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    Cassian’s POV

    I didn’t sleep at all last night, which was unlike me. I’m usually a very heavy sleeper. I should know. My mom used to slap me across the face with her hair whenever I didn’t wake up on time.
    That’s besides the point.
    Westina was in Evil, and I would never see her again. Except for at lunch. And forest groups. Okay, maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, but it was still crazy living life without my best friend. So far, of course. It was only the morning.
    I rolled off the plush mattress, glad my roommates’ workout regimes included waking up at four in the morning. It guaranteed that I barely ever saw them.
    Once I hit the floor, though, I fell back onto my bed.
    I had, indeed, overslept.
    My body electrified, hopping onto the mattress.
    “Holy hair! I’m late!” I cried, thumping around. This was my second mistake.
    The first, you ask? Tagging along with the Danny Column last night. The Column was so freakishly tall with Angelica and Danny stacked on top of one another. It almost guaranteed someone would see us.
    I swiftly completed my morning routine and ran out the door, smacking right into the railing.
    Dam it!
    I let escape a groan of pain, for added theatrics in case an Evergirl was snooping on me.
    I didn’t have Danny’s length, okay? My brains were the equal of Danny’s brawn. Wait- why was I comparing myself to Danny all of a sudden?
    My heart skipped. Stupid rhetoric questions. I always answer those.
    I ran throughout the castle, stumbling to Beautification- a stupid class, if you ask me.
    Mistake number three. I almost ran over Professor Dovey. She was a frail old lady who was the Dean of Good. The frail part I had made up. She’s actually a pretty strong woman.
    Which makes her double scary.
    “Watch where you’re going,- ah, Mr. Stein!”
    I looked up, biting my lower lip to keep it from trembling. Scary woman.
    “P-professor Dovey! What a lovely coincidence! I overslept and it will never happen again- now, can you let me enter the classro-”
    “Well, actually, Mr. Stein, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
    I could almost hear the Beautification class listening with bated breath. Even the duck lady had stopped quacking about lipsticks.
    “Did I do something?”
    Dovey gave me a kind smile, but I could see the fire in her eyes.
    “Follow me, Mr. Stein.”
    “It’s C-Cassian.”
    I walked down the hallway with Dovey, watching her heeled feet stride along the tile.
    We entered her office. Westina had told me about this place, and she left no detail untold.
    Scary woman with a scary lair acting scarily suspicious right after my friend entered the scary school on the other side of the scary moat. Coincidence?
    I think not.
    Dovey sat down behind her desk, motioning for me to sit as well.
    “Now, Mr. Steiner, as you know, Westina was not present at Beautification this morning. I had hoped to discuss pressing matters with her, but I suppose you are the next best thing.”
    She leaned forward and narrowed her eyes.
    “What happened last night?”
    I was trembling all over, trying to act like the brave Everboy I am. I cleared my throat, throwing on a deeper voice than my squeaky tenor.
    “Well- you see- the Evers did a thing. Westina used that thing to escape from things. Danny, Angelica and I looked for her during the thing, but she escaped and now she’s a Never..?”
    My voice betrayed me and turned up in a questioning manner toward the end.
    Dovey stared at me, her eyes slowly widening.
    “Westina, the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West… You let her do WHAT?”
    I flinched backward in the seat, frightened by her louder tone of voice.
    “Daniel and Angelica, you say…? Wait here.”
    Professor Dovey stormed out the door of her office.
    Scary woman.

        bostonhorsez2 replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        Woo boy. Stuff just got real.

        sapphy replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        Ooooh I don’t like Dovey anymore

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