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    Chapter 12- Your Consequences Await
    Genevieve was very confused as of what to do with Malera. Malera wasn’t her enemy anymore, but something felt wrong. It was really weird to not have someone to make jabs at, to not have someone to tease back as they did to you. She guessed that was what friends were for, but she didn’t want friends. Stupid thing. Genevieve was pondering for a very long time before Narcissa burst in the door of their shared dorm room, waving a letter angrily.
    “Where have you been, Genevieve? This letter burst out of the freaking fireplace with your name on it. That doesn’t make any freaking sense. It also has the SGE logo in the corner, and I swear if this is a late ‘return-to-sender’ thing from your acceptance letter, I am going to kill someone. I ran all around the entire school to have this delivered to you, and if it isn’t important, I am going to strangle you in your sleep.”
    Genevieve, a little surprised, felt something that she hadn’t felt before- admiration. Narcissa was a Never, after all! This dark side didn’t just come out with an Ever, and Genevieve decided to say something that surprised Narcissa- and herself.
    “You know what, Narcissa? I like you.” The green haired girl rolled her eyes and jabbed the letter towards Genevieve’s face, taking a small pleasure when the golden eyed girl flinched. Genevieve’s eyes flashed red, and then settled back down. She grinned and snatched the letter, tearing it open and throwing the scraps at Narcissa’s face.
    Both girls silently withdrew from their little spat, and Genevieve settled down to read the silver letter with a curlicue pink script.
    “Dear Genevieve, I informed you at our meeting that you would have severe consequences for your actions against the Ever prince, and I have finally decided what you are going to need to do. Yesterday, Prince Cameron ripped his stitches in his shoulder whilst engaged in an extremely physical sword fight during Chivalry. Now you get to go visit him in the Good hospital and nurse him for a day. You will leave your dagger in your dorm room, where it will be picked up under my supervision and taken care of properly. You shall not use any spells or Conjuring Magic on him, and you will attend to him all day and help with everything he needs. This will be effective immediately after you finish reading this letter. In five minutes you will be picked up by the fairies from Good and taken to the Ever infirmary. The Schoolmaster
    Genevieve groaned in anguish. She was being forced to tend to an Ever in the freaking School for Good. This couldn’t be worse- and then the fairy knocked on the dorm room door. Genevieve flung it open, hoping to slam the fairy against the wall and knock it out so it couldn’t take her to the hall of pink horrors, but alas, no luck. It chittered at her, bit her on the finger, and then slapped her with its tiny hand. Then, grabbing hold of her ear, it flew out the 7th story window and dragged her through the sky towards the Good infirmary.
    As a Never, her automatic first thought was to knock the stupid thing out of the sky. So, she did just that. Grabbing the fairy’s arm, she yanked it away from her ear, resulting in her and the fairy dangling from her hand free falling from the sky to their certain death. Unfortunately, Sophie must have expected this, for Genevieve fell into a cloud of buzzing fairies that sounded like angry bees. They towed her towards the School and dropped her at its doors.
    Here, the doors flung open to a silver masked figure, and Genevieve sighed in relief. “Schoolmaster Sophie, I-” The voice cut her off.
    “I am not Sophie. I am the second Schoolmaster that runs this school, only I am not in the tower. I run the School for Good. You are here to be subjected to me. You will not know who I am, and I do not agree with my counterpart revealing herself”, snarled a neutral voice. It didn’t have the lilt of a female or the boom of a male’s. It wasn’t a child, and Genevieve had no idea who it was. She was kind of scared.
    The Schoolmaster sent a streak of gold magic at Genevieve, and she was propelled through space into the infirmary, where the Ever prince was laying on a cot, feverish.
    “I have to take care of you,” spat Genevieve disgustedly. “What do you want?” The prince laughed sickly, sitting up and glaring at her.
    “You stabbed me in the shoulder. You are going to give me whatever the h*ck I want, and you will deal with it.” Not making eye contact, Genevieve began her strenuous task of tending to the Good student.
    She brought him lemonade, changed his bandages, massaged his feet (ew), and pretty much bowed down and worked. She had finally, grudgingly fallen into the pattern of servitude when he made his final order. “I need a bath, and with this arm? I can’t exactly bathe myself”, he smirked, and sat back in his chair. He was obviously aware of the fact that Genevieve didn’t want to see him like that, and he was only asking for a bath because of the complete torture it caused the God forsaken Never that was in his school.
    Genevieve’s eyes glowed bright red, and she was shocked. Her eyes… they were back to red? Well, she was angry. That was normal. But… she couldn’t bathe the Ever. For one, it was a filthy Ever. And… she wasn’t comfortable with seeing a ***** person. Swallowing her resolve, she steeled her nerves and shakily began unbuttoning Cameron’s jacket. It was navy blue with gold buttons holding it shut, and it gleamed with a silver swan. Tossing it onto the next cot, she studied the shirt underneath. It was a thin white shirt that barely covered his arms, and she smacked her finger against the bed secretively to dim her glowing finger, which was acting up from her distress. Tears were forming behind her eyes, and she didn’t know why. She wasn’t about to cry, but it was still embarrassing. Turning her attention back to the shirt, she slowly unbuttoned it, trying not to look at the figure below it. Her eyes faded back into gold, and she threw the shirt away from her towards the other cot. Now he was half undressed, and she needed to get… the rest. She positioned her hand in front of his stomach, hesitating for a long time. She glanced up at Cameron, defeated, and saw an expression that she wasn’t expecting.
    Cameron was looking at her, his green eyes startlingly soft. His expression was unguarded, and his eyes held… admiration, guilt, denial, and care. Seeing Genevieve looking at him, he glared and said cockily, “You done there, Never?” Genevieve finally looked straight into his eyes, prepared to deliver a famous sarcastic quip- and fell onto the other cot, passed out.
    Cameron POV
    The Never was trying her hardest to fulfill his request, and as she shakily removed his jacket, he felt unbridled emotions running through him that shouldn’t be there. She was trying to finish but she was shuddering, and her eyes were golden like an Ever’s, when she was unguarded. She was kind of pretty, her black hair complimenting her bronze skin which gleamed in the light. Her eyes were big and bright, and her face wasn’t cruel when she wasn’t screaming, and when she was upset or scared. STOP IT. YOU CAN NOT LIKE A NEVER, YOU STUPID! NO! She looked up at him- and passed out. That, he wasn’t expecting. He swore under his breath and yelled, “The Never is unconscious!” Fairies streamed in and carried her back to Evil, tittering nervously, unsure what to do. Then, a black clad figure swooped through the sky.
    “Give her to me!” commanded the voice, ringing throughout the Schools. The fairies quickly turned her over to the Schoolmaster, and the Schoolmaster (Cameron had no idea who any of them were) carried her into the silver tower. The last thing he saw before fairies converged on him was a bright pink glow enveloping Genevieve’s body, lighting up the dark tower and exploding into the sky, fizzling out over the still form of Genevieve.
    Hey guys! It’s great that I finally got a chance to type this, I’m in the middle of school, with free time, so, here is chapter 12! If you want to catch up on the previous chapters, click here –> @bella777. Thank you for reading, and as always, here is the tag list:

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        Awesome, I love it!

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        Great chapter!!! Love the mystery 🙂

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        That was a wonderful chapter. You did really good. Anticipating what’s next for Genevieve and Cameron. Maybe some ever-never romance. *wink* *wink* 😛

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        this was really ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH

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          thank you?! 😀

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