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    Knock, knock!
    I hear a knock on the dorm door as I am finishing up my homework. “I’ll get it,” I say to Amelia, who is seated at her desk doing homework.
    I stroll over to the pink door and open it. Leo, my twin brother, is standing there with a grim look on his face.
    “Leo! Hey, what’s wrong?” I say.
    “Can I talk to you? In my dorm?” he asks, he then notices Amelia and says, “Oh, hey Amelia.”
    Amelia blushes and waves shyly.
    “Sure, I can talk, Leo. Lead the way to your dorm.”
    Leo nods and says, “We’ll only be a minute, Amelia.”
    I step out of the dorm and shut the door behind me. Leo leads me quickly to the Valor dorm tower. When we get to room 90, we walk in and he locks the door behind us.
    Leo’s dorm is similar to mine but everything is blue and the theme is swords instead of tiaras. Also, there is exercise equipment everywhere.
    Leo takes a seat in one of the cushy chairs and motions for me to sit, too. Once I do, he sighs and takes a letter out from his pocket.
    “Leo, what’s going on?” I ask nervously. “Why do we have to come here for it?”
    Le answers, “Ted’s out right now, and I can’t have him hearing this.”
    I raise and eyebrow. “Go on…”
    Leo holds up the letter. “I got this letter from Father today. It has some troubling news.”
    “Read it to me,” I say. Leo begins:
    “Dear Leo,
    I hope this letter finds you in good hands. However, I must inform you of what has been happening here in the Southern Isles. Lately, I have been getting into many accidents. I am okay, but many of them could have ended in me dying. There are too many of these accidents to actually be accidental. Your mother and I, plus the entire royal council, believe that someone is behind them. I will give you some examples. First, it was the incident in the throne room. I was seated on my throne giving a speech, when one of the heavy wooden beams from the ceiling suddenly fell on top of it. Thankfully, I jumped out of the way in time, but I would have been crushed if I hadn’t. Then, that same day, we were having tea in the study. I suddenly began to choke on something in my tea. One of the butlers managed to save me by hitting my back, and I coughed it up. It was a jewel. But it wasn’t just any jewel. It was a jewel from one of my brother’s crown. There have been many more near-death incidents, and even more evidence that one of my brothers is behind it. I know which brother it is, as well. One of my brothers, Ray, was always the Evil one. He taught me his Evil ways when I was young, and I took them to heart because he was the only one who talked to me. Your Uncle Ray is the reason I became Evil and did bad things. After I failed in my mission to marry into the Arendelle royal family, Ray and all my brothers did the same. Ray married into a Never kingdom called Skullsville. Ray has a wife named Janet and a pair of twin kids, Renee and Rufus. When I had a change of heart and became Good, Ray became angry and I haven’t heard from him since. But that jewel that almost killed me was from Ray’s crown. I thought you should know about this. Please do not worry about me. I am being protected and I am in good hands. Also, make sure your sister Amber sees this letter as well.
    Your Father
    King Hans of the Southern Isles.”
    As Leo finished the letter, he looks up at me with a blank face. “Well?” he asks.
    “Leo…” I say, “our Evil Uncle Ray is trying to kill our father.”
    Leo nods as we both sit in shocked silence. Then I say, “I should get back to the dorm. I have to finish my homework.”
    “Yeah,” Leo says. We walk towards the door and Leo unlocks it and opens it.
    Leo and I jump as we are met by a figure standing outside the dorm, leaning against the wall.
    “Um….” Leo and I fumble.
    “Hans is your dad, huh?”
    Ted has been standing there the whole time.

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        Tag me!

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        Oh wow, loved the plot twist. But how did Ted hear everything. It’s not like they were speaking loudly or anything right. But oh well this is your story and your imagination will take the story anywhere. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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          thank you! and also, Leo was reading the letter out loud so Ted heard everything. thx!

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