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    School for Good and Evil / Land of Stories / Harry Potter Mashup
    Chapter 16
    The Yule Ball

    The Gryffindor Common Room is a swarm of people. With girls in colorful dresses and boys in sharp dress robes, it is almost impossible to make my way into the room. Most people are meeting their partners, so I look around for Hero’s mop of golden curls as I get to the center of the Common Room.
    Surrounded by people, I do not spy Hero anywhere. I turn my head in all directions, feeling the velvet of my green dress brush against my skin. Finally, I see a head of golden locks coming down a set of stairs.
    I swerve around people as I head toward the staircase, saying “Excuse me!” and “Sorry!” as I go. I reach the staircase and see Hero standing there, smiling.
    Hero looks like a different person in his formal outfit. He wears black dress robes with a white collar, and a white bowtie. His golden curls are gelled back off his face, though they are still very curly. Hero’s strong-jawed face is beaming, and his brown eyes glimmer in the light. I notice how handsome he looks.
    Hero doesn’t stop smiling at me as he comes to stand in front of me on the floor. “You look amazing,” he says, gesturing to my dress and hair.
    “Thanks,” I say with a smile. “You look great, too! I’ve never seen you in formal clothes.”
    Hero laughs. “Yeah, neither have I.”

    Soon, we are all in the Great Hall for the Yule Ball. It is decorated stunningly; it doesn’t look like the Hall where I eat breakfast every day at all. Hero and I stand around the edges of the dance floor with everyone else as waltz music starts to play. We watch as the four Triwizard Champions start the dance off with their partners, waltzing around the floor. Harry stumbles with Parvati Patil, Cedric glides with Cho Chang, Fleur floats along with Roger Davies, and Viktor Krum dances with Hermione. I smile at her as she passes. I see Ron staring unbelievingly at Hermione, as if he refuses to believe it’s her dancing with Krum.
    Soon, Hero and I are swept into the dance along with everyone else. Neither of us are very good dancers, but we just go along with everyone else, holding in laughs. Soon, the waltz is over, and Hero and I take a seat on a sleek glass bench, apart from the crowd. We lean our backs against the wall.
    We sit in silence for a moment, panting after our attempted waltz. I turn to Hero, who’s curls are still gelled in place. “Where’d you get your outfit?” I wonder about this, since I had to borrow one from Hermione.
    Hero turns to me. “I wrote about it a while back, and I used the Portal Potion to go into the book and get it. Where’d you get yours?”
    I smile. “Hermione let me borrow it. Her parents had sent her three dresses.” I laugh. “And Lavender accidentally–”
    Hero is squinting at my face when he interrupts with a slight grin. “Your eyebrows.”
    I nod and laugh. “Yeah, Lavender’s shoe flew at me and she accidentally used the shrinking charm to stop it. The charm hit my eyebrow, so she just did it to both of them.”
    Hero laughs. “Fred, George, and Lee Jordan all helped me get ready. Those twins are something, ya know. And Lee.” He smiles. “They remind me of my mom and Aunt Red when they fight.” There is silence as Hero looks off.
    I look at him curiously. “What’s it like…” I say, “growing up on the run? Never in one place for too long?”
    Hero fidgets with his sleeve. “It’s… it’s fun sometimes. I love being with Mom and Dad… learning stuff from them. I’ve been all over the fairy tale world. But, I think Mom and Dad enjoy it more than I do.”
    I raise my eyebrows.
    Hero notices and says, “I always liked it when we stayed in Dad’s house in the Center Kingdom. There would be no one chasing us, no one looking for us, no ‘wanted’ posters with our faces on them… I’d much rather settle down somewhere than be on the run. I just don’t think being like my parents is the life for me.”
    I smile gently as Hero looks at me. I think it’s sweet that he thinks that. And that he says it aloud, to me.
    Hero fixes his sleeve again. It makes me remember something he said earlier, about his dress robes. ‘I wrote about them a while back, and I used the Portal Potion to go into the book and get it.’ My eyes widen as I realize… why would Hero write about wizard’s dress robes unless he didn’t already know he would be going to the Yule Ball?
    “Hero,” I say, looking at him with my eyes wide. “When did you write about your dress robes?”
    Hero looks concerned at my ****** expression. “Uh, when you started reading Harry Potter. Before we went into the book–” His eyes go wide and he stops. He stares at me with a look of horror on his strong-jawed face.
    “Then that means you knew we would be going to the Yule Ball?” I say, staring at him.
    Hero is silent. Then, suddenly, everything seems to come out of him as he talks rapidly to me. “Oh Phoebs, when you started reading Harry Potter, I had the idea that we could come inside the book so I could take you to the Yule Ball — I planned for us to go together — I’m sorry I acted like I didn’t know about the ball–”
    “Hold on,” I say, my heart starting to beat faster. “You planned for us to go together? But, you– you threw your rose to Matilda at the Welcoming, not me–”
    “No,” Hero says, starting to talk quickly again, “I didn’t throw my rose to Matilda. I threw my rose to you, but Matilda reached out and caught it!”
    I am wide-eyed and speechless. I remember the day of the Welcoming. I had been looking down at the rose I had just caught from Timothy, when I saw something flash in front of my face. I had looked up to see Matilda, holding a newly-caught rose, and pointing to the boy who had thrown it– Hero. “You mean… that rose was never meant for Matilda? You never liked her at all? You liked–”
    “You,” Hero says, never dropping my gaze. “That’s why I was so down on myself and gloomy after the Welcoming; because Matilda had caught my rose and not you.” I am still speechless, not knowing what to think.
    Hero seems to think of something and he says, “But I know you liked Timothy because I saw you holding his rose and looking at him– but I figured after you figured out about what he was like and all–”
    I look down at the glass bench, shaking my head. “I was a fool with Timothy. I just liked him for his looks, and when I saw he was mean I just kept forgiving him– I was dumb enough to thnk he would change–”
    “No!” Hero says, and I see his hand come down and land on mine on the bench. I stare at our hands, my heart starting to pound. Hero looks at me. “You were not a fool.” He pauses, staring into my eyes. “The Good forgive.”
    I stare into Hero’s deep brown eyes, their gaze caring and kind. Timothy is the farthest thing from my mind now. Now, with Hero’s hand over mine and my heart pounding, I am finally realizing who the real prince is. Hero was always there. He was always kind, even when I did something wrong. Even when my temper got the best of me. Hero was always there.
    My thoughts are interrupted by something under my palm. I feel something form, something soft and gentle.
    I look down at it and so does Hero. We lift our hands up to reveal a single red rose, lying on the bench where my palm was. I created it with my talent. We both stare at it.
    Hero picks it up and looks at it fondly. “It’s a rose from the Welcoming.”
    He looks up at me. I stare at his handsome face, and one of his gold curls falls into his eye, getting the best of all the hair gel. Hero holds up the rose with a smile and says. “How about a redo?”
    I smile as he stands up and steps back a few feet. Then, Hero tosses the rose straight to me with a shout of, “Milady!” just like the Everboys at the Welcoming.
    I catch the rose in my hand and smile as Hero comes back over to me. I look up at him as he grabs my free hand and pulls me up off the bench. I am now less than a foot from Hero’s smiling face.
    I gaze up into Hero’s brown eyes and smile. I feel his hand on my waist and I close my eyes as he leans in slowly. Hero’s lips touch mine.
    I have never felt happier.
    As I lean back from the kiss, I look at Hero’s happy face. He laughs and so do I. Then he wraps his arms around me and pulls me into a hug. I smile as we embrace.
    So this is Ever After.


    The Hophie Ship

    School for Good and Evil / The Land of Stories / Harry Potter Mashup

        alexofroom66 replied 10 months ago

        I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Wait is this the end? Nooooooooooooooo *faints dramatically*

          anadilisawesome76 replied 10 months ago


        raynaevil809 replied 10 months ago

        *screams in joy*

        sallysallysally replied 10 months ago

        The perfect Ever After *sheds a happy tear*

        takan replied 10 months ago

        Omg, that was beautiful @/bdub-panera!!! I’m so sad that the story’s ending, but this is a fantastic Ever After and I love it!

        raynaevil809 replied 10 months ago

        hold up this is the end????!!!!!!!!!!

          sallysallysally replied 10 months ago

          I don’t think so…

          raynaevil809 replied 10 months ago


        takan replied 10 months ago

        Oh, lol! Sorry, that was my bad… I just reread the ending and you’re probably right.

          takan replied 10 months ago

          ending of the chapter*

        clarad575 replied 10 months ago

        That is the perfect mash up! I can understand all of it and it just made it better! I am a little new so I have not read and previous stories so PLEASE TAG! Also who is the girl who was narrating? Also live that you added Hero! Goldie and Jack must be so proud of him!

          raynaevil809 replied 10 months ago

          Phobe is narrating!

          princezzdot replied 10 months ago

          Great ending!

        anniej replied 10 months ago

        Too bad I haven’t read the Land of Stories yet. But this was still good!

          anadilisawesome76 replied 10 months ago

          how have you not read the land of stories? *mouth open in shock*

          anniej replied 10 months ago

          I’m gonna read them! I haven’t been to the library in ages because, you know, corona virus

          raynaevil809 replied 10 months ago

          Lol u all have the same hair

        maemae08 replied 10 months ago

        that was so good!! (I have read all of those series multiple times and I love them btw) nice work keep it up

        bdub-panera replied 10 months ago

        Thank you all so much! And no, this is NOT the end!!!! There will be a few more chapters. And i will definitely tag @clarad575. Also, new people, PLEASE go back and read the previous chapters! this chapter kinda spoiled it, but still do it!! pls! Thank all you guys!

        depressedlychee replied 10 months ago

        I love it! Can you please tag me?

        princessgirl2911 replied 10 months ago

        Yessss!! Amazing!!

          sandol replied 10 months ago

          OMG!!! I LOVE IT! Phoebe and Hero are perfect for each other

        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 10 months ago

        I LOVE IT YAY!!!

        friendofdot replied 7 months, 1 week ago

        Am i the only Ever who wishes she was at the Welcoming so a prince would throw a rose at her?

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