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    Cassian’s POV

    Even though Westina waited only a bridge away, it felt like the longest bridge I had ever taken. My adrenaline was pumping, blood running at the prospect of seeing her again.
    Then again, I had to rescue her with Angelica. So much for being a daring prince.
    There’s nothing wrong with her, really. She and I just mentally started off on the wrong foot, is all.
    Keyword: mentally.
    She probably thinks we’re on good terms. I’m still very confused at how this week panned out. All of a sudden, I finally speak to a girl who isn’t my mom. I comfort a girl who isn’t my mom.
    I love a girl who isn’t my mom.
    Which is crazy, right? I still recall vowing with my cousins never to marry so long as I live. So many of them broke the vow. I don’t know if I want to be the next to weaken it.
    Suddenly, Danny’s words reverberated in my head.
    Sheep. Handed things on a silver platter. Those were the words that resonated the most. I had never thought about those who didn’t live a life where their parents were considered angels. That was one way that Westina and Danny related to each other.
    Bitterness rose in my throat, threatening to boil a future insult for Danny. The rest of my body didn’t understand this development, and, to be frank, neither did I.
    I remembered the beginning of the year, clear as day. Danny ran off with Westina to Storian knows where, probably making kissy faces or whatever weird people do.
    But, it seemed, they came back even worse off than before. Some Evil students wanted to make Danny kiss Westina publicly. Westina didn’t like it one bit.
    “That’s where I came in to save the d-”
    “Cassian!” Angelica barked.
    I looked up at her, beginning to flush. I had halted on the bridge, stepping in gooey mush on the Evil side.
    “Sorry! Was I talking to myself?”
    “No! We have a job to do! Fantasize ab-” she choked- “I mean, sleepwalk at another time!”
    I strode towards her, meeting her steps. I must’ve been talking aloud. Dang it!
    We walked on toward the Evil tower. Dean Sophie didn’t bother hiding the tower, what with it looking like something straight out of a theme park. A slide slipped around its cylinder exterior, landing where we stopped.
    I took a shaky breath.
    “Well, this is it.”
    Even as I said it, something underlying in my conscience told me that this was not how the story was to go. It was a whisper in the stone, a hiss beneath the bridge. The Storian was preparing to right the story.
    It was just my gut turning at the thought of me daydreaming aloud, where Angelica could hear.

    Westina’s POV

    We resided awkwardly in the office, waiting for someone to arrive.
    I retreated into my mind, recounting everything that had led to me being here.
    As I remembered walking into my dorm and meeting him, my mind shouted.
    Running in Oz, searching for an escape.
    With Danny.
    My first kiss.
    With Danny.
    I cringed at that part. He obviously didn’t like me anymore. Why did my mind keep bringing it up like he did?
    I couldn’t blame everything on him. I had my own fair share of mistakes. Such as thinking I could handle trying to love someone else.
    I scratched behind my ear, trying to distract my hands and my mind.
    Thunk thunk thunk, announced the door.
    I straightened, prepared to open the door, but Dean Sophie beat me to it.
    This was it, I thought with a shiver.
    Dovey’s gonna murder me.

    I crossed my arms and leaned against the rail of a bridge.
    “I refuse to believe you killed a dragon trying to save me, Cass.”
    “It’s true! Right, Angelica?”
    He turned pointedly to her, shooting a smirk toward her.
    “Sorry to say, but Sir Cassian is telling you a fable,” she snorted.
    “Dang it, Angelica!”
    The rest of the trip was silence, marked by the first light hearted moment this week.

    I trudged in front of the two, approaching Dovey’s office.
    Hesitating, I finally knocked on the door.
    Sooner or later, I’d have to face my problems.

        bostonhorsez2 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        I love this so much I can’t put it into words! Every time I went to scroll down, I was thinking “oh please don’t end it there, I need more”!

          shadesofevil replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          I love it!!!!!!!

        sapphy replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        Oh my wowzers!

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