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    bdub-panera posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Fans of Amber and all her friends, the Daughter of Hans SEQUEL will be coming out soon! That’s right, the self-obsessed former-villain’s daughter is back for more. So, all of you readers of Daughter of Hans, I would like to hear YOUR ideas on what you think should happen in Daughter of Hans: the Sequel. Thanks!

        bdub-panera replied 1 year ago

        also, if you have any characters of your own that you want me to put into the story, feel free to give me their bios. I know I accidentally left out someone’s character during the first rp, so i wont make that mistake this time.

        princessrachael replied 1 year ago

        This is my character
        Name: Athena Star
        Age: 14
        Kind, smart, caring, generous, at times obnoxious and rude.
        Appearance: mint blue eyes, brown skin and a rose birthmark in her ankle. Shiny, black hair, mid-back
        Talent: Can see people’s past.
        Backstory: She is the daughter of Elsa and she has a skin condition. Her black hair is her dad’s. She got into good but stayed behind for two days.
        Fingerglow: white-blue

          princessrachael replied 1 year ago

          I think the story could be that one of the children that Elsa imprisoned in ice escaped and is plotting to kill Amber. Then, Amber’s prince disappears and they try to find him.

          princessrachael replied 1 year ago

          I’ve got another character that could help the child that escaped.
          Monáe Eve of Golden Flame.
          She is 15 and is 50% evil/50% good. Her fingerglow is black-gold
          She is kind, generous but also rude and impulsive. She is the daughter of a dragon king. She has stormy grey-blue eyes, brown skin and long, brown curls.
          She can make people obey her and is scared of cold water and small spaces. She loves to flirt but doesn’t let anyone into her heart.

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