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    Chapter 13- Nemesis? Or Friend?
    Blood rushed across my tongue, and I relished the flavor of metal filling my mouth. Gritting my teeth, I moved through the foggy mist into a clearing, where a figure was kneeling at a log, head bowed. Walking towards it, I went unrecognized as the figure’s lips began to move. It seemed to be chanting something, reciting a prayer, or a spell to an unseen entity. “Help me, mother. Guide me through the errors of my ways. Fix my Good soul. Help me keep living as an Ever.” The figure continued chanting these words, each time softening, until it was a choked whisper. I could feel the hairs on my arms raising as I looked into the figure’s face.
    The taste of the blood grew stronger, to the point of small discomfort flashing across my body. I looked into the face closely, but it was a foggy mess. The only feature I could make out was a pair of blue, maybe green or gray eyes staring into my own.
    Jumping back, I realized the figure could see me, maybe for who I was, maybe for who I am. The mysterious eyes came towards me, and the taste of the metallic blood filled my senses. The ghost’s face was now right in front of mine, and the hazy face moved until it was in front of my nose, barely touching. To my surprise, it felt warm! It leaned in, and with a gentle sigh from the figure in front of me, it dissipated, and the ****** taste disappeared. The hairs on my arms settled, and I flashed my eyes everywhere around me, not seeing a thing. Then, the faceless figure swooped by- and everything faded into shades of gray.

    Genevieve sat up with a gasp, the figure’s sigh echoing through her mind over and over again. The taste of blood was still there, and she was scared. She ran to the mirror, nervous as to what she would see, and saw that she had bit her lip open in the night. That ruled out phase 1 of a Nemesis dream, but… the faceless figure, the alarm… No. She was just upset about what had happened with Cameron earlier that-night? Day? Genevieve wasn’t sure what time it was- in fact, she wasn’t sure where she was. Still, the dream upset Genevieve way more than it should.
    The Evil Schoolmaster stormed up behind Genevieve, eyes afire with fury. “What on earth were you doing for you to pass out? There is nothing you should have been doing with the Ever that would result in this. You also know that I know everything about you, and something you Conjure that is too big? You pass out. What was it, a set of poisoned manacles or something of the sorts?”
    “Uh, I just made eye contact-“, Genevieve began to stammer, but Sophie silenced her with a glare.
    “You have served your punishment with Cameron, but somehow I don’t think you learned a lesson. I am re-instituting the Doom Room, Genevieve. And you are going to be the first to try it out.”
    And with that, Sophie rocketed a shaking Genevieve out the window, to the ground, and into her dorm room. “I’ll see you in 24 hour’s time.”
    Narcissa and that oaf Liliana were asleep, and Genevieve curled up in a ball on her bed, crying from the overwhelming confusion and unfairness of it all.
    Cameron POV
    I was walking through the blue forest, humming to myself, as I realized that I was holding a hand in my own. Startled, I dropped it, turning to the unknown person, only to see someone I wasn’t expecting: Genevieve, that Never that had hurt my shoulder- and my heart. Her face was foggy, and she peered into mine, as if looking for a feature that only she could see. As I reached a clearing, I turned to her, and the face had changed to an Evergirl’s that I had thrown my rose to. The ****** features of the person began shifting faster than I could keep up with, and the only one I recognized time after time was the Evil student’s bewildered glare. My heart pounded in guilt, in anticipation. She looked at my face once more, and then I leaned forwards to look at hers. I let out a sigh, reaching out for Genevieve, giving into my whims, but she disappeared in a burst of light that slipped through my fingers, leaving me with an inexplicable raw feeling.
    Time sped up, and I was watching her being escorted somewhere forcefully by a wolf. She was herded into a rusty room with manacles, knives, daggers, and all sorts of weapons and confining materials. The huge grey wolf manacled Genevieve’s arms, and left her dangling from the wall. She wasn’t in pain, I could tell that much, but she was uncomfortable. The wolf pulled a small dagger down from the wall with a “snick”. Teasing it over the Never’s arm, it made a small nick on her elbow, and it began to shallowly bleed. My eyes widened as she bit her lip, but didn’t make a sound. The beastly animal continued inflicting small cuts all over her arms, legs, and even some on her face, but nothing got a response out of the stoic Evil persona that she had up. I was feeling sick. Never had I seen a person with so many red marks on them. I was worried, because it didn’t look like Genevieve could keep her silent facade much longer.
    I was right. The wolf, realizing that she wasn’t going to respond, sheathed the dagger, glowering, and pulled down a snake shaped thing with a wooden handle. He snapped it through the air, and I could almost see the string of it slicing apart the air. Then, he flicked it by Genevieve’s ear, satisfied with her flinch. He snapped the edge of the- that’s the word I was looking for!- whip onto her arm, causing her to whimper at the pain. As tears filled the girl’s eyes, I couldn’t move, and not just from fear. My feet were literally stuck to the ground, and my lips moved soundlessly. The beast then slashed it down on her face, and she finally screamed. The gigantic mutt let out a bout of crazed laughter, and drew back his arm. The scene exploded into blackness, and then there was nothing.

    Cameron sat up with a gasp, the girl’s scream echoing through his mind over and over again. It was just a dream. It was only a dream, he reassured himself. It means nothing. It couldn’t mean anything, could it? No. He was just upset about what had happened with Genevieve earlier that night. Still, the dream bothered him so much more than it should. He looked at the sleeping form of his roommate, snoring loudly enough to rattle the small mirror on the wall. Rolling his eyes, he got up and wandered into the Groom Room and began lifting weights distractedly, his dream dripping through the leaks in his brain wall to block out unwanted thoughts and memories.
    Cameron cared too much for the Evil student, and he needed to keep his distance, as well as his heart. That one Evergirl had been pretty, maybe he could go introduce himself later, when it wasn’t the middle of the night- and when his brain wasn’t tumbling to the soundtrack of pained cries.
    Thanks for reading! I will leave you to your ideas (winky wink 😉 ) and you can speculate all you want- because it will be a while until the next chapter! If you want to catch up on chapters, clicky here –> @bella777, and I hope you enjoyed it. I also have a question! Should I make a bio for Cameron, or should more just be revealed later on?
    Anyways, as always, the tag list is going to start now:
    If you would like me to tag you in later chapters, just let me know and I will gladly comply! Without further ado, peace OUT, people! Have an amazingly wonderfully fantabulous day (or night!) 😉 😀

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        don’t make a bio! I’d like to know Cameron as you progress in the story

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