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    I’d like to thank @fsa161 for always commenting on my posts, and @soulreaper for the “constructive criticism. *:3* So, thank you both!
    Elements by @authorkay (Kay)
    Chapter Five: The Water

    POV: Jake
    I walked into Swordplay, hoping to impress. I had a family title to live up to. I could see a bald man twirling his black mustache in the corner. He was wearing purple robes. “A line!” he hollered to the class. We formed a horizontal line in front of him. He walked down it, surveying the students he would soon be teaching. I heard him mutter, “Uneven?” I gave him a confused look as he passed by me in the middle of the line, and heard footsteps behind me. The all-boys class turned, and to our surprise, we all saw a girl.
    Her blonde tipped chestnut hair was in a high ponytail. She was wearing a belly-baring black top, black leather fingerless gloves, and ripped jeans that covered tall black combat boots. Boys dribbled on the floor as she walked to the end of the line. She was too far from me to see her face, but I already knew who it was. “Katniss of Woods Beyond, is it?” the teacher asked, holding a peice of parchment. She nodded with a half smile. “Glad to be in your class, Professor Espada,” she replied. He folded the parchment and tucked in in his robes. He informed us of the rack of training swords, and ordered us to pair up. I walked to the rack, and picked up a heavy training sword. I walked to a mat, where Lance was standing. He was holding a similar sword to mine. We practiced hit-and-defend on Professor Espada’s command. I could see him sneaking peeks at Katniss, who was dueling with Dylan beside us. I rolled my eyes, and then Professor Espada yelled, “Switch!”
    Katniss, Dylan, Lance and I were all in Group #3 for Surviving Fairy Tales, and as we walked back from class, I thought about the lesson. The challenge was telling apart one Ever and Never while they were in different forms. I had to tell apart Katniss and Xander, a greasy black-haired Never. They were both bear-sized white wolves, and I had been drawn to one of them, but then I mysteriously changed my mind, and chose Xander as an Ever. Judging on my talent of heart-reading, I should’ve been able to choose the right people instantly, but what if I did? What if Katniss was… Evil?
    “Are you okay, Jake?” I heard her ask. I fumbled for words, and pushed the thought away. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine.” She nodded with a suspicious expression, and I sighed. Dylan looked at me worriedly, and whispered, “You sure your okay, mate?” I nodded. He patted my back, and turned back to Katniss and Dylan.
    As we walked along Halfway Bay, I heard something that sounded like breaking glass, and a rustle in the bushes. I was about to investigate, when a cloud of smoke came over me. I hacked, and when it disappeared, I was on the ground. Lance heaved me up, and I was on my feet again. “Are you SURE your okay?” he asked. “There was nothing there, and you just started to cough like crazy. I stared at him open-mouthed, and he made a gesture for me to talk. I stopped, and just smiled. “Yeah, I’m sure,” I replied. Katniss nodded awkwardly. And we walked in silence, but when I looked in the water, I almost choked. Instead of Katniss, I saw an **** hag, clothes ripped, hair falling out, blackened gums, and skin stretched over her bones like a drum. I wretched, and to the surprise of Katniss, Dylan and Lance, ran to the castle without a word.

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          Thanks so much!

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