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    bdub-panera posted an update 2 months ago

    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been as active lately since Drastoria’s over. I’m still conflicted as to whether or not to do a new fanfic, or what fanfic to do. School keeps me pretty busy. But writing Drastoria tidbits keeps meh going– i havent had the time to type them up though. I kinda want to move on, but they’re just TOO FUN! Right now I’m working on an “alternate ending” sort of thing called “What if Draco’s Memory Charm Hadn’t Missed?”
    Ya know, the memory charm he cast at Astoria to make her forget his Vanishing Cabinet plan? Well, in this little tidbit thing, Astoria is 23 and doesn’t remember being with Draco at ALL. A lot of stuff from her fourth year is just blurred in her head. The scene is set in the Ministry, where Astoria is exhausted and just wants to go home, when her least-favorite colleage Draco Malfoy appears. She thinks he is a horrible evil Death Eater and she doesn’t believe that he had a change of heart. But just you wait, just you wait….
    Yeah its pretty short but fun to write

    Also, I was reading this other Drastoria fanfic online (believe it or not, I love reading other Drastoria fanfics somehow). In this story, Draco went back to Hogwarts after he missed his seventh year and everyone there hates him. Astoria is a HUGE fan of the golden trio and is told by McGonagall to be “friends” with Draco. Astoria and another Slytherin named Dawson Travers are forced to be his friend, and Draco is forced to be theirs. They soon name themselves the “Emerald Trio,” which i think is pretty cool. Basically they become real friends instead of fake friends, and it becomes this HUGE JUICY love triangle, where Astoria realizes she likes Draco, she tells Dawson, Dawson likes Astoria, and Draco just has no clue. Yet. There was also some stuff in there about Astoria’s blood curse and stuff.

    But i was inspired by that– and by the hunger games– to write a LOVE TRIANGLE fanfic!!! I still dont know, though. Who would the characters be? I just wanna do a love triangle. So much tea. I just love it.

    Welp, that was just an update on meh 🙂
    — Bdub

        lunalovegoodfan replied 2 months ago

        Idea: do something other than Draco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          lunalovegoodfan replied 2 months ago

          Btw I was just being sarcastic not rude

        bdub-panera replied 2 months ago

        Oh girl, believe me– I agree xD
        I’m definitely doing something other than Draco. I need a break from him for sure

        kittylicks replied 2 months ago

        ooooo TRIANGLE!!! whatever you choose tag me

        bdub-panera replied 2 months ago

        Sure! Thx so much!!!
        And I have been working on my ideas… I’m running with the love triangle one and another idea of mine about pirates and merpeople……. but the two ideas TOGETHER! As in, love triangle with pirates and merpeople! But i wont give too much away. I’m still working on the characters and plot and everything.
        Thx again!!! 😀

          kittylicks replied 2 months ago


        cocostar replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

        Idea: I have several but you’re already doing something! And TAAGGGGLEESSS!

          bdub-panera replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

          Oh of course! 😀
          Thanks so much!

          cocostar replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

          You’re welcome and thanks!

        cocostar replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

        Btw, could you look at my update?

        book-lover77 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        Ooh, the love triangle idea seems awesome, but I think whatever you write will be amazing!!!!!! And taggles too please!

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