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    Guys, I’m just warning you, this is going to be longer than usual since it’s the Trial, but it’s so action-packed, I encourage you to read it. You might also be surprised by the twist ending…
    Elements by @authorkay (Kay)
    Chapter Ten: The Trial

    POV: Katniss
    “Report to the Groom Room for your Fitting, Katniss and Jake,” Professor Espada ordered us. He and I stopped sparring, and put our training swords on the rack. We walked out of the room, and to the Groom Room.
    After the Fitting, Dylan, Lance, Jake and I had scouted out the Blue Forest, and found a HUGE tree in the Turqouise Thicket. The plan was for me to use my Talent to hollow out the bundle of leaves on top of the tree, and make a leaf platform where we could stay. I would grow a plum tree, from dirt that I would collect, for food, and a small fire on the leaves, surrounded by rocks that we would collect on the way so it wouldn’t spread. We had a few other things planned by the use of Dylan, Jake and Lance’s Talents. And now, we were in line to get into the Trial.
    The Evers in the Trial, in order by 15th to 1st in pre-Trial rankings, is Lila, Andy, Izra, Jenna, Reed, Timothy, Lindsey, Holly, Tigress, Dylan, Lance, Johnny, Katniss (me), Natiah and Jake. The Nevers competing, in also by 15th to 1st in pre-Trial rankings, Balto, Craz, Vlad, Taena, Adelae, Xander, Jene, Grine, Cassi, Dienuh, Carlo, Gryffin, Nix, Mavie and Drake.
    I was given an enchanted white silk handkerchief, and behind me, Jake mouthed, “Lance and Dylan will already be there!” I nodded, and stuffed my handkerchief in my navy boot. The blue cloak was just above my ankles, and it was lined with fur to keep us warm in the chilly air. I was next, and turned to Jake. He nodded, and I smiled at him. I saw Nix give me a mischevious smile across the Clearing before I was pushed through criss-crossed spiders, their stingers poised, and finally, into the Blue Forest.
    I ran for the Pumpkin Patch, which meant I had to go through the Sleeping Willow Bosk. Once I reached there, I ran through the Sleeping Willows, deflecting the shedding leaves with the wind. I had barely made it out, the rhythm of the falling leaves, and the soft light as they fell almost paralyzing my legs. I ran out of the last patch of trees, breathless, and kept going. I was so close so the tree, I could taste success. CRACK! A flash of lightning sounded across the Pumpkin Patch. I turned around. A group of Nevers, maybe five of them, were lead by a single Neverboy, the greasy-haired Xander. His followers were Craz, Adelae, Mavie and Balto. Xander smirked at me. I balled my fists. “A little birdie, or should I say, tigress, told us that you were a threat to us Nevers,” he said. My eyes set fire. “Well, MAYBE, she was lying, and I’m not? MAYBE, that tigress, is out to get me?” He shrugged, and said, “Well is she?” I shrugged too, and replied, “You be the judge of that.” I conjured a tornado under them with one hand, and a ditch with the other. As they were swept up into the swirling cyclone, I called a flock of hummingbirds. I dropped the Nevers into the ditch, and sent the hummingbirds to drop their flags. Once they were all gone except Xander, I ran for the tree, looking behind me for fireworks. They never came. He flew out of the it, the hummingbird struggling to fly while being held hostage in midair. His Talent was telekinisis. Suddenly, he was put in a large bubble, and his Talent faltered long enough so the hummingbird could fly away. Instead of leaving us be, he perched on my shoulder as Xander fell back into the ditch. I nodded to Lance and Dylan who were perched on the tree’s highest branch. Bubbles were Dylan’s Talent. Run! the hummingbird chirped. I nodded, and ran for the tree, and saw Jake speed from the Sleeping Willow Bosk. His Talent was super-speed. He ran up the tree, and I propelled myself to the highest branch, where Lance and Dylan were waiting. “Sorry we didn’t do much!” Lance said. “Our Talents aren’t like yours, and we wouldn’t have been able to help a lot.” I waved it off, and flew above the tree. I waved my hand, and the leaves atop the trunk hollowed out to form a huge room, without a ceiling. Dylan snapped, and he, Jake and Dylan, were all put in bubbles. They floated themselves into the room of leaves, and Jake emptied his pockets of rocks. I grabbed the dirt that I had collected earlier out of my pockets, and placed it in the corner of the room, while Jake, Dylan, and Lance formed a circle out of the rocks. I waved my hand again, and a sapling grew from the dirt. I kept waving it in a circle, and the tree slowly grew. Suddenly, it jolted, and grew bigger than it was supposed to. It kept growing, and growing, until it was big as a… beanstalk. I had grown a giant beanstalk. I turned around, and said, “Guys, we have to leave, NOW!” They al turned to me, and saw the beanstalk. Their eyes grew wide. “I don’t know what happened, I practiced, but the point is, we’ll be killed if we don’t leave!” And then, I was thrown against the wall by an invisible force. I looked up. Xander was flying above us, along with the Nevers that were left, Adelae, Jene, Gryffin, Cassi, Dienuh, Drake and Nix. I stared at them, faking surprise, and then bended the beanstalk to my will. I got it to swat at the Nevers, dropping them out of the sky, and sent my hummingbird to get Cassi, Dienuh, and Jene’s flags. Adelae, Gryffin, Drake and Nix were a challenge. Drake struck at us with lightening, setting the tree on fire, and taking us to a ground battle in the Pumpkin Patch. Adelae sent sonic blasts our way, and Nix… winked at me? I gave her a confused look, and she mouthed, “Trust me!” I nodded, and playfighted with her. I prevented the guys from hurting her, and she cast small spells instead of her advanced magic inherited from her mother, Maleficent. When the fight climaxed, she turned on the Nevers, and fought with us. She started to cast bigger spells, and eventually, the only one left was Xander. She cast a stun spell on him, I created a barrier of fire so he couldn’t escape the tornado that Jake was making with his super-speed, and Dylan made extra protection by putting him in a protective bubble. Lance froze the bubble so Xander couldn’t pop it. I melted a small hole in the ice bubble, and sent my hummingbird to grab his handkerchief while he was still stunned. He got it, and dropped it on the ground with great effort of flying through the opening in the top of the tornado. Nix, Jake, Lance, Dylan and I all cheered as the sun came up. When the sun was finally above the horizon, Evers and Nevers cheered for the Ever-Never team as they swelled into the Pumpkin Patch, hoisting us above their heads, while Xander and Tigress watched in disgust.

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