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    bella777 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    Chapter 15
    Genevieve slowly walked towards the Halfway Bridge, where she knew there would be an obstacle waiting. The other thing that should have been waiting was that Ever, Annabeth, but of course she was nowhere to be found. If all went well, she wouldn’t even have to cross the bridge- but of course something wasn’t going to go right. It never did. Genevieve squinted through the mists to the Good Castle… still no show. She pressed forwards with her hands in front of her, and walked on, running into something invisible. Her reflection stared at her, and she did a double take. She still wasn’t used to the gold eyes… As she leaned closer, she continued to stare into the golden pools until a voice yelled, “Hey! You don’t need to stare at your reflection so long! You aren’t an Ever!” Genevieve started back and stared. So this was the obstacle: herself. Oh, well, she could try.
    Reaching into her pocket, Genevieve pulled out the wriggling black mouse that she had found last night. It had snuck into the room at midnight, scampering across the floor. Indeed, if she hadn’t lifted her finger-glow to the sounds, she never would have seen the little rascal she called Stealth. She shooed him towards the Good Castle with a whisper, and he took off straight through the barrier that hindered only her. Turning her attention back to her reflection, she grimaced. This wasn’t going to be easy. Well, maybe the simple approach would work.
    “Move, me. I need to get through.” Her reflection only smirked.
    “Good with Good,
    Evil with Evil,
    Back to your tower
    Before there’s upheaval.”
    “Look, I need to go! I have to take… measures with an Ever!”
    “Get back to your tower! You are definitely Evil, and you need to stay where you belong!”
    Genevieve growled and said, “I need to get to Aurelia and Cameron! They HAVE IT COMING!”
    “I’m sure the Evergirls can wait. Talk to them at lunch.”
    “Aurelia is Malera’s sister, and Malera can’t know, so I’m sending her to deal with that stupid prince. I need to get through NOW so Malera doesn’t find out!”
    “See? Proves you are evil, if you’d go behind your ‘friend’s’ back and torture her twin sister that she loves. Besides, I thought you never wanted friends.”
    “Look- I- Um- That’s not what I said, who said I’m going to torture her? And it’s… um, I guess your business too… but it’s my choice if I have people I trust.” Genevieve tossed back, flustered and somewhat defensive. Her reflection just winked and smirked at her.
    “At least let me through so I can get to Cameron!”
    “I’m sure she can wait too.”
    “I need to get through! He won’t leave me alone!” The face of the glass Genevieve darkened and she spat,
    “A boy?” Genevieve saw that it was upsetting… herself? that a member of the opposite *** was involved, and that’s when she got an idea.
    “Uh, yeah? Why would I lie? I mean, I need to talk to him, and he’s been sending me flowers.” Here she tried to giggle like one of the Evergirls, but it came out sounding like a warbled hiccup. Oh well.
    “Ew. You are disgusting.” With that, her reflection disappeared, and the barrier burst into the air.
    Genevieve was kind of hurt. Yeah, so what if it was a boy? There were plenty of worthless boys in both Schools, and that didn’t bother her. Well, she was through anyways. Running towards the castle, she sent a burst of red light back towards her home school, which Malera and Narcissa should take as their cue to start the scheme. She continued running, wishing she had put sneakers on instead of 3 inch heels, and ran smack into a blonde girl. “Where have you BEEN?” Genevieve screamed, glaring at the girl.
    “Sorry, it’s just, I was talking to the other girls, and… gossip happened, and then I had to talk to a guy real quick, haha!” she giggled, but stopped abrubtly at Genevieve’s glare.
    Genevieve then rolled her eyes and began to explain to the stupid Ever what she needed to do.
    You know what, we are just gonna call this chapter 15, part 1 because it’s so SHORT. I feel bad but again, I have so much school. I’ll post the next update faster, I promise. So, as always, if you want to catch up, clicky here –> @bella777 I hope you enjoyed, and bye for now 😉
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        fsa161 replied 4 years ago

        Awesome chapter! 🙂

        dot111 replied 4 years ago

        Nice chapter, I really like it. 😉

        espilce replied 4 years ago

        Nice job 🙂

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