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    Westina’s POV

    “Now. Both of you. Go back to your dorms.” Dovey commanded, looking over her nose at us.
    “Professor? There are three of us-”
    “Pardon me, Angelica. You and Cassian. Shoo.”
    I watched as they exited the office, heart thumping as I processed what had just happened. Danny was gone, and, while Dovey explained why he was gone, Cassian snickered and joked.
    A faint scent of disgust arose in my head, and I narrowed my eyes at the door. Cassian had never been so cruel before. What happened?
    “Sit, Westina.”
    I stumbled over and plopped into the chair, gaping at Dovey. She took a deep breath, as if collecting her thoughts, and aimed her accusing eyes in my direction.
    “I won’t ask more than once. What in Storian’s name compelled you to escape to Evil?”
    I bit my lip. Why were tears threatening to escape my eyes? I didn’t look down as I squeezed the arm rests on the chair.
    “I-” my voice stumbled, failing my steadfast expression.
    My eyes tripped and stared down at the floor. An involuntary sniffle escaped my nose.
    “Miss Westina, it’s perfectly fine.”
    I stomped my left foot with my right, regaining my composure. My back straightened.
    “It’s nothing, honestly. A few words were exchanged.”
    “A small phrase can pack a punch, Westina.”
    My eyes flew up to meet hers again. I could feel my hands shaking as I rushed to think of other things. Anything would be better to think about than stupid boy problems. But it wasn’t just that. I had hurt someone, and it had hurt me in a wicked twist of fate. I shrugged off the feeling and managed a weak smile.
    “Hm. Maybe it’s none of your concern.”
    I saw Dovey visibly stiffen as my words ran through her head. I pulled a triumphant grin away from appearing on my face.
    “Seems to be, if you intend on graduating the School for Good.”
    “Are you sure that’s my intention, ma’am?”
    “No. I was sure a secret intention of yours is to find someone to love, though.”
    I had fallen back in my seat, shot by words that shouldn’t have affected me.
    I poked the paperweight on her desk, trying to ignore the orange light of dawn streaming through the windows and highlighting the dust on the bookshelves.
    A hurried knock interrupted my reverie.
    “Don’t come in-”
    The warning was ignored, and Professor Espada launched through the entrance, huffing and puffing. His mustache was uncharacteristically ruffled.
    “The castles are under attack!”
    Dovey stood up, a mask of confusion covering her face.
    “By whom?”
    “The Wicked Witch and her monkeys! I’ve been trying to get the Everboys to fight back, but…”
    The rest of the sentence was drowned out by the alarms ringing in my head. Why is Mother here?
    I bustled past Espada and rushed to the windows, early morning blocking my view. Tiny, black, winged silhouettes covered the light.
    I squinted further and found what I was looking for: my mom’s trademark, drawn in smoky handwriting.

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