farm together. And of course, the entire concept of the School for Good and Evil was all so foreign to him. Jace had never attended a formal school before, let alone a school for magic. He was not aware of his magical prowess until the very moment of his transport to the School for Good, as he had always believed communicating with plants and animals was something that most everyone could do, having never been told otherwise. However, all of the new-ness of the situation, while overwhelming, was enthralling, and despite his doubts, Jace couldn’t wait to get started. He was upset that he wasn’t able to properly say goodbye to his father on the way out, but he knew that everything would be all right in the end–that there was a reason that Jace had to go, and fate would work itself out. Jace had always been taught by his father to go with the flow of life, and he did not wish to dishonor him by being afraid. So there he sat, crouched in the middle of his room with the mid-morning sun cast over his body, feeling a bit confused and swelling with anticipation. Thousands of questions swirled through his head. ‘What will my roommate be like?’ ‘What will I learn in my classes?’ Jace did not know exactly what would come next, but he knew enough to try to carry on the cowboy spirit.

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        The cowboy spirit fmllll yeehsiskxhxkxk screeech

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          yee haw. baby!

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