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    “So yeah, then Amber and I were born and then our younger sister, Chloe.” Leo has just finished telling Ted the entire story of our father; how his siblings stole his marriage idea after he failed at it, how he then became king of the Southern Isles, and finally about how he turned Good and married my mother.
    Ted, who is seated on one of the cushy blue chairs in his and Leo’s dorm, looks up at us. “Why didn’t you tell me when we met, Leo?” Ted asks, but he is not angry.
    Leo sighs. “I thought you might not want to be buds if you knew my dad was a former villain.”
    I raise and eyebrow. That is the same reason I didn’t tell Amelia, or any of my other friends.
    Ted smiles. “Aww, c’mon, bro. You know I wouldn’t ditch ya!” He gets up and gives Leo a firm hug.
    I sit silently on the bed. “Um, guys?” I ask.
    The boys look at me. “What, Amber?” Leo asks as he and Ted face me.
    I sigh. “I may have not told Amelia or my Evergirl friends about Father, either…”
    Leo goes pale. “You mean she doesn’t know?!”
    I nod slowly.
    Leo starts to panic. “Oh gosh… what if she doesn’t like me anymore… what if she ditches me for some other Everboy!?”
    Ted and I both place a hand on Leo’s shoulders. “Leo, it will be okay,” I say as Ted nods. “Amelia will like you no matter what. Also, I’m going to go and tell her right now.”
    Soon, Leo, Ted, Amelia, and I are all standing in my dorm. Amelia is seated at her desk, glancing nervously at us. “What is this?” she asks.
    “Amelia, I need to tell you what I should have told you when we first met,” I begin. “It’s about me and Leo’s father. He… he is Hans.”
    Amelia is unfazed. “Hans?” she asks. Then her face changes as she realizes. She goes pale. Her mouth drops open. She runs a hand through her hair as she nervously glances around.
    Leo and I go to her side. “Amelia, it’s okay! We’re still the same old Evers!”
    Amelia is shaking her head madly. I try and get her to calm down, but am unsuccessful. It’s worse than I thought!
    Leo suddenly places his hand on top of hers. She stops and looks up at him, silent. Leo smiles gently.
    Amelia starts to breathe normally. Her skin color returns to normal, as well. “Sorry,” she says, “I’m just hyperventilating in here. It’s a little too hot for me.”
    I nod, but inside I am thinking…
    It isn’t hot in here at all.
    Amelia looks up at me. “So, your dad is Hans? From that whole ‘frozen’ tale?” I nod. “Interesting…” she says. “Is he still…”
    Leo interrupts. “No, he isn’t Evil anymore. He had a change of heart and now he’s as Good as new.”
    Amelia smiles slightly. “That’s good to hear,” she says. “Well, I’m glad you finally told me.”
    I force a smile.
    But something isn’t right with Amelia.
    The next day at breakfast, my Evergirl friends and I are having a chat. I tell them all about my father, and how I am so sorry I didn’t tell them. Thankfully, they all forgive me and are very interested in a villain becoming Good. I tell them everything I know, and it seems like we are better friends than before, now that they know the truth.
    Suddenly, we hear a racket coming from the Evil side of the Clearing. We all look over to see a girl standing on top of one of the tables. The girl has two long, black pigtails on the top of her head. She has a skinny, pale face with dark eyes. Also, there is a shadow behind her on the table, even though the sun isn’t out. Strange…
    Sudden’y, the girl points straight at me and smirks. “Hey, YOU! You’re not an Ever!!!”
    I gasp. Everyone looks at me. I look the girl straight in the eye and say, “I am an Ever, for your information. I’ll have you know I am a proud student of this school.”
    The girl with the high black pigtails laughs evilly. “Ya hear that, Nevers? This girl actually believes herself to be an Ever. But we know the truth, don’t we?” The girl sneers at me. “You’re a villain’s daughter.”
    All the Evers gasp. The Evergirls around me are ready to defend me, however. I clear my throat and stand up to address the crowd. “Students of the School for Good and Evil,” I begin, “my father may be a former villain, but that is not what he is today. I will happily say that my father is the former Prince Hans. But today, he is King Hans of the Southern Isles. My father had a change of heart after he did some regrettable things. He became a proud Ever and rules his home kingdom justly. So, I can truthfully say that neither me nor my father are villains.” I smile proudly as the Evers applaud loudly.
    The Nevergirl rolls her eyes. “You may think that, princess, but I can tell you one thing: Once a villain, always a villain.”
    I cross my arms and we glare at each other from across the Clearing. I speak up. “My name is Princess Amber, for your information. And what might yours be?”
    The girl smiles evilly. “My name’s Renee. Or would you rather call me Cousin Renee?”
    My jaw drops. “Cousin?! You’re Uncle Ray’s daughter?! The guy who is trying to kill my father?!” Everyone gasps.
    Renee nods. “In the flesh,” she says with a smirk. “And my twin brother’s with me, too.” She gestures to a boy in the crowd, who steps up onto the table with her. He has spikey black hair, a skinny face like Renee’s, and the same dark eyes.
    “Meet Rufus,” Renee says to me.
    Leo suddenly stands up in the crowd of Evers. He is glaring at Rufus. Rufus glares back at him. Leo speaks in a low, rough tone. “I only just met you, but I already hate you.”
    Rufus clenches his fists as he and Leo stare each other down. I glance back to Renee.
    She looks me dead in the eye. “You better watch out, cuz. We’re gonna find you and get you, just like our dad is gonna do to your father.” And with that, breakfast is over.
    I decide to skip classes that day. It’s not that I just feel like skipping, I actually feel kind of sick. After that threat from my cousin, I have had a weird feeling in my stomach.
    I lie in my bed, flipping open a book from the library. As I scan the pages, I notice a paragraph entitled, “All About a Nemesis.” I read the paragraph quickly. It says a nemesis is your personal enemy in a fairy tale. Apparently, your nemesis won’t rest until you’re dead. Also, it says there are symptoms you get when you meet your nemesis, such as…
    having a strange feeling in your stomach.
    That’s when I realize it.
    Renee is my nemesis.
    I close the book and start to think. Renee isn’t going to stop until I’m dead. And Rufus is probably Leo’s nemesis, too! The way Leo already didn’t like him…
    I sigh and climb down the ladder of the bunk bed. I head to one of the cushy chairs, but then I notice the bag by Amelia’s desk. I remember when a framed picture fell out of it, and Amelia was determined to hide it from me.
    Well, she’s at class right now.
    She will never know if I look at it, right? Plus it might explain her strange behavior.
    I walk over to the bag, and slowly pull the picture out. I turn it over to see what it is of.
    I read the caption first. It says: “My Mom and I” with a little heart. Then I look at who the photo is of.
    It’s of Amelia, standing with a woman who looks similar to her. The woman has red hair, freckles, and green eyes. She wears a tiara, as well. The woman looks strangely familiar to me.
    Then it hits me.
    The woman in the photo, Amelia’s mother…
    is Princess Anna of Arendelle.

        bdub-panera replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        this tag didn’t work: sorry

          sydneywhite replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          That was really good! Keep tagging me

        unicorniahacker replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        So much drama! 😱

          bdub-panera replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          thx! that was the big twist

        lilystarling replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Cool, wonder what Amelia is thinking since Amber and Leo are Hans children.
        Maybe the two kingdoms will finally unite?

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