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    aspen posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 7 months ago

    As Jace grasped the boy’s hand in his to shake, he noticed that he was beginning fo feel a bit flustered–his cheeks were flushed, his palms were sweating ever so slightly–a new feeling. Jace continued to smile as he locked gazes with the boy, studying his shockingly brilliant blue eyes, taking note of his rather handsome face. But, no–he was just glad to have a friend by his side to get him through the first-day nerves. Thank God for friends. “So, I’m feeling like I don’t know much of what’s going on, you know? As far as I’ve figured out, there’s good and there’s evil. You seem to me like a mighty nice fella, Ed. So which one are you–good or evil?” There was a brief, tense pause before Edward answered in which his eyes flickered to the ground, as if he were thinking to make a quick decision. Jace watched as he opened his mouth, closed it, and then said, “Well, which one are you?” Jace smiled broadly and exclaimed, “I’m an Ever, of course! That’s what folks call it, right?” to which Ed replied, “So am I!” in his firm tone. At this, Jace buzzed with delight. Another Ever! “That’s just dandy–you and I will be great friends, right?” “The best,” Edward said, grinning.

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          haha just bros haha

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