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    authorkay posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Elements by @authorkay (Kay)
    Chapter Nine: Threats

    POV: Katniss
    I was not very happy. Tigress had no right to make threats. Like she said, she was the most popular Evergirl in school. But who was the most popular Everboy? And what was she talking about “three guys chasing after me”? I didn’t know any guys who actually liked me! Anyways, who would? Wait… she couldn’t be talking about… Dylan, Lance and… Jake? He would be the last person to like ME. We were best friends, and he knew the way my mind worked when it came to relationships! NOT AT ALL. So… why did I get the feeling that she was right?
    “You okay, Kat?” Jake asked. I shook off the thought, looked into his deep blue eyes, and nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I lied. “Just thinking about, uh… Good Deeds homework!” He nodded awkwardly. “Okay… Let’s just get to Swordplay.” I nodded with a frown. “Agreed.”
    Lunch in the Clearing wasn’t that nice. I had started to hang out with Jake more often, and guess who was jealous? DING DING! You win! Tigress. “Hey guys!” Tigress cooed to Lance, Jake, Dylan and I. I knew she was lying perkiness right through her teeth. “Nice to see you Jake! Do you guys mind if I steal Kitty Kat for a minute?” I tried not to wretch. Kitty Kat? Seriously? “Mmm-kay! Ciao!” she finished, and grabbed my arm a little too hard. I cooporated, not wantig to cause trouble. She pulled me behind a bush, where her ruby-haired friend Jenna, and blonde-haired follower Lindsey were standing. “What?” I asked, agitated. She smirked. “Remember what I told you?” she asked. I nodded, and said, “Yeah, and I don’t care. Your threats don’t scare me.” Her smirk turned to a snarl. “You need to STAY AWAY from Jake. He’s MINE. You don’t deserve him anyway. I can’t believe that THREE guys like you! Your just a boyfriend-stealing, perky-playing, heart-breaking poser, and I should be on top! But NO, you have to just swoop in, and take the glory!” I held up my fingers. “One, I have no idea what your talking about. Two, I don’t want to be “ON TOP”. Three, you can’t control me, so I can hang out with Jake if I want. Four, who are these supposed love interests of mine?” She grabbed my hand, and held my wrist. “You do know. Jake likes you, dimwit. Dylan, and Lance, too. How obvious is that? It only shows how dumb you are.” I conjured searing hot water, and held it above her. “Again, one, you better let go, and very gently, or this hot water will blister your skin faster than you can say “Ow.”Two, your obviously delirious from all the shampoo that sank into your scalp, because Jake and I are nothing more than best friends. Three, does it feel hot in here, or is it just me?” She slowly let go of my hand, and I extinguished the water. She put her hand on her hip, and said, “You’ve done everything you need to get past the best friend zone, Kitty Kat. Winning Your Prince, the three rules. Flaunt your assets. Your brave, beautiful, know how to fight, and don’t take anything from anyone. Speak through actions. You hang out with him ALL THE TIME now. Parade competing suitors. You also hang out with Lance and Dylan all the time, who, may I remind you, also like you. Trust me Kitty Kat, he likes you as much more than a FRIEND. And, it’s just you, because your bluhing so hard, you look like a tomato.” I stared at her, open-mouthed. She smirked, and continued. “Stay away from him. As the most popular Everboy and Evergirl in school, we’re destiny. Your just a pesky obstacle.” She snapped, and her group of Barbie dolls pushed past me, and sashayed away.
    “What did she want?” Jake asked. I shook my head. “Nothing.” Dylan, Lance, and Jake all nodded. “Okay…” Dylan said. “Well, the fitting for the Trial by Tale is tomorrow,” Lance said. I laughed. “I totally forgot!” Jake shrugged. “Maybe we could all practice Swordplay, and our Talents together?” he asked. Lance nodded. “Now that I think about it, none of us have seen each other’s Talents!” he exclaimed. I nodded, too. “Let’s do it!” Dylan and I shouted together. We all laughed, and walked arm-in-arm to History of Heroism.

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Oops I forgot to comment. AWESOME, I LOVE IT! Can’t wait for your next chapter.

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