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    SPECIAL THANKS TO @redslippers
    Agatha: Look, Sophie, I found this new trend on MeTube…
    Sophie: What is it? Praises for Dean Sophie?
    Agatha: No, it’s slime…
    Sophie: What on earth is slime?
    Agatha: It’s some kind of gooey thingy that feels really good when you touch it.
    Sophie: I don’t like where this is going…
    Agatha: Yep, Sophie, we’re making slime.
    Sophie: WHY?
    Agatha: Would anyone watch EverNever TV if the great heroes are behind the trend?
    Sophie: Let’s go, darling.
    Tedros: Go where?
    Agatha: Making slime.
    Tedros: You don’t want to create a monster!
    Agatha: Noo, it’s not the kind of slime you see on video games…
    Tedros: Really?
    Sophie: Yes darling, it won’t attack you by jumping over your head and drowning you with its goo.
    Tedros: Fine, let’s go.
    Hester: Go where?
    Agatha: We’re never going to get there in time if there’s suddenly everyone wanting to cram the slime workshop…
    Anadil: Don’t worry, I brought the pig, weasel, and bookworm along.
    Dot: I’m not a pig-
    Hort: I’m not a weasel-
    Nicola: I’m not a worm.
    Sophie: It’s just a metaphor, darling. Surely you know since you read so many BOOKS.
    Sophie: *adds lots of white glitter and pink dye to her unicorn slime*
    Agatha: *adds black dye and some neon particles into her heat sensitive color changing slime*
    Tedros: *prepares battle with his mud slime*
    Hester: *finishes her blood red sand slime*
    Anadil: *plays with grey spider web slime*
    Dot: *tries to turn her chocolate slime into real chocolate but fails*
    Hort: *fails to make his diaper slime*
    Nicola: *experiments with her glow in the dark slime*
    Sophie: I think that was quite satisfying!
    Agatha: Toldya.
    Tedros: NOT ME!
    Everyone turns to Tedros, who’s fighting with his monster slime.
    Agatha: WHAT HAPPENED?!
    Tedros: I used my fingerglow to make it-
    Hester: GET OUT OF THE WAY, DIMWIT! *tries to unleash demon*
    Sophie: *walks over to the slime, grabs it, opens the door, goes outside to a very open field, drops it, and unleashes high pitch scream, calling in crows, wasps, and other animals to attack it*
    Everyone watches in dismay and clasps their ears as Sophie lets out higher notes and monster slime dies.
    Agatha: I thought I’d never see you use your talent for another century or so.
    Sophie: Thank you, darling.
    Anadil: For once she uses her brain,
    Hester: Don’t forget about her guts-
    Dot: and talent.
    Nicola: I’ve only seen it in your storybook.
    Sophie: Of course you have, sweetie. Now let’s go before the slimy thingy attacks us again.
    Hort: But it’s dead…
    Sophie: A slime never dies, Hort.
    Returns To House
    Agatha: Hey guess what the new trend is?
    Sophie: Oh god.

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