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    authorkay posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Elements by @authorkay (Kay)
    Chapter Thirteen: Two Armies

    POV: Katniss
    I sat alone with Jake in the dark cell. He was sleeping, and the Nevers had taken Lance and Dylan so that they could cast a dangerous spell in a different room to weaken them enough that they couldn’t use their powers. The cell was too small, so they had to use the newly emptied Exhibition of Evil.
    I was actually scared. Fully, unconditionally, downright scared. Singing used to calm me down when I was younger, alone in the alleyways of Pennsylvania, so I decided to sing a song.

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    After that, I knew what I had to do. I sat up, completely forgetting about my wound, ready to withstand the pain… But it never came. I looked down at my ****. It was now just a battle scar. I looked at my hand. It was still wrapped in the black cloth. I carefully unwrapped the bloodied fabric, to another faded injury. I smiled, and tried fire. It didn’t flicker this time. I pumped my fist in the air, and got on my knees. I shook Jake, and he woke with a startled jolt. He moaned, as I exclaimed in a whisper, “I’ve got a plan.”
    I had just finished healing Jake, when the iron door opened. I nodded to him, and he nodded back. Once Dylan and Lance were pushed through th door, I yelled, “Now!” Jake super-sped through the door, and to the surprise of both Lance and Dylan, and the two guard Nevers, threw them to me. I grinned, and while they were still in midair, I swept my hand sideways, and they slammed into the wall. I held them there, while Jake questioned them. “Where are the rest of the Evers?” One of the Nevers, a Nevergirl named Dienuh that we had encountered in the Trial, hissed, showing her fangs. She had pasty skin, and black hair in a greasy bob, just like Xander’s. Did I mention that they were the twin children of Dracula and a vampire named Naeliniah? I guess not. But they are.
    Eventually, we got them to tell us, and we raced to the demonic foyer of Evil. Once there, we saw them, just not all of them. All of Good’s professor’s were frozen, faces twisted into surprised expressions. I gasped, and Dylan ran out the door, looking at Good Shore. He laughed quietly, and ushered Jake, Lance and I to him.
    On the Shore were sixty Evergirls in pairs, training in combat… With actual swords. I giggled a little, and then stopped. I told Dylan to put the Professor’s in bubbles, and float them to Good Shore before us. Suddenly, 119 Nevers rushed out Evil’s door. I was frantic now. “Dylan, now!” He had already gotten himself, Lance and Jake in bubbles, but he was too late for me. “NO!” I heard Jake scream. I balled up my fists, and fought. I summoned a swell of water, and sent a wave over the Never army. Once the were washed up, I flung fireballs above me, and mixed them into a tornado. It started out small, but I ballooned it into a huge orange cyclone. I sent screaming Nevers into it, and flung it into the Bay. With all the Nevers in the sludge, I raised the mud under them, so it covered them to their shoulders. For good measure, I put gravel in the mix. “And don’t EVER try anything like that again!” I hollered at the whimpering crowd. I looked down at Jake, Lance and Dylan, and the Evergirls, and now gathered Everboys. Wait… Looked down?
    I then realized what was happening. I was glowing gold, floating in midair by golden wings, right above the gravel-filled sludge. Suddenly, it flickered out.
    I closed my eyes. I fell from a large height, and landed on a hard surface, still sliding. I opened them, and I was sliding onto Good Shore on a bridge of ice. I looked up at Lance, who winked at me. I laughed, and got up.
    Evers hoisted me above their shoulders as Dylan, Lance and Jake landed onshore. I got off the Ever’s shoulders, and ran over to the guys. We all had a big group hug, and I had an individual hug with Jake. After I pulled out, he didn’t let me go. I raised my eyebrow, and he gave me a half-cocked smile. I gasped before he pulled me into a kiss.

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        AWESOME! I LOVE IT! Love the song

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