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    authorkay posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Elements by @authorkay (Kay)
    Chapter Six: Rejection

    POV: Katniss
    I was so confused, that until Jake got to the frosed doors of Good, I couldn’t move. One minute, Jake was searching his thoughts, completely fine, then he was coughing like a madman, and running away like a kicked dog. When I finally gathered myself again, I tried to use my talent to find him faster. I did the windmill with my finger, and a small tornado picked my up. I nearly fell out of it, but caught myself. I left Dylan and Lance staring open-mouthed as I sped to the door of Good.
    I stopped swirling my finger, and the tornado disappeared. I used the fire to see his heat signature, and saw him heading for the Gallery. I ran his way, and just as he slammed the door, I blew it open with the wind. He turned to me with a withering look. “What’s your deal, Jake?” I asked. He gripped his head and slumped to his knees. “Why are you messing with my head?” he asked. “Was convincing me to pick Xander in the challenge your way of telling me that your a witch, or… What was that cloud of smoke that was obviously magic because no one else could see it?” I stared at him curiously. He got up and shook his head. “Are you okay, Jake? Your being really weird, and frankly, you were freaking me out with all that coughing, and awkward smiling, and-” He pushed past me. “Leave me alone,” he spat. “WITCH.” I stared at him, at a loss for words. Just as he walked around the corner, Lance and Dylan caught up. “What happened?” they asked simultaneously. I opened my mouth to tell them, and then stopped. “Nothing.” And I walked away.
    Every day until that Friday, and by that time I was #4 on the Ever leader board, he wouldn’t talk to me. We had made a silent truce to not tell anyone about what he had seen. Even though I wasn’t sure what he had seen, I knew that he thought that I was a witch. I tried enough times to talk to him, that I could see Tigress practically laughing with joy at the fact that I had lost a potential love interest (only in her opinion, because being an orphan, relationships aren’t my thing). I wasn’t chasing after him because I liked him, either, but because he was the first guy here that didn’t mind a girl, and not a princess, and I was worried to lose that.
    I sat on my picnic blanket in the Clearing, grabbing a garden salad from my willow picnic basket. I took a bite, and felt a tap on my shoulder. Hands dropped over my eyes, and I heard, “Guess who?” I tapped my chin playfully, and said, “The ***** duo?” The hands lifted from my face, and I heard Lance and Dylan say, “Of course not! Your best friends in the whole wide world more like it!” They walked in front of me, and I replied, “How so?” They smiled, and bumped fists. “We found something.”

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          Thank you for always being the one to post @fsa161. I really appreciate it considering your the only one who does…

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        Your welcome, it’s no problem. I really like your story’s

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