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    CHAPTER 11
    “We have to do something about this,” I say as I pace around in my dorm. Ted, Leo, Amelia, and Zaq are seated around the room listening. Leo nods his head determinedly, Amelia fiddles with her skirt, Ted is silent, and Zaq has a strange, nervous look on his face.
    “This has gone on long enough!” I say. “There have been multiple incidents this week where Leo and I could have been killed! I think we all know Renee and Rufus are behind them.”
    It’s true. In the past week, I have almost died about 5 times, and so has Leo. First it was the bag of boulders from the ceiling. Then there was a rock in my drink at breakfast, an electrifier button in my chair during Beautification, a knife under the covers in my bed, and I almost fell into a pile of deadly plants in Surviving Fairy Tales. Renee, my nemesis, who is also my cousin, is no doubt behind the incidents. And Rufus, Renee’s twin brother, is definitely behind the ones with Leo.
    Ted speaks up. “Does anyone else think that it is a little weird that Amber and Leo survived every near-death situation? Isn’t that a little… I don’t know… unlikely?”
    I think about this. “Yeah, I suppose it is a little strange,” I say. “Thankfully Zaq was there to smack my back and helped me cough up the rock in my drink. Oh yeah, and he also noticed the electrifier in my chair and told me so I wouldn’t die.”
    Leo stands up. “Hey,” he says, “Zaq was the one who grabbed me before I could fall into those deadly plants. Oh, AND he was the one who noticed a lump in my bed which turned out to be a knife!”
    I raise an eyebrow.
    “Wait,” says Amelia from one of the cushy chairs, “Zaq saved both of your lives every time one of the incidents occurred.” She looks at Zaq.
    We all face Zaq with our arms crossed. “Zaq…” says Ted, “do you know anything about this whole thing that you aren’t tellin’ us?”
    Zaq runs a hand through his long brown hair. “What? No, bro, of course not, bro…” He looks at us and smiles guiltily. “He he…”
    “Zaq!” Leo says, jumping up. “What do you know about this? I DON’T WANNA DIE!” Leo’s usually-perfect hair is a little messy and his veins are bulging out of his neck.
    Amelia puts a hand on his arm. “Leo, calm down,” she says soothingly. Leo takes a deep breath and sits back down on the bed slowly.
    Zaq sighs and looks around the room nervously. He looks in all the corners of the dorm and then says, “Okay, I guess it’s safe to tell you…”
    We all look up. I wonder what Zaq knows.
    He begins. “It all started when I worked as Leo’s butler back at the castle in the Southern Isles. Amber’s personal hand-maiden, Mari, became good friends with me. We kinda had a thing, ya know bros? Well, nobody knew about us being together, and we didn’t want nobody to find out. We didn’t want any rumors going ’round about the princess’s and the prince’s servants being together.”
    My mouth is dropped open. All this time, Mari and Zaq had a thing and I didn’t know?
    “Well,” Zaq continued, “one day we were hangin’ out in the laundry room, when suddenly these weird SHADOWS came in through the window! There were two of ’em, and they were literally shadow people! One was a dude, and the other was a girl with high pigtails.”
    Renee’s shadow? I think to myself.
    “Then the shadow people grabbed me and Mari and brought us to what looked like a secret lair. Inside was two people who looked like the human forms of the shadows. It was Renee and Rufus. They explained to us that they were Amber and Leo’s evil cousins, the twin kids of their Uncle Ray. They said their dad was super mad about Hans turning Good and Ray wanted to kill Hans. Renee and Rufus said that they thought their dad was right. They believed that someone who is Evil should never turn Good. Renee and Rufus told Mari and I that they were planning to kill Amber and Leo, like Ray was going to kill Hans. They didn’t think the kids of a former villain should be Evers. So anyway, Renee then told us about her and Rufus’ talent. Both of the twins can magically control shadows. They can control their own shadows, other people’s shadows, even the shadows of animals!”
    I raise my eyebrows. That explains the strange shadow behind Renee on the day we met, even though there was no sun out.
    “Rufus told us that WE were going to work for THEM. He said that Mari would be placing the attacks on King Hans back at the castle, and I would be placing the attacks on Amber and Leo at the School for Good.”
    “Of course!” I exclaim. “Mari stayed back at the castle with father, and you came here with Leo and I!”
    “Yeah,” Zaq continues. “Renee and Rufus said that if we didn’t do what they said, they would tell the whole world about me and Mari’s relationship. Mari said no one could know, because then I would never be able to become a good knight and all this stuff, so we had to go along with Renee and Rufus. We’ve been working with them ever since.”
    “Wait,” Ted says, “if you were working for them, how come you stopped Amber and Leo from dying?”
    “Well,” Zaq explains, “Mari and I made a promise secretly to not let Amber, Leo, or Hans die because of us. We decided to keep them from dying every time we planted an attack.”
    “Oh, thank you so much!” I say, happy that Zaq and Mari agreed to that. “But, how did you manage all those attacks alone?”
    “We didn’t,” Zaq says. “The shadows of Renee and Rufus helped us do it. The shadows were the ones holding the bag of boulders, and I snapped twice as a signal to them that you were in the right spot. But I had made sure beforehand that it would make a loud sound so you would notice and duck out of the way.”
    “Ohhhhhhh!” I say, realizing. “That’s why you snapped twice! I thought that was random.”
    Amelia raises her hand shyly. “So, what you’re saying is, you and Amber’s hand-maiden were blackmailed into working for Amber and Leo’s Evil cousins?”
    Zaq pauses, and then nods slowly. “Blackmailed, indeed, bro.”
    “Zaq, dude, thanks a bunch for saving our lives about a million times. Amber and I would be totes dead if it weren’t for you!” Leo says as he gives Zaq a firm pat on the back.
    I can hardly believe this. Zaq, the super-chill Everboy from my Forest Group, and Mari, my innocent hand-maiden from the Southern Isles, were working with Renee and Rufus all the time?
    “Do Renee and Rufus know you are saving us each time?” I ask.
    Zaq shakes his head. “No, but she might find out soon. I can’t hold them off for much longer.”
    I stand up and put my hands on my hips. “Okay, people. We can’t just sit here any longer. There are some ruthless, *****, rude, and disgusting Nevers out there that are trying to kill me and my twin brother. I’m not gonna sit here and mope around like a royal servant all day when there are people out there plotting against me and my family! It’s about time we team up and do something about it!!!”
    Suddenly, the door to the dorm flies open. To my surprise, Denise, Emily, Sydney, and Tessa are standing in the doorway! “We heard everything!” Denise says.
    “We want to help!” exclaims Tessa as my other Evergirl friends nod along in agreement.
    “That’s great, girls!” I say excitedly, clasping my hands together. “I will gladly accept your help.” The Evergirls walk up to the rest of us and I turn to Zaq, Amelia, Leo, and Ted.
    “Everyone, huddle up!” I say and motion for everyone. They all come close to me and we form a circle.
    “Okay,” I begin, “it’s gonna take all we can do to defeat Renee, Rufus, and Ray. I think I have a plan, but we’re gonna need all of us to make it happen. Now, who’s with me?!”
    I place my hand in the middle of the circle. ONe after the other, my Evergirl friends put there hands in the middle as well. Leo then places his hand, with Amelia puttng hers on top of his. Zaq follows them.
    I look at Ted expectantly. He looks at Leo, and then at me. Ted then stares down at the pile of hands. Suddenly, a determined smile appears on his face and he places his hand defiantly on top. “Let’s Ted this thing!!!” he says.
    I smile. “Good,” I say.
    Then I walk over to the vanity and take a seat. I start to apply makeup.
    “Um, Amber?” Leo asks as everyone watches me in confusion. “What are you doing? I don’t think now’s the time for that…”
    “Oh, don’t be silly!” I say, looking back at everyone. “I have to look my best before going into battle.”

        zoes-space replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        Hey! Great chapter. One question though: do you write your story out beforehand like on Google Docs or something? Or do you just write it out in the comments?

          bdub-panera replied 1 year, 4 months ago

          i just write it out in the comments

          zoes-space replied 1 year, 4 months ago

          Wow! I write mine out in google docs for speeding and grammar checks, then I copy and paste it and post. It makes it easier so it doesn’t accidentally delete the comment. It’s amazing how you do it though ❤️

        princessrachael replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        Great, I’m wondering if you’re going to use my character

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