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    authorkay posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Hey guys, sorry that I’ve been gone, but I’m back, with new ideas, and a new chapter!
    Elements by @authorkay (Kay)
    Chapter Eleven: Frozen
    POV: Katniss
    Today was the Theater of Tales, and fancy wasn’t my style. Even though the Ever’s Snow Ball invitations had been sent out the night before, I wasn’t worried about getting asked. It’s not that I was one of those ****** girls who thought that she was the most amazing human on the planet, and it’s not like I’m talking about a particular snob (Tigress!), but if you had seen the way that boys ogle me all the time, you would agree.
    Instead of wearing a poofy dress that I could accidently set on fire while showing my Talent, I wore a starry-galaxy style crop-top hoodie (I was the most comfortable wearing crop-tops, seeing as I had been my whole life, because when you live on the streets, you don’t have much to work with), gray leggings, and heel-less navy blue boots. My chestnut blonde-tipped hair was in a high ponytail. I walked through the frosted Ever doors, and into the Theater. And what I saw was QUITE a sight.
    Ever’s faces, frozen in surprised expressions, as they sat in the pink and blue pews, the Deans included. My jaw dropped as I stared at armed Nevers in black cloaks. I quickly hid behind the open door, but only after Nix spotted me. I started to run, but then I saw her shake her head, and mouth, “Wait!” I nodded, and she turned to Xander. “I’m going to go and look for her. She trusts me after the Trial, and she won’t run until it’s too late.” He nodded, and she walked to the Ever doors. I was about to run after hearing that, but then I thought, She would’ve cast some sort of spell on me to stop me if she was on their side, so I stopped, and waited out side the door. When she got to me, she put her finger to her mouth, and led me to the Clearing.
    “It’s safe here,” she said. I nodded, and asked, “What’s going on?” She sighed. “Xander realized that after you were able to defeat almost all of the Nevers, that you were a threat to the Never community. He likes power, and you took that away. When he was about to take it out on me, too, for betraying them, and working with you, I was able to convince him that I only did it so I could fool you into thinking that I was your friend. Which is not the real reason, I really like you! But if I had fought them when they froze the Evers, I would have a whole School fighting me. I had to wait until you were here with me, so we could fight together. Your powers are extraordinary, Katniss! With my advanced magic, and your elemental control, I think we’d have a chance!” I nodded. Then, she turned to ice.
    “Traitor!” hissed Xander, as he led 58 Nevers outside. I snarled, and conjured a dome of dirt around Nix, so she wouldn’t get hurt. I ****** out my hand, and a fireball appeared in my palm. I hurled it at them, before Xander gave me a mischevious smile. He swept his hand, and I was floating in midair. He brought his hands together, and my legs were pinned together, my arms to my sides. I struggled to move, but I was stiff as stone. I could only move my hands from wrist down. I smiled back at him, and his expression became confused.
    I waved my hand, and slammed a sea of Nevers to the wall. He growled, and I dropped from the air. I ran to the Blue Forest, and didn’t look back. That was a mistake. I was once again lifted into the air, and the last thing I saw was Xander’s angry face, before I was knocked out by a floating rock.

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        Awesome!!! 🙂 @authorkay

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        i posted ch 24 please see it at @fsa161

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