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    authorkay posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Elements by @authorkay (Kay)
    Chapter Seven: The Culprit

    POV: Dylan
    Lance and I had talked to Jake about his avoiding Katniss, especially since we knew that he liked her. He told us about what he had seen in the water, and the smoke, and we had no choice not to believe him, because it completely explained his behavior. And then he told us about the rustling, and the sound of breaking glass. We decided to investigate, and saw that he was right, because we found peices of a broken potion bottle, and a few drops of the potion hadn’t made it out. We looked up the symptoms (well, we got a Never to, via payment in an Evergirl’s textbook The Recipe Book for Good Looks) and found a potion called a Mind-Changer. We looked at the ingrediants, and went to the Potion Lab to find out who had last gotten these ingrediants. The last person on the list (who was the only person for the entire week) was a Nevergirl named Nix. And we knew it was her.
    “Why are we out here?” Katniss asked us. Lance held up his finger, and we led her to the spot where Jake ran away. We picked up a peice of the glass, and showed her the sparkling liquid. She shook her head, and said, “Guys, how do you know it’s a potion? And even if it was, how could you get Jake to believe you?” I blew my dark hair out of my face. “Because, we looked up the symptoms, and found a potion called Mind-Changer. The coughing, the deep thinking. And we know who did it!” She shook her head again. “How did you get to Evil unseen?” she asked. Lance and I scratched behind our necks. “Well…” Lance said. “We kind’ve stole Tigress’ textbook The Recipe Book for Good Looks, and gave it to a Nevergirl so SHE would look up the potion for us.” Katniss facepalmed. “Okay then. Who did it?”
    “A Nevergirl named Nix,” I said. “She was the last one to get ingrediants from the Potion Lab, and the only one to get the ingrediants for a Mind-Changer.” She nodded. “But I can’t tell Jake,” she said. “He won’t listen to me… He’ll listen to you guys though.”
    “Jake,” I said. He didn’t stop. I walked faster. So did he. I ran for him and grabbed his shoulder, turning him around. He stared at me. “What?” he seethed. “I don’t want to hear it if it involves that witch.” I smiled, and Lance walked up behind me, and said, “Well, too bad for you!” Jake sighed and crossed his arms. “Okay,” I said. “We found some stuff. First, we found a broken potion bottle where you started coughing. Two, we found drops of a potion on the broken glass called a Mind-Changer. Three, we found out who made the potion, don’t ask how, it’s a long story, and it was a Nevergirl named Nix. Four, if you don’t believe us, your an idiot, and if you do, you better go be beggin’ on your knees to Katniss, who was quite upset about the whole situation, including losing you as a friend.” He jaw dropped, and Lance and Ifist-bumped as he ran down the hall to Katniss’ dorm room.
    POV: Katniss
    I was in my room in Purity, taking out my uniform so I could change to my uniform from Swordplay, when there was a pounding on my door. I was still in my Swordplay uniform, but I opened the door anyway. Jake was standing in the doorway, out of breath. I stared open-mouthed. Then I put on a sorrowful look. “What?” I asked. “Did the boys tell you what they found, just so that you could come and call me a witch again?” He shook his head, and gave me a half-cocked smile. “No. Normally, I wouldn’t listen to thoe two crazy people, but I’ve been waiting to hear evidence that you weren’t a witch since I started believing it.” I smiled, and hugged him. I then quickly realized what I was doing, and, face burning, pulled away.

        authorkay replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Hey guys, I would appreciate it if you guys would comment, I love writing, and would like to share it with you all!

        evernever100 replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        You are such a good writer. i love your story.

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          authorkay replied 4 years, 5 months ago

          Thanks so much!

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