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    autumnofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 3 months ago

    Westina’s POV
    “Oh- Sor- I mean- er- grr..?” I flinched away from the hulking figure, remembering where I was.
    “Did you almost say sorry? Who ARE you?” The figure stepped closer.
    I was totally dead meat. I would never see Cassian, Danny, Angelica, or Dovey ever again! Oh, ****. Dovey. If I wasn’t dead meat already, my friends would be soon. No one can survive the wrath of Dean Dovey.
    “No! I was going to- say- sorrowful day?” This wasn’t going well.
    “Sorrowful day? Are you SURE you made it into the School for Evil? Or did you get smuggled in?”
    I saw the voice in the light. The body that belonged to the voice was a solid 6 feet and 3 inches, towering almost a head above me. She had long hair and murky hazel eyes, shrouded by sleep-deprived bruises underneath their lower lids. Her pale skin dully shone in the firelight, and her bleach blonde hair was a stark difference to the rest of her gray features.
    “Er- um- I’m not usually at a loss for words. But- today, I – am?”
    “Er- um- I don’t usually see Evers around my school. But- today-” She mimicked in a higher voice than mine.
    How could she tell? I felt my stomach drop, and my heart filled with adrenaline.
    “Well- what’s your name? I don’t want to have to swear whenever I see you.” That last sentence made me feel like a very Evil person. I probably sound nerdy saying that.
    “You won’t need to learn my name, Rusty. I’m taking you straight to the Dean.”
    “Wait- what?”
    The lady- Blonde, I suppose I’ll call her- gripped my arm.
    “I can’t go back- I don’t belong there-”
    Suddenly, Blonde bent down and leaned close to my face. She grinned, showing pristine teeth.
    “If you were really Evil, the Storian would have sorted you here. But that’s not the case, is it?”
    My heart thumped faster, but my plan could still work. If I could convince the Dean of Evil that I was Evil, she would let me stay here. I wouldn’t have to see anything painful. I would be the embodiment of pain.
    “Now, little witch, I’ll lead you to your Happily Ever After.”
    I let her drag me up the rickety stairs, trying to come up with a good story on why I was Evil. I threw a frog into a swamp once. Is that bad enough? I didn’t do my schoolwork as a kid. That’s pretty bad by my standards.
    I broke Danny’s heart. My own heart faltered, and I could feel the blood thumping in my head. I broke Danny’s heart. That had to be bad enough. But she wouldn’t care who Daniel Scarlet was. Only I would care. I broke it. Someone else mended it. That’s how stories go. It works.
    Yes, it works.
    The whole journey to the Dean’s office, my heart felt like it had gone missing. Something in me wished Danny could hear me. But I knew better. Wishes were bad to think about. I couldn’t wish. They could come true.
    Hopefully, Danny could- I mean- couldn’t hear me.
    I wish he would forgive me. He was my first friend.
    Suddenly, my subconscious took hold of the wheel, and I wished with all my heart that Danny could hear me.
    Dang it!
    Wishes are dangerous, Westina.
    Well, too late now, I suppose.
    Here’s to hoping he ignores the wish that arrives in his head.
    Blonde stopped suddenly.
    “We’re here.”
    We walked in. Waiting there was.
    Dean Sophie, one of the most notorious teachers at the School for Good and Evil.
    She turned, and her bright green eyes shone in the dark office.
    There she was.
    Big Bad Blondie next to Blonde Jr. What worse could happen? I stared into her tantalizing eyes, noticing the hint of surprise and disgust at seeing Blonde’s bad bleach job.
    “Hello- Janice, was it?”
    “It’s Jarilsa.”
    “Yes, Janet. Who’ve you brought to me?”
    “Well, Dean Sophie, I found this Ever disguising as a Never on our grounds.”
    Dean Sophie shifted her attention to me and squinted.
    “Are you sure? She looks like a Never to m-”
    Her eyes expanded. Dovey must’ve contacted her about me. Uh-oh.
    “Oh! Her. Thank you, Jerry, for bringing her to my attention.”
    The Dean swiveled back around toward the window, seemingly talking to something in her hands. Was she talking to Dovey?
    I could hear a boy’s voice, but I couldn’t pin whose it could be.
    “Westina! Is she there?”
    “Hush-” There was unintelligible muttering.
    Sophie turned to face us.
    “Dovey says she will send over one of her students to receive Westina. For now, we shall sit and wait.”
    And so. We waited.
    I’m soo soo sorry if I portrayed Sophie incorrectly. I couldn’t decide whether to use Lesso or Sophie.
    Anyways, I’m also sorry if this is extremely short for a chapter!
    AN: I’m not planning for Jarilsa to be a key character, so I won’t make a bio. If you would like to adopt Jarilsa as your OC, be my guest!

        shadesofevil replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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