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    autumnofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year ago

    Westina’s POV

    I paced about my dorm, clothes and various items strewn about. Organization was not my forte, and since no one else was going to sleep in my room, what was the point? The sunlight streaming from the window was a stark contrast to the dark thoughts roaming my mind. Why was my mother at school? It wasn’t like she truly cared about what I did. I could somehow learn a deadly spell and doom the entire school, and that would be child’s play to my mom.
    Now that the situation is literal child’s play, she finally decides to show up.
    I groaned and punched the bed next to me. Couldn’t I wake up and have this all be a fever dream? The question is, where would the fever dream have begun? After we returned from Oz? That would make sense. I punched the bed again. Now was no time to regret! There were actual things at stake. Take, for example: the whole School for Good and Evil.
    Suddenly, the window crackled. A winged silhouette zipped through the jagged opening. A flying monkey! I gasped and held up my finger, expecting an explosion of light to save me. Nothing happened. I cursed under my breath. I should’ve remembered that Dovey ordered to deactivate Danny and I’s magic as a punishment for running off to another dimension. She reactivated them a week ago, though. This event proves it official. I’m going mad.
    The monkey dove toward me, screeching a war cry.
    “Gah!” I threw a pillow at the thing, knocking it off its course.
    It grappled to the pole of the canopy, using it to pounce on me. A rogue shirt betrayed its allegiance as I stumbled backwards. My body slammed on the floor. ****!
    The monkey clawed at my shirt and began flapping its wings. I protested, trying to slap it off of me. Mother knew how to create a resilient creature, though.
    Woosh! A broom and a woman flew over to meet me.
    Seeing my mother in bright daylight spawned a multitude of questions. I hadn’t truly considered the reality of what was happening until I turned to see the students on the grounds. They looked like ants compared to the behemoths that were the castles.
    Then I realized that a monkey was pulling me along. Something inside me selfishly wished no one was laughing at me from ground level. I turned back to my mother, reddening.
    “Westina. You’ve cause enough trouble at this school. I thought nothing could disgust me more than having a child, but I was wrong.”
    The Wicked Witch of the West’s eyes burned into my soul.
    “Having you for a child has disgusted me the most. Any sane mother would agree that you’re a disgrace.”
    My hands curdled into fists as I stared into the flames of her face. I felt my dangling legs quivering.
    “How so, Mom?”
    “Why, you’re in the School for Good!” She paused, massaging her temples. “If anything, you should be less dense. I had hoped you didn’t receive all the genes from your scoundrel father, but it seems I’m mistaken…”
    “You’re the woman who had an affair with my scoundrel father!”
    “You’ve finally connected the dots!” The Witch- my mom- exploded into petty laughter, throwing her head back. As if this was all a joke.
    As if I myself was a joke.
    I couldn’t take it. I felt my right pointer finger burn up. A plan formed in my mind.
    As if a lightning bolt was connected with my finger, I shot it up, aiming at my mother.
    The monkey’s claws loosened their grip as my mother plummeted. I shouldn’t have been that powerful. It was impossible.
    I then realize that I, too, was falling. I screamed as I frantically aimed my shaking hand at the ground.
    “If this doesn’t work-” I didn’t finish the sentence as I watched the green blur of a ground morph into a portal.
    I was going back to Oz.
    The last thing I saw as I turned my body to stare at the world was my unconscious mother racing towards the ground.
    A smile appeared on my face. It disgusted me.

    Sorry if this sounded a little muddled and crazy!

        bostonhorsez2 replied 1 year ago

        I love this!

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