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    Wishes: by @authorkay
    Chapter Three: The Magic Mirror
    (sorry I forgot last time) POV: Taryn
    Taryn turned. A boy stood in the doorway, and he looked about Taryn’s age. Except for the fact that he had a sword sheathed in brown-leather, that had the same crest as the sword in one of her favorite stories. A lion crest Which meant he was holding… “Excaliber. Are you some sort of cosplayer?” He cleared his throat. His hair shone jet-black, his eyes the blue of a cloudless sky. He was muscular, his skin nearly pearly white. He was wearing beige pants, a short-sleeved light-blue shirt tucked into them, a navy-blue waistcoat and matching boots. Around his neck was a knotted slim tie embroidered with a gold ‘Z.’ He scratched the back of his neck. “Um, apologies for asking, but what exactly is cosplay?” he asked. Taryn had to lean on the counter for support. First, a group of assasins try to kill her. Second, some crazy guy comes up to her expecting her to believe that she is meeting a real life prince.

    “Who are you? Another one of those nutcase killers?” Taryn questioned him as she held him to the floor with her knee to his chest, her hands pinning his wrists down. “Your… Brother!” he wheezed. She went limp. He sighed with relief. And then she gripped him tighter. “Your lying. I don’t have any family!” He smirked. She raised her eyebrow. “Look, I know you probably went through a lot of grief when you thought your parents died…” She pushed her knee into his chest even more than before. “What do you mean THOUGHT?” He coughed, and she released a little. “Those weren’t your real parents, Taryn.” She choked. “How do you know my name?” He flipped over, so that he was now perched on her. “Because like I said, I’m your brother. My name is Zanthe.” She gulped.

    “How am I supposed to believe that I’m a princess from a fairy-tale land where my parents are the king and queen of Camelot?” He unsheathed his sword, and held it out. I took it, and almost fell over. “So… HEAVY!” And when he took it back, I sighed. “Alright, but I need more proof than people!” He smiled. “Oh I HAVE proof.”

    “A mirror?” Taryn asked. Zanthe shook his head. “Not just any mirror. A MAGIC mirror.” Taryn rolled her eyes, and looked around the abandoned house. They were in her old house in Briar Creek, which had taken a while. It had yet to be demolished, although it had been five years. He had shown her some sort of secret passage from her room into a basement, in it, this full-length mirror gilded with silver, at the top center, the same lion’s crest that represented her supposed fairy-tale FAMILY. “Step in!” he ordered her. She shook her head. “No way! That is a solid mass, and I will run right into i-” And he pushed her in.

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