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    bella777 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years ago

    Chapter 15, part 2
    Genevieve and Annabeth were in the School for Good. Annabeth was strutting back and forth in front of the mirror that hung from the wall and making modeling poses. Genevieve looked at her incredulously and yanked her back with a glowing finger. Annabeth’s throat had air cut off to it, and Genevieve hissed as quietly as possible, “Shut it! Do you want to get expelled?”
    Annabeth hiccuped as the spell let her breathe again and she vigorously shook her head. Genevieve peeked around the corner impatiently. Where was that mouse? He had one job! Where- There! Stealth scampered to her and begin to run back the way he came. She cursed. He had found Aurelia, but if they lost the mouse her plan was shot.
    Annabeth took off determinedly and Genevieve growled, racing ahead of her and staying on the mouse’s heels. After twisting and turning through halls of pink and blue, Annabeth stopped short in front of a dorm room with Aurelia’s name on it. Genevieve poked her and pushed her forward, trying to get the dumb Evergirl to open the dumb door! She was on a time schedule and had two vendettas for tonight.
    Annabeth gulped and opened the door, stealing to Aurelia’s bed and waking her up. “Hey, Lia! Sorry, it’s an emergency. There’s a girl saying that something happened to a Mallory?”
    Genevieve let another expletive slip from between her teeth as began her spell. She needed to get the twin to follow her so she had to look like an Ever for thirty seconds or so. Of course, Annabeth messed up the name and now there was a slight chance that the twin would not follow her- but, that was assuming that Aurelia did not care for her sister one bit.
    Annabeth dashed out and paused, gazing into Genevieve’s eyes worriedly. “That’s all I need from you. Now go to bed, and forget this ever happened.” She let her eyes flash a bright red and the Evergirl scurried down the hall.
    “Malera? She’s hurt? Where is she?” Aurelia whispered frantically.
    This was the most crucial part. She needed to play the part convincingly enough to keep the Ever trusting enough.
    She turned around as the transformation spell completed. “Oh, Aurelia! It’s so bad.”, she sobbed, “Malera has a heart problem and she’s not breathing right. Oh, I’m so sorry, I just hate to wake you up, but I am just so worried! Come with me and I can take you to her!”
    Aurelia began running and Genevieve allowed a small victory smile to cross her face. The welt on her face throbbed through its final stages of healing and she grimaced, but took off running in front of this girl that she needed to teach a lesson.
    “Where is she?” Aurelia demanded.
    “Oh, um, they said something called the Halfway Room, but I don’t know where that is…” Genevieve fretted.
    Aurelia’s face settled into stone and she ran with a renewed speed, forcing Genevieve to pick up the pace grudgingly. As they rounded the final corner and through a hall, Agatha’s face swung open. The twin had shot a spell to open the portrait as they ran, and Aurelia burst through the portrait to the empty room. Aurelia turned to Genevieve in confusion and stifled a cry. Genevieve’s spell had worn off; she was back to her cruel self and Aurelia realized she had been tricked. Genevieve slammed the portrait closed and whipped a red glow towards the other girl, trapping her in a white chair. She then sat on the opposite black chair and studied her nails. “My, my! It was easy enough to get you here, now what to do with you? Indeed, what to do.” The Ever stared at her in fright and Genevieve laughed a dark, sinister laugh. “We have soooo much to talk about!”
    Well. There’s not a reason that I can share for why I’ve been missing for a year. I really do feel bad about leaving like that and leaving the story unfinished, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I can’t promise frequent updates. I hope you guys are all well and all of you who are new to the story, the other chapters are here. @bella777
    I’m not even sure if this tag list still stands, but just in case:

        thehplayer replied 3 years ago

        Nice! And welcome back! I have no idea who you are but I like your chapter

        espilce replied 3 years ago

        Awesome job and WELCOME BACK! 🙂

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