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    bella777 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    AGH!!!!! I am so sorry. I wasn’t trying to push your post down. I went to post it and yours was there. I feel bad about this 😛
    Chapter 14 – Schemes Awakened
    Genevieve fell to the floor, her cheek and mouth bleeding. The wolf picked her up and shoved her out of the Doom Room, sensing that she had long since reached her limit. She limped to her room, trying to stem the steady trickle of crimson rust flowing from her face. Luckily, it was a shallow mark, and it wouldn’t scar heavily, but it would take weeks to fully heal. She scowled, and then her face contorted in pain. That. HURT. She gathered what little was left of her concentration and Conjured a small handkerchief out of the air. Pressing it to her face, she winced in pain, and then Conjured up a handful of snow, wrapping her handkerchief around it and pressing it to her still-gushing face. It helped some, she guessed.
    She made her way to her dorm room; her face had stopped bleeding but it was still open and raw. Trying not to wake up her sleeping roommates, Genevieve cautiously made her way to her bed. Laying down, she tried to fall asleep, the wound on her face throbbing endlessly. She had done nothing, for once, and she had been beaten and abused for it- at Schoolmaster Sophie’s command. Genevieve had began to take her nicety for granted, but now she saw exactly why Sophie had been named the Schoolmaster for Evil.
    Malera’s POV
    Waking up to muffled curses, pained muted gasps, and the passing tangy smell of blood couldn’t mean anything good for Malera, much less the person doing the bleeding. She rolled out of bed, kicking her roommate’s arm out of her way. Even in the middle of the night, her hair was still in its impeccable white braid. She walked out of the room silently, following the drops of blood that abruptly stopped in front of a door. She rammed the door open, finger glowing ice blue- and saw Genevieve with a bleeding whip mark across her face. Genevieve, grimacing at the invasion of privacy that never seemed to end, sat up and said two words that made Malera’s ice queen blood run cold. “Doom Room.”
    “I know a spell that will help it heal immediately, but it will leave a scar. It won’t be visible except for in certain lights, but the scar will still show itself full time for the next week. Your choice. Visible for months and then no scar, or visible for a week and a small scar.” Malera said briskly, already removing the handkerchief of snow from Genevieve’s face. Genevieve stared agape and closed her mouth, visibly confused.
    “Um, your spell I guess. But, why are you helping me? You hate me.”
    “Genevieve, I do not hate you. You didn’t take advantage of me when my sister ruined my life, I’m not going to throw it back at you with hurt and anger. Oh, and this might hurt.” Genevieve only had time to register her eyes flashing red with surprise before her cheek began to knit together, as if a thousand tiny poison coated needles were jabbing her over and over again. She screamed into her fist, tears swimming in her eyes. Malera smiled grimly and held a mirror to her face. What Genevieve felt must have been her entire face falling apart was in reality a small pink line that marred her ****** features just enough that it made her look even crueler than she was.
    The next words out of Genevieve’s mouth were so unexpected, she might as well have knocked Malera over with a feather.
    “I like you. I also need something done, and it takes three people… I already have Narcissa in, I think. You okay with it?” She continued explaining to Malera, and both of their faces grew icy and cruel, their smirks a mirthless thing to see.
    “You bet.”
    The next morning, Genevieve and Malera went to the Great Lawn for breakfast for the first time at their days at the School For Good and Evil. There they sat, munching their food and staking out Evers who could help them with their schemes. Malera looked towards an Everboy with green eyes and light brown hair, and said impassively, “He could work.”
    Genevieve’s response was so quick that Malera jumped. “No!” she snarled, glaring at the Everboy. Malera stared questioningly towards Genevieve, who felt a blush creep up her face. “Um, I mean, it just seems like the Evergirls are more of a, um, pushover?” The ice princess skeptically nodded and turned back towards the Good students, and Genevieve mentally pinched herself for her stupidity regarding Cameron, who as usual put confusing thoughts in her brain. That’s when Genevieve saw the perfect candidate for the plan she had worked out.
    “That’s the one,” Malera and Genevieve breathed simultaneously, staring at the bouncy blonde Ever who had so many people surrounding her.
    Both got up, and with a glance at her partner in crime, they walked to the invisible boundary line and stepped into the Ever territory. One of the girls called out, “Aurelia, what are you doing with a Never?” Malera’s eyes widened slightly at being mistaken for her twin sister, who was nowhere in sight, but then realized that this could help.
    “Um, I… I brought her here because I caught her trying to throw a… stink bomb at you guys?” Genevieve shot her an amused glance, but played her part. She rolled her eyes and pouted, as if caught.
    The girls nodded their approval, and several came over to talk to “Aurelia”, praising her on her keen eyes. The blonde girl was among them, and Malera asked if she could talk privately with her. Somewhat confused, the girl came willingly. Another voice called out, “Don’t take long, Annabeth!” The blonde girl smiled in reply and Malera hid her own. Triumph. They knew her name now.
    Genevieve began to talk, and the Ever lost her smile as the plan became clearer to the victim of the latest schemes, and that it wasn’t Aurelia who had called her over at all.
    I think this chapter was a bit shorter, but oh well. It was fun typing this up too, so chapter 15 might be sooner rather than later. If you want to see character bios and previous chapters, clicky here –> @bella777. Not going to be a long outro anymore, so… bye guys! *Jazz hands*

        bookaholic replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Loved it! 🙂 Mind tagging me when u upload more chapters? <3

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        Nice job, and it’s fine you pushed my story down, I only typed it because I got bored with my homework and I want to think about something else.
        *Jazz hands 🙂
        *goes back to home work

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        Awesome, I love it!

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        Loved it, Amazing job as usual. *Now goes back to studying for school*

        bella777 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        So, um, “******” is Face ial. Without the e or the space. I swear, it took me like 20 tries to write this comment.
        And, @bookaholic, sure!

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